This is what happens when you put something out into the internet…


This image seems to have taken on a life of its own.

I was looking for internet images, and found this in a website about battleships….(IDK & IHNFIH)…  Battleships – my 50 english places    studylib.net260 

I also found numerous images that I had used while writing The Home for Wayward Souls and The Talking Monkeys under the Dreamlanddancing image search, as well as a Russian Author at WordPress who uses Dancing in Dreamland as her blog title, but it is written in Croatian, and in no way resembles my site. (Hooray for Google Translate, btw,)

(Before I started my WordPress site, I briefly used the pen-name Jesse Jones.)

My youngest son and I assembled the above cover using photoshop, but to my knowledge, it was never posted anywhere on the internet in this form.

I only used it to print a few writing samples, and then later revised it with my current name, and recently had a devil of a time locating the original image, which had been stored on another computer, and assembled on yet another computer that is now KIA.

Weird, n’est-ce pas?

Chazz Vincent (aka: the ghost of Jesse Jones)


5 Responses to “This is what happens when you put something out into the internet…”

  1. I’ve only recently (very recently – as in, over the past few weeks) started watermarking my blog images. Not wanting to find them – uncredited – in strange, inappropriate places is one of the reasons why. (I clicked that link, by the way. I did not see your image, but I saw some spammy ads.)

    I’ve always thought of pirates when I see your blog banner. A la, Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. Though perhaps with more Kraken. (And less violence.) Not sure why, exactly.

    Though that reminds me: He has a new book out. Or an old one, I guess. Never published while he was alive. It’s on my “to get” list. 🙂

    • It directed me to a site that I think was for people who like to play battleship, but idk and don’t care really.
      the really weird thing s that I never published anything as “Jesse Jones”; it was a pen-name I used before I even had a WordPress site, and only appeared on a few writing samples I printed.
      Now you have me curious…”Pirate Latitudes” (and Kraken)…need to do some research.
      I was planning on doing a revision of the cover that wouldn’t plagiarize H. Bosch, but the artist who offered to help me has gone MIA.
      I hope the ‘Pirate Latitudes’ image doesn’t make me look plagiarized.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      • Not at all – it’s more that the image reminds me of the story; it has nothing to do with the cover art on Crichton’s book. 🙂

      • Oh, good. It was inspired by my career in EMS in general, and a VERY weird transport out of the Dominican Republic that involved smuggling a dead body into the US in order to stay alive.
        I still use a pen-name, and no longer practice as a medic, and I think the statute of limitations has expired, even if someone could track it back to me, but it is nonetheless “enhanced and fortified non-fiction”.
        Mine has been a life of unfortunate and questionable circumstances and bad judgement, so I really don’t have to make much of anything up to write about so much as to try to disguise it to stay out of civil or criminal court.
        I figure it’s the very least I can hope for to offset this weird life of mine.
        Maybe that’s what makes you think of pirates…

      • Oh yeah…incidentally, I share your disdain for the initializations (which are [By The Way] only acronyms if you can pronounce them); the second one is totally faceitiious as a form of self-lampoon after I found myself lapsing into the first one…[I Have No F*cking Idea How].
        Every time I think no one is reading my self-indulgences, you seem to come like a ray of sunshine in a world gone starless and bible-black.
        I can’t imagine why anyone would bother to purloin my words or images, but that is probably a very good idea nonetheless

