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Once in a Blue Agave Moon: What is missing right now?

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Chapter 9:

No matter how good they may be at making what they needed by improvising and adapting, there were a few items that, as raw materials, could not be recycled or rebuilt into what was needed.

Most of the metals that were needed could be reformed into whatever configuration desired from existing items except for copper sheets, tubing and wire.

Although blacksmithing, forging, and casting could be accomplished by burning wood, cutting, brazing, and welding required oxygen, acetylene, and helium. There was no way to avoid their dependence upon these gases, and they could not be easily produced or extracted from their environment.

Silver and brass used for brazing and soldering were plentiful enough to be easily obtained by barter, especially since silver was no longer of much worth as a monetary commodity.

Welding rods and wire for MIG welding are very specialized and not easily produced; as such, they were essential commodities that relied upon whatever existing stock was available through barter.

Similarly, fiberglass cloth, polymer resin and its catalyst allowed them to fabricate anything from boats to tubs, vats, and basins as well as to repair or weatherproof whatever was needed.

It was not long before the members of The Colony began to realize that jointly, they were capable of enjoying a certain rustic opulence in their daily lives; all of their necessities and many of their indulgences were easily produced and maintained by the members who were already skilled tradesmen, or at least competent home craftsmen.

Once hot and cold running water, electricity, air conditioning and refrigeration could no longer be taken for granted, it became much more easy to get in touch with a sense of gratitude and satisfaction for the way they carried out their activities of daily living.

Anyone who desired it could bring clean running water into their home. It would be their responsibility to tap its main line and install the connection to their domicile. And in the spirit of an old-fashioned barn raising, there was almost no end to the assistance offered by their neighbors when needed.

Solar heating is so easy to harness that no one did without it. Long periods of overcast skies are not the rule in Florida, but electric backup was also easily accomplished.

A common area, much like a clubhouse in an apartment complex was built for town hall meetings, in which everyone participated, as well as for celebrations and informal meetings.

Once you were inside, the carpentry and decorative woodworking as well as the general decor were impeccable and quite luxurious enough that it was easy to forget that the rest of the world was still trying to survive what had nearly become the End of Days.

They even built a pool that utilized the plentiful water from a farm pond they had dug to recycle grey water which was filtered and kept flowing and utilized natural means to stay clean and not dependent upon chlorine for disinfection.

It was not much different from swimming in the pond, but it was much safer because it was easier to control the environment, especially at night, when it was lit by solar-powered lights that charged in the daytime.

Several years before, Elliot and a few of his colleagues began transporting commercial freight containers to their camp for the purpose of modular housing units that were easily linked and sturdy enough to withstand hurricane-force winds (or even bullets).

Several of them were used as work areas for machining, hand loading  ammunition, or laboratory areas, including fermentation and distilling.

Once they were finished inside, including windows with steel shutters, they were remarkably beautiful; there was a certain kind of calm that was evident within because they could shut out almost all external noise, much like a bank vault.

Whenever they could locate additional containerized freight modules, they either appropriated or bartered for them. One of the members was a heavy equipment operator who used a low-boy trailer to move his bulldozer, a back-hoe and a front-end loader to the camp, and when needed, it could be pressed into service to move anything bulky and heavy.

Locating non-renewable supplies or items like the freight containers, the welding gases or the fiberglass supplies involved a certain degree of risk that could not be avoided. They chose not to disclose their location to almost everyone, preferring to do all barter transactions off-premises.

No one could be completely trusted, and all business involved heavily armed back-up that lent a decidedly sinister atmosphere to the transactions, considering the fact that without civil courts and endless lawsuits, and no court of appeals, if you could not protect what you owned you would probably loose it; however the adage “you can steal way more money with a briefcase than you ever can with a gun” no longer applied, and in the absence of attorneys, all business was considerably more straightforward, honest and direct.

In a surprisingly short period of time, those who were self-reliant enough to survive the initial collapse of the world’s infrastructure adapted to a barter economy. It was decidedly not the most efficient way to do business because it often involved trading something you had or a service you could perform for something you might not necessarily need, but which you could trade to someone else who had what you needed.

