“My Trending Stories.com?”

Has anyone heard of or had any experience with mytrendingstories.com?

I received an invitation from them. They say they are a writer’s blog site with almost no restrictions as to form or content.

I tried to Google or Bing them, but everything I could find was generated by them, which made me suspect self-promotion was outstripping results; I couldn’t even find a review of their operations except for one entry that said that they are less than a year old and that their location and ownership are purposely hidden.

I tend to be cautious about some things, so I would greatly appreciate any info.

Chazz Vincent




3 Responses to ““My Trending Stories.com?””

  1. I got an invitation to write for them. I looked at their site and their content and deleted the invitation.

    I think they’re trying to be like a new Thought Catalog, but the content is very amateur and I found the target age to be between Adolescent and Emotionally Stunted.

    Maybe it will improve with time?

    No ownership/leadership, no editing, no ‘rules’ for content or engagement… That all equates to “no go” for me.

    Proceed with caution, my friend.

  2. I’ve been posting a few things there, based largely on promises of a real editorial relationship, great plans to sell advertising and build the site up into something. That hasn’t materialized, and they’ve had technical problems. They’re getting lots of free content, though. That’s fine, but they implied that the writers would eventually get a cut. I don’t see how.

    I’ve stopped posting there. The organization is chaotic, without the sense that a real info architect was given some power over the coders. I’ve been down that road before. Taking a wait and see attitude now.

  3. I heard it’s a brain rip off, they get the traffic from your work.

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