Musings I

After more than two weeks on the anonymous injured players’ list, it’s good to be back.

Physical therapy, medications, and holistic and naturopathic treatments and very deep out of body meditations for protracted lengths of time are accomplishing great improvements in my physical condition as well as some uplifting of spirit sufficient to remind me that I am still alive (this is more than just “I hurt, therefore I am”) and quite grateful for the marginally controlled euphoria and epiphany that has continued “steady state” for several days through deep relaxation techniques.

Starting early yesterday I began to write. Again. Ideas grew into concepts or terms of art that coalesced into broken sequences of self-replicating long-chain molecules of sapience…(or maybe that’s just me).

Of course it is; as you will see, I frequently use scientific or industrial terms of art in a manner implying a more figurative connotation or implied connection as to meaning or connection. The juxtaposition animates  the scientific jargon and precludes exact definitions. As writers we are purveyors of thought through more painterly verbal treatments.

It interacts with the purely literal by the mere juxtaposition of the words like suddenly finding yourself  up to your ankles in Dogma wearing rubber shower sandals standing on tile in the rain.

Out of the chaos, you may find yourself inventing a new two-step, like creating the feeling of Krumping as a literary style without lapsing into hip-hop or Dr. Seuss.

I am compelled to post them before I think too much about it.

Hopefully, res ipsa loquitur.



Each of us possesses within ourselves
entire universes of imagination and measureless regions
for flights of fantasy.
Each of us are born of our Karma,
but as long as we are blinded by Samsara
we will not be able to see beyond our own present cicumstances.
so whether we are born of privilege
or misfortune,
as our vision grows by experience through synergy
we divine the mystery of each
shell of empathic oneness
as each encompasses the previous.
Chazz Vincent



One Response to “Musings I”

  1. I’ve just read you backwards from your latest post and You have been busy! I’m happy and I really like your Musings.

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