In that respect, money was essentially a shorthand way to measure one’s wealth, or to convert it into something you needed, but in the absence of a common form of currency it required a great deal more ingenuity and old-fashioned horse-trading.

In colonial times, whiskey was known as the “currency of the realm.” George Washington owned one of the largest stills in North America at the time.

Elliott and the other members of the Fourteenth Colony were now producing large amounts of ethanol and methanol to not only trade as a fuel source, but his whiskey, rum, vodka and tequila were rapidly gaining a reputation and demand that kept them constantly busy building larger production facilities.

They were smart enough to realize that as long as the demand outstripped their ability to produce, their buying power was maximized to a point where there was no need to do without much of anything that they wanted or needed.

They were rapidly approaching a point where they were considering using a third party to distribute and trade their product for whatever they needed, allowing someone else to take on the risk involved and still make a living for themselves based on the value of their services.

The problem was that unless one of them was up to the task of distributing and bartering their product, they would have to find someone else to do it for them.

Someone who already had developed established trade relations with others who traded items thy did not have.

Someone who could be trusted, or at least controlled and supervised, and no one they knew fit that category at present.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 13th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



Zero-Day Quantum

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As the bone of space passes through
emptiness as thick as molasses,
I ride the three hundred mile per hour train called Time;
it rushes toward
a future
that never arrives,
from a past
that is only an echo
of the present.
the train,
the present moment,
all is stillness;
only my mind is moving.

In scale,
the space between the particles
in an atom
are as empty
as the spaces
between the planets
revolving around
even larger spaces
around stars
that whirl through
galaxies just as empty
in a universe
made almost entirely
out of empty space.
And Gravity,
as a product
of Mass,
keeps everything
from flying away
the same way that
the Boson Field
atomic particles

Form is Emptiness
Emptiness is Form.

It is all too apparent
that nothing lasts
while experiencing the first kiss
of True Love,
or Wealth,
or beauty,
or Youth,
or gratuitous Infamy
when our star burns brightest;
so bright others stand in line
to bask in our brilliance
like a sunset in Paradise.
Once they are gone
it is easy then to grasp
that no matter how good,
they will not last.

But sitting
in a doctor’s office,
waiting to hear the fate
of your Eternal Beloved,
or waiting for her return
when she goes
“to visit a sick friend…”,
or awaiting forgiveness
for unforgivable deeds
or lying in bed
writhing in pain,
it seems
as if
they will never end…
until they do,
they always do.

All is Illusion
All is Folly
All is Impermanence.

as created by
the mind,
does not exist
except as a
theoretical construct
that obfuscates
the present moment
so elusive
we create
The Past
to vainly attempt
to hold it
like a songbird
in a cage;
yet it is always here
because it neither leaves
nor arrives;
that is in fact
the only reality
in the entire universe.

We are so pathetically
with our own death
that we forget to live.
It is only the ego
created by our mind
that causes this suffering
because we think
our essntial life force
will stop when we die
because we can’t remember
what happened before;
because we wish
we could come back
in one whole cohesive
that we will recognize
as ourselves…
because of our egos
that are created
by our minds.

We see ourselves as separate
from everyone and everything else.
We have no faith
in The Law of Conservation
of Mass and Energy,
so we invent a God
in our own image.
a Heaven for later
so we won’t mind
if we throw this life away.

How long
do you want
to continue
hurting yourself?
When will you stop?
How about Now?

….Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei …

Chazz Vincent

Why I suffer

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It is because of impermanence
that we suffer.
We expect that happy things stay
and bad things go.
But you can’t get your heart broken
unless you fall in love.
You will only mourn your lost youth
if you wasted it
by not living now.
All our friends will die
our pets will die
All our lovers will die.
Our children will die.
No death…?
No suffering…?
Would you give up Love
just to feel no pain?
Would you never take chances
just to avoid calamity?

