Why I suffer

It is because of impermanence
that we suffer.
We expect that happy things stay
and bad things go.
But you can’t get your heart broken
unless you fall in love.
You will only mourn your lost youth
if you wasted it
by not living now.
All our friends will die
our pets will die
All our lovers will die.
Our children will die.
No death…?
No suffering…?
Would you give up Love
just to feel no pain?
Would you never take chances
just to avoid calamity?

The Circle of Life
that one must take life
to sustain one’s own.
Fish eat other fish.
Cows eat grass.
Birds eat worms,
and one day
worms will eat us.
Respect the life you take,
as well as the connections
you form
as you do.

I like to feel hungry
I like to eat.
I like to get thirsty
because I like to drink.
I like to feel loneliness;
it makes me
appreciate companionship
as well as solitude.
I like to feel
unbridled Lust,
fueled by
the searing pain
of emptiness
because I know
the only way
I can apperciate it
is if I know
The pain of lost love
only exists
after one has felt
The Crush of
as new as
spring grass
after the rain.

I learned to call myself
The Eternal Singer of
Torch Songs
just to try to find a way
to channel all the energy
generated by
all the lost loves of my life.
Like it or not,
we are all connected.
Sometimes it seems
as ethereal
as a wift
of the perfume
of a lost love
that continues to haunt me
years later,
coming our of nowhere
into the Now Here.
At other times,
a phantom
that haunts every breath I take
as it steps upon my shadow
while the Earth bleeds
with each step I take.

Desire follows all suffering.
As we joyously pursue
our desires,
we must learn to be
what we wish for
and prepared
to embrace
the suffering that will follow
as we move on
through this life
here and now.
Joy will come to us
just long enough
to hurt us when it goes.
There is no escape.
Only this.
Just this.
This is why
I suffer.
This is why I smile.

Some day
there will be no more suffering;
My mind will stop chattering
and I will hear only
The Music
of the Clear Mind.
The Music of
Mu Shin.

Even Now
the briefest moments
one measure
of the
Symphony of Eternity.
For Now,
I still smile
as I suffer.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Chazz Vincent

4 Responses to “Why I suffer”

  1. Love this. i am thinking along those lines today myself.

  2. […] all this last night, and got up this morning to find this post on the Dreamlanddancing blog:  Why I Suffer  It is lovely, and well worth reading the whole poem.  Many parts of it speak to me, and maybe […]

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