Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Daisy-Chain Ouroboros

Chapter Twelve

Each of the riders had different reasons for both craving and dreading this meeting.

Each had their own histories, much of which was muddled up in the midst of each other’s early stories…and make no mistake, there had been a certain degree of competitiveness between them as well, and yet they had remained friends.

Not “best friends forever”, at least not yet, although there was a time when they thought they would be; they just came and went as they  pleased, but they always came back…for awhile….

No real hard feelings…wild desires, lots of regrets, and some equally heart-warming and heart-breaking memories, but overall it seemed that destiny was busy proving that they belonged together again.

But the question remained as to why?….

One of the things that they all had shared was an appreciation for the beauty of tragedy in its most poignant aspects. They knew all too well that everything comes and goes according to its nature and season, and had witnessed it in each other’s lives as well as their own.

If ever there were three self-proclaimed “Alpha-Bitches” capable of maintaining their own integrity who could also co-operate and work as a team, it was Amy, Leigh-Ann, and Rebecca.

Jed and Elliott already knew that neither of them could imagine the other one betraying their friendship, despite the fact that Jed was now (at least probably) sleeping with one (or more) of Elliott’s former lovers.

Elliott was genuinely relieved that it was Jed who had brought them there, because without some sort of male escort, Elliott’s wife Chiana would have been unlikely to welcome them into their home…their world…the only world they knew of that was worth defending and maintaining.

It was also Jed who was the mastermind of this unlikely liaison and Elliott was at a loss to anticipate its explanation.

Elliott and Chiana  were openly polyamorous, and amazingly well-adjusted in terms of their sexuality, but it would be hard for Chiana to not feel at least a little insecure, considering she already knew how significant these people had been in a life he had lived long before they had ever met.

Jed could be intimidating just by his sheer charisma, and like Willie Loman, it seemed like all women wanted to fuck him and men just wanted to shake his hand and be his friend.

Leigh-Anne was the only woman who had slept with both of them “back in the day…”, but she had a way of seeming almost nonchalant about her relationship with either of them; that air of independence that she projected despite the fact that she loved them both made it all seem perfectly natural.

They had managed to keep any competitiveness  out of their friendship… had scrupulously avoided it, but Elliott didn’t even know why they had suddenly decided to arrive en masse at The Colony.

Of course, it wasn’t like they could call ahead for reservations….

Chiana realized that any opportunity for networking with people Elliott felt could be trusted was worth examining and reserved the option to express her displeasure if she got uncomfortable at any point in their meeting.

As they rode, and as he and Chiana waited at The Colony the tension grew higher and higher as each of them could feel the excitement coursing through their veins…it seemed like an eternity for such a short ride, and they were all becoming impatient, if not more than a little bit anxious.

Each of them wondered “…for how long this time?” 

“Maybe our time has come for all of us.”

They had each learned to embrace a certain degree of fatalism, and yet, these women had  liked Jed’s plan, (still unknown to Elliot) despite the fact that it had been so long ago when they had been a real part of each other’s lives.

Because of the most recent turn of events over the last two years, when Jed recruited them, they openly discussed the fact that this was not about romantic love; it is an extremely rare occurrence to abandon romantic love and still have something left after you go your separate ways, but they all had that in common.

When romantic love dies, one experiences the same sort of grieving that is experienced when someone close to you physically dies, but whenever Love comes into the picture, most people seem to have to engage in character assassination until they finally are able to let go, like the fox in the fabled “sour grapes.”

(And in some cases, they would probably prefer that their former Eternal Beloved  had in fact physically died….)

Through experience and acceptance of their present circumstances, they had been able to see Elliott and each other more objectively.

They had watched him suffer as one by one, his other love interests came and went, usually with vindictive and acrimonious results. They also were no strangers to disappointment and disillusionment themselves.

They were relieved to hear that Elliott had finally managed to maintain a stable relationship with anyone, let alone a twenty-year marriage and grown children.

It seemed that Elliott had become a bit more notorious than he realized, and undoubtedly more famous than he would have desired, but when Jed had heard stories about Elliott and the Fourteenth Colony he saw a way to bring them all back together that he hoped would work to everyone’s benefit.

They alone were able to love him as he was and accept who or what he wasn’t, and in so doing they had each allowed a very small crack to open in the door that protected their hearts, and like a bright ray of sunshine bursting into a room kept closed and dark for too long, it just seemed right.

Hope and Faith are what we believe in the absence of empirical evidence.


Chazz Vincent


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