The Circle of Life
that one must take life
to sustain one’s own.
Fish eat other fish.
Cows eat grass.
Birds eat worms,
and one day
worms will eat us.
Respect the life you take,
as well as the connections
you form
as you do.

I like to feel hungry
I like to eat.
I like to get thirsty
because I like to drink.
I like to feel loneliness;
it makes me
appreciate companionship
as well as solitude.
I like to feel
unbridled Lust,
fueled by
the searing pain
of emptiness
because I know
the only way
I can apperciate it
is if I know
The pain of lost love
only exists
after one has felt
The Crush of
as new as
spring grass
after the rain.

I learned to call myself
The Eternal Singer of
Torch Songs
just to try to find a way
to channel all the energy
generated by
all the lost loves of my life.
Like it or not,
we are all connected.
Sometimes it seems
as ethereal
as a wift
of the perfume
of a lost love
that continues to haunt me
years later,
coming our of nowhere
into the Now Here.
At other times,
a phantom
that haunts every breath I take
as it steps upon my shadow
while the Earth bleeds
with each step I take.

Desire follows all suffering.
As we joyously pursue
our desires,
we must learn to be
what we wish for
and prepared
to embrace
the suffering that will follow
as we move on
through this life
here and now.
Joy will come to us
just long enough
to hurt us when it goes.
There is no escape.
Only this.
Just this.
This is why
I suffer.
This is why I smile.

Some day
there will be no more suffering;
My mind will stop chattering
and I will hear only
The Music
of the Clear Mind.
The Music of
Mu Shin.

Even Now
the briefest moments
one measure
of the
Symphony of Eternity.
For Now,
I still smile
as I suffer.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Chazz Vincent


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An intruder
snuck into my head,
pretending to be me
so long ago
that I do not remember
a time
before him.
But he is an imposter…
He narrates all the thoughts I have
and tells me what I already know.
He announces, names and labels
everything I see.
He incessantly ruminates
about the past
as he injects Fear
into a future
that has not yet come
because it never comes.
There is only the Present.
which also does not come…
It is already here.
It never leaves…
It is always here.
It is the only thing that is real.

He claims to be the guardian of the
Common Wisdom
of fear,
of prejudice,
and insecurity.
He claims that if I do not
feed him with all my attention
that I will loose my mind,
which is just crazy,
because he is only
my mind…
and cannot survive without me,
‘tho I can live much better
with much less of him,
the Creator
of all Suffering,
the Creator
of the Illusion of Time.

Yet recently I’ve come to know
from a place deep within my soul
that before thoughts,
before words…
I already know.
I have always known.
My mind creates my ego
by identifying me with my thoughts
My thoughts are an addiction.
My ever-chattering Mind
is not me,
but he would not stop;
like a spoiled child
throwing a tantrum
to distract my attention
from the present moment…
so I fired him,
took him off the payroll;
told him
I will call him
when I really need him
but only as a consultant,
…not the captain
…not the master.
You have to loose your thinking mind
to find
your Self.

…Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei …

Chazz Vincent

Once in a Blue Agave Moon: A New Home at the End of the World

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Chapter eight, part 2

Imagine if cyber-terrorists had just hit the “reset” button on everything you had ever known or could imagine. Money was now only a theoretical construct and all the infrastructure upon which you had depended so much that you took it for granted no longer existed.

No job.

No employers.

Paper money was suddenly worthless and whatever you thought you had in the bank had evaporated overnight…and gold?…if you can’t eat it, can’t fuck it, and it can’t keep you warm or shelter you…what’s it really worth? Its true value is a sham that has hypnotized Man since nearly  the beginning of time.

No electricity.

No safe drinking water.

No Police or Emergency Services.

Every neighborhood swarming with murderers, robbers, rapists, and cannibals who lacked either the imagination or knowledge for self-sufficiency.

Do you dig in your heels, and barricade yourself in the midst of it all like Omega Man? Or do you gather whatever is now of real value to you and bid adieu to everything else and set out to re-discover sanctuary and re-invent the pursuit of happiness?

