I’m Getting Published!

Several months ago, I was invited to submit ten poems for publication. I believe I posted them here.

Hearing nothing, I assumed that I had not made the cut, and eventually forgot about it. In light of my long hiatus due to an injury that resulted in a near-fatal illness, it’s not that surprising.

Three days ago, the gentleman contacted me to let me know that I was accepted, and requested that I send a Bio, which gave me pause, since no one had requested one before.

It was requested to be within 150-200 words, which I soon realized was a new challenge, since I seem to find difficult to post anything less than ~2000 words.

I also soon realized that I wasn’t sure about what to write or how to say it…especially concisely.

I will post the details about the Who, What and Where in my next text, but I thought I would post the Bio here, just for S&G’s.


Chazz Vincent

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

PS: To those who contributed to the inspiration for several of the entries (My Muses), I wanted to say  a sincere thanks (I hope by now you know who you are). I love you.




Born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1950, Chazz Vincent is a self-proclaimed “Post-Neo Dharma Bum”, part Mad Scientist turned philosopher, part semi-reformed Rocker turned Paramedic in Exile.

He has written two novels, one entitled Dancing in Dreamland and the other The Home for Wayward Souls and The Talking Monkeys, which he describes as “Enhanced and Fortified Non-Fiction”.

Both are available for free at dreamlanddancing@wordpress.com.

He is currently working on a novel entitled Once in a Blue Agave Moon.

A staunch advocate of Polyamory, self-medication, cannabis therapy, unlicensed but responsible personal and civil liberties, rational anarchy and civil disobedience, he now lives in relative seclusion in his “cabin in the woods” just walking distance from the lagoon where he fishes and less than two miles from the ocean.

His latest bi-line entitled Observations of a Recovering Buddhist is a re-thinking of a pursuit that defies either achievement or attainment, but rather the pursuit itself within the “ever-present, never-present, present moment” because “Enlightenment is not the ever-lasting kiss of True Love.”

His poetry ranges from esoteric, sometimes cryptic and enigmatic to visceral and explicit; a pure bad-boy romantic fool who proclaims “It is never wrong to tell someone I love you.”





6 Responses to “I’m Getting Published!”

  1. Congratulations!

    And I think you did a great job with the bio. I know how hard it can be to write concisely and coherently about one’s own self, without being too detailed or overly vague. You did it well.

    How are you feeling?

    • SOOO much better, and thank-you for asking. As much as the whole ordeal helped trigger a great deal of spiritual growth, about two weeks ago, I experienced such a changed paradigm of life that the results of it are only now beginning to manifest themselves with such incredible intensity.
      I will be sharing some of it soon.
      I am glad you liked it and thanks for the feedback.

  2. I’m very happy for you and I’m smiling at the fact that this is where your story / life is. I love your self-description for the public. It’s interesting and I love the boldness. Your spark of life is tangible and I must say, a bit sexy. Congratulations and I love you.

    • My story, my life, my movie, my words; they are one and the same.
      I decided to become my own script writer, and fired my former director and editor, which is to say I re-invented myself.
      A few years ago, while writing THFWS&TTM’s I saw my life change as I put the words into the story. It was so powerful I got a bit scared, but took the great leap of faith into the volcano….
      Although I already knew Impermanence, when it ended it took my breath away…for a while.
      As I said…”I hope by now you know who you are…”
      Thanks. I love you too, Jayne.
      (PS: Read Favorites #5 and #10)

      • Impermanence – all I think of is that paddle with a ball attached or those knockers as we called them ( 2 hard lucite balls on heavy duty string, both evenly hung on a ring that you held and then skillfully slammed the balls together above and below the ring really fast until your wrists or forearms got pummeled because the balls got out of balance.
        I can’t yet verbalize how or why these toys are related to impermanence but I know they’re related somehow. The scary part is exhilarating and the exhilaration can be scary.
        Either way, you wouldn’t want to live without volcanoes just because it would be easier.

      • It not only is not necessary to verbalize what can only be felt when it is understood.
        As far as playing with balls and knockers, well…impermanence, pleasure and suffering are all One, and after all things return to the One, where does the One return?
        Just knowing is plenty.
        C. 😉

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