I Can See Your House from Here (Haiku)

Time and Time again,

those who sought in vain

to capture my attention

were those who tried to

talk me down from off

the ledge in my hour of need.


It never worked.

It never will.

Understanding not

what it is that brings me here

to this lofty perch.


Observing what goes

unexamined by

those all too preoccupied

by thoughts beyond their control

within lives run by

thinking constantly.

Minds chattering so loudly

they cannot hear their feelings

even if their souls should speak,

I can see your house from here.


Out on this ledge

thin as Here and Now

Music is so very loud

you can’t hear your thinking mind;

Feeling is all you can do.


I did not come here to jump

I am here to dance

out on this high edge.

Do not try to talk me down

from off of my ledge.

Come up and join me

in my special place

where my Music never ends.


We can dance here day and night

naked jaybirds if we please

keeping us warm in Winter,

drying us after Spring rains,

tans celebrate Summer sun,

we can dance until the Fall.




Chazz Vincent


2 Responses to “I Can See Your House from Here (Haiku)”

  1. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I know you’re looking more for constructive criticism but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing! I love the thoughts on the noisiness of ones mind and how if one is determined enough to focus they will be able to join in the soulful dancing on the solidity of the ledge youre on… Not to mention the eponymous line making me feel as though you’re actually speaking to me. It reaches from the page and makes me feel like I too can experience the freedom you’ve found because you “can see my house” from there… I could go there to if I could just quiet the nonsense… Then the brilliance of the ultimate line and the open interpretation of the last word “Fall”… it being left to the reader to determine whether you’re referencing the season of Fall or the actual fall from the ledge… absolutely brilliant!! Thank you for posting it!

    • More importantly, thank you for reading it.
      And yes, although you have never tried to ‘talk me down from the ledge” it was very much written for you. I think you already know that I’ve been trying to talk you up here for some time now.
      If you get the time and inclination to go back a few posts, you’ll find one about Quantum that you might enjoy.

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