For almost all of North America, a job which was your work, or rather your place of work; your place of business, was where you labored for most of your life in order to be paid money by an employer to whom you were dependent, who required you to do something essentially disconnected from your actual activities of daily living in order to be able to pay others to provide you with whatever was considered necessary to live your lives and support your families.

Your jobs often enabled you to create an identity that often determined how you thought, what you felt, and who you thought you were.

Is it any wonder that this disconnection between a job that consumed not only almost all of your energy and time, and the actual work of your life, but also your very image of who you thought you were could create the angst of the great existential void that has plagued Modern Man?

What do you really want? What is essential and non-negotiable? Do you possess the knowledge and can you find or make the materials and supplies to create it out of nothing in the middle of nowhere? Is it sustainable? How would you replenish it if necessary?

After food and clean water to drink, what comes next?

Do you prefer a shelter that is substantial, spacious and sturdy enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions in your newfound home, or is the portability concomitant with a nomadic life better suited to your needs?

Somewhere within that definition, the issue of safety would have to be addressed.

In a dysphoric, dystopian and hostile world, self-defense would be essential to self-determination.

Isolation and enough insular space would preclude unexpected intrusions, but the common interests of people of like mind with whom you would mutually entrust your life and safety would provide some degree of specialization and non-redundant support.

How much personal comfort do you require? Are you capable of maintaining it if you had to provide it for yourself?

What about HVAC and refrigeration? In Florida, heating needs would be minimal, but air conditioning, once considered a luxury would seem as important as heat would be in more Northern climates.

It is exhausting to be either too hot or too cold indoors or outside for any length of time.

Either way, some amount of electricity or fuel for heating and/or air conditioning would be required for this. Would you know how to generate it? Wind and solar power can be very viable and sustainable options, for electric production, especially in Florida, but a thorough knowledge of the technology and maintenance of the equipment (as well as possession of it) would be required.

As long as excessive transmission lines are minimized, DC power and storage batteries would be useful in providing lighting for instance, and solar heating of water would minimize the requirements for alternating current, as well as the need for as much fuel to power AC generating systems.

Man may have lived for thousands of years without refrigeration, but the quality of life has been greatly enhanced since its invention.

Fuel for heating, cooking and transportation, once taken for granted, becomes essential in a world entirely of your own creation. What would you use? How would you get it or produce it, and would it be sustainable?

Aside from potable drinking water, what about washing, laundry and bathing? If you would prefer it to be available, even hot when needed at the simple turn of a faucet, could you design and maintain a safe and hygienic system?

Cisterns and wells require filtration and disinfection. All possible methods and means of preventing contamination of ground water would be essential to good health and a high quality of life.

Along with running water comes the matter of disposal of wastewater (often referred to as “grey water” regarding laundry and bathing) as well as sewage, garbage, and trash. Remember…in your own world of your creation, nothing can be taken for granted.

Composting of garbage and sewage could provide not only fertilizer, but also the the material for the production of methane gas for those with the ambition and knowledge to turn their trash into treasure.

Serious consideration would have to be given to the control of insects, vermin, rodents and predatory animals. A symbiotic relationship with cats, dogs, and even certain varieties of snakes could help establish a mutualistic environment that embraces the cycle of life, rather than death by pesticides and poisons.

Even creatures as benign as ladybugs are far more useful than pesticides for controlling aphids for instance.

There are few electronic security systems more reliable than dogs.

As incredible as it may seem, some factories have been using geese to detect intruders and provide an alert set off by the racket they create.

Somewhere within your new community, hogs, chickens and ducks can provide not only meat and eggs but they also can be fed items normally discarded by humans, and their manure can be used not only as fertilizer, but also be used to produce methane gas.

“Waste not, want not”…n’est pas?.

Although food was an assumed given at the start of this discussion, what would you eat, and how would you get it?

Hunting and fishing would most likely be necessary to provide meat for protein, but the grains and vegetables that provide starches, sugars and carbohydrates require either gathering or cultivation.

