Constructed Typefaces as Art (test)

I am always gladdened whenever I discover that someone for whatever reason stumbles upon something I wrote three or four years ago, and yesterday was no exception.

During that time, I had stumbled upon  a “trick” so as to be able to post a title with grossly oversized letters that resulted in a great deal of overlap. Although entirely accidental, I liked the way it looked as a shape.

Going back to the original post, which still displays as it did when I wrote it, it appears that WordPress has managed to circumvent further use of the technique for future titles.

The original title: “Placeholder” here came when I tried to replicate the technique, and having failed, was unable to delete the failed attempt.

Sorry for the Inconvenience…(and apologies to Douglas Adams). I will confine future attempts to this post only.



Chazz Vincent


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