An intruder
snuck into my head,
pretending to be me
so long ago
that I do not remember
a time
before him.
But he is an imposter…
He narrates all the thoughts I have
and tells me what I already know.
He announces, names and labels
everything I see.
He incessantly ruminates
about the past
as he injects Fear
into a future
that has not yet come
because it never comes.
There is only the Present.
which also does not come…
It is already here.
It never leaves…
It is always here.
It is the only thing that is real.

He claims to be the guardian of the
Common Wisdom
of fear,
of prejudice,
and insecurity.
He claims that if I do not
feed him with all my attention
that I will loose my mind,
which is just crazy,
because he is only
my mind…
and cannot survive without me,
‘tho I can live much better
with much less of him,
the Creator
of all Suffering,
the Creator
of the Illusion of Time.

Yet recently I’ve come to know
from a place deep within my soul
that before thoughts,
before words…
I already know.
I have always known.
My mind creates my ego
by identifying me with my thoughts
My thoughts are an addiction.
My ever-chattering Mind
is not me,
but he would not stop;
like a spoiled child
throwing a tantrum
to distract my attention
from the present moment…
so I fired him,
took him off the payroll;
told him
I will call him
when I really need him
but only as a consultant,
…not the captain
…not the master.
You have to loose your thinking mind
to find
your Self.

…Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei …

Chazz Vincent

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