Just as the cycle of life had been disrupted almost to the point of collapse on both land and sea due to mankind’s shortsighted and greedy agendas, so must it be maintained and respected once you become as completely self-sufficient as possible in an environment already struggling to survive.

Had The New World Order not become No World Order, it was doubtful that the planet could have survived another two more decades.

If the oceans do not survive, we die; if the honeybees and earthworms do not survive, we die.

It had been as if the shoplifters were minding the store.

The greed and reckless disregard that multi-national corporations have shown for the environment or the quality of life of the general population was about the same as the mining companies had shown for the people of West Virginia a century before.

Ironically, it is not too far-fetched to say that if it were not for the Doomsday Viruses, human life as we knew it would have been doomed.

The vegetables that were being farmed by Big Agriculture had little nutritive value, and the corn used to feed cattle and hogs a few months before slaughter produced an animal so unhealthy that it would not have been able to live another year.

The fact that we were eating them speaks a great deal to the issue of the generally low level of health and high propensity for obesity and heart disease in America along with the preponderance of high-fructose corn sweeteners, for instance.

The intrusions of plastic that had bio-degraded to near microscopic size forming a giant sea of death in the middle of the Pacific, killing and mutating the fish that swam into it was threatening to choke our oceans.

Dangerous levels of microwave communications pollution, prescription medications flushed into the water supply and insecticides killing the birds, bees and worms that are essential to the sustenance of all life were all on the verge of creating a perfect storm that combined with the effects of global warming might well have eliminated the population of most of the planet.

Anyone familiar with Malthusian Theory of populations already knows that again, perhaps all too ironically, the Doomsday Virus resulting in the infrastructure collapse of America and Europe (as well as any significant portions of Asia, Africa, and India that actually relied on infrastructure) also resulted in widespread decimation of the population in a world that was approaching critical mass due to overpopulation.

The world was long past the point where birth control, even if zero population growth was achieved, would have been enough,

Eventually, human over-population would have become self-limiting, but the Doomsday Virus helped give it a kick-start.

Between the pollution of the land, sea and air as well as the strip-mining of the oceans, it would only been a matter of time before the planet would have become uninhabitable, at least for a very long time in terms of human life.

But them again, when you stop to consider that Dinosaurs ruled the earth for over one hundred and seventy million years, the puny fifty-thousand years that Man has been fucking up the planet isn’t even a sparrow-fart in a hurricane in terms of geological time.

Life and Nature are amazingly resilient compared to the fragile, pampered, and spoiled version of Man that has been devolving for the last two hundred years.

Some form of life might survive, even if it was only cockroaches, Keith Richards, and methicillin resistant staph aureus.

If it took another hundred million years to evolve into some form of sentient bipedals, it may be too optimistic to think that Homo Sapiens, (the beta version) would be any less self-destructive.

And so it was that Elliott Monroe and the other members of the Fourteenth Colony who had originally used this area on the edge of the Everglades as a hunting and fishing retreat, along with other associates and friends of common mind and interests, who possessed the necessary knowledge, talents, and skills found themselves building a new world where the privileges of birth and wealth held absolutely no value whatsoever.

The diversity of backgrounds, education and culture was surprisingly wide, but their values and principles were remarkably similar.

This was to be in no danger of becoming a hippy commune; the difference between symbiotic mutualism of independent, self-reliant, rugged individualists and communism was as dissimilar as carnivores to cannibals.

If this new home on the edge of the world was to survive, they would have to agree and co-operate enough to provide mutual support and assistance for their common interests and needs.

If they were to truly flourish however, they would also have to maintain enough independence, self-reliance and tolerance to allow for each other’s differences.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 13th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



One Thought

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One Mind…
Universal Mind.
Clear Mind.
Mind like Mirror.
“Mind like Water…”
Know Mind…
No Mind,
No Matter.
No Time,
Just This.
Just Now.
في مكان حيث أن الكلمات لا معنى لها،
(In a place where words have no meaning,)

Chazz Vincent

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