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Real Love does not need to be told how to behave

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing
Romance is not an intellectual process.
What the heart is compelled to feel, no Reason can set aside.
It stands in joyous defiance
of Geopolitics,
social station
or privilege
If you really think you need a rulebook
for acceptable and required
such as consideration,
or respect…
well, it probably
Ain’t Love.
In my perfect world,
what I do and who I am
to you;
how lovingly I treat you
will inspire you
to do for me so as to
be inspired
to please you
the very best way we know so far,
each accordingly to
need balanced on necessity.
How can it not be reflexive?
It is as spontaneous
as the spark of Creation Itself.
Sometimes it requires
a great labor of love
to achieve
Big Bang.
Chazz Vincent

Musings V

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing
Your One True Face
is both sides
of the same coin.
Are they one
or different?
You may need to leave your
sex-oriented preferences behind
to realize your own fearlessly honest
of your complete sexuality
which is
just as it always has been,
without posturings
or proclamations
since before your grand-parents
were born.
To be One with everything
we must become
One with ourself(v)es.
To love all others
we must learn to love all
of ourself(v)es.
If it lives within you,
if it is a part of you
it will not hurt you.
Just be good to all yourself(v)es.
Chazz Vincent

Musings IV

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing

As I corrupt these thoughts with the illusions of my own Karma
they speak through me
in my own tongue,
my One True Voice.
It this the Truth?
…and Yes
Then what is the truth?
“The fish swim with the tides
in and out of the lagoon.”
Everything returns to the source.
If all things return to the One
to where does the One return?
(“Donde Mas?”)
(but only for the briefest of moments before becoming The One again)
That Event Horizon
can still be seen,
although no one
has or ever will hear
its sound.
Can you
hear me now
Dr. Wu?

Chazz Vincent

Musings III

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing
The voices of all the teachers
or patriarchs,
Buddhas and Bodhisattvas alike
are of many tongues,
but the One-Mind
of No-Mind…
Mind like Water,
call it Mu
or Wu,
needs no tongue.
The ripples of each Dharma-Action
transmit their energy
without a sound.
When the mind becomes still
the ripples subside
until the clear stillness is as the Moon
reflected on its surface.
How steady the hands
that can pick up that reflection
to carry it
Chazz Vincent

Musings II

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing
These semi-public
ideas posted here are not necessarily completely original.
I am but a conduit
scrambling or deciphering radio waves of thought as they bounce off the ionosphere.
I am compelled as if by Tourette’s
to reproduce
this babble
this tirade
this rant
this collage of ideas and images
which is but a semi-coherent
of re-cycled
regenerated energies
to which no one can lay original claim.
Chazz Vincent
(It goes without saying that I would regard any copying or re-printing of these items as sharing. So if it should speak to you, pass it on with my blessings)
Baraka Bashad

Musings I

Posted in Crazy Zen Wisdom on June 13, 2016 by dreamlanddancing

After more than two weeks on the anonymous injured players’ list, it’s good to be back.

Physical therapy, medications, and holistic and naturopathic treatments and very deep out of body meditations for protracted lengths of time are accomplishing great improvements in my physical condition as well as some uplifting of spirit sufficient to remind me that I am still alive (this is more than just “I hurt, therefore I am”) and quite grateful for the marginally controlled euphoria and epiphany that has continued “steady state” for several days through deep relaxation techniques.

Starting early yesterday I began to write. Again. Ideas grew into concepts or terms of art that coalesced into broken sequences of self-replicating long-chain molecules of sapience…(or maybe that’s just me).

Of course it is; as you will see, I frequently use scientific or industrial terms of art in a manner implying a more figurative connotation or implied connection as to meaning or connection. The juxtaposition animates  the scientific jargon and precludes exact definitions. As writers we are purveyors of thought through more painterly verbal treatments.

It interacts with the purely literal by the mere juxtaposition of the words like suddenly finding yourself  up to your ankles in Dogma wearing rubber shower sandals standing on tile in the rain.

Out of the chaos, you may find yourself inventing a new two-step, like creating the feeling of Krumping as a literary style without lapsing into hip-hop or Dr. Seuss.

I am compelled to post them before I think too much about it.

Hopefully, res ipsa loquitur.



Each of us possesses within ourselves
entire universes of imagination and measureless regions
for flights of fantasy.
Each of us are born of our Karma,
but as long as we are blinded by Samsara
we will not be able to see beyond our own present cicumstances.
so whether we are born of privilege
or misfortune,
as our vision grows by experience through synergy
we divine the mystery of each
shell of empathic oneness
as each encompasses the previous.
Chazz Vincent



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