Zero-Day Quantum

As the bone of space passes through
emptiness as thick as molasses,
I ride the three hundred mile per hour train called Time;
it rushes toward
a future
that never arrives,
from a past
that is only an echo
of the present.
the train,
the present moment,
all is stillness;
only my mind is moving.

In scale,
the space between the particles
in an atom
are as empty
as the spaces
between the planets
revolving around
even larger spaces
around stars
that whirl through
galaxies just as empty
in a universe
made almost entirely
out of empty space.
And Gravity,
as a product
of Mass,
keeps everything
from flying away
the same way that
the Boson Field
atomic particles

Form is Emptiness
Emptiness is Form.

It is all too apparent
that nothing lasts
while experiencing the first kiss
of True Love,
or Wealth,
or beauty,
or Youth,
or gratuitous Infamy
when our star burns brightest;
so bright others stand in line
to bask in our brilliance
like a sunset in Paradise.
Once they are gone
it is easy then to grasp
that no matter how good,
they will not last.

But sitting
in a doctor’s office,
waiting to hear the fate
of your Eternal Beloved,
or waiting for her return
when she goes
“to visit a sick friend…”,
or awaiting forgiveness
for unforgivable deeds
or lying in bed
writhing in pain,
it seems
as if
they will never end…
until they do,
they always do.

All is Illusion
All is Folly
All is Impermanence.

as created by
the mind,
does not exist
except as a
theoretical construct
that obfuscates
the present moment
so elusive
we create
The Past
to vainly attempt
to hold it
like a songbird
in a cage;
yet it is always here
because it neither leaves
nor arrives;
that is in fact
the only reality
in the entire universe.

We are so pathetically
with our own death
that we forget to live.
It is only the ego
created by our mind
that causes this suffering
because we think
our essntial life force
will stop when we die
because we can’t remember
what happened before;
because we wish
we could come back
in one whole cohesive
that we will recognize
as ourselves…
because of our egos
that are created
by our minds.

We see ourselves as separate
from everyone and everything else.
We have no faith
in The Law of Conservation
of Mass and Energy,
so we invent a God
in our own image.
a Heaven for later
so we won’t mind
if we throw this life away.

How long
do you want
to continue
hurting yourself?
When will you stop?
How about Now?

….Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei …

Chazz Vincent

2 Responses to “Zero-Day Quantum”

  1. I hear nothing and everything. A locomotive as an proton around the nucleus is a nice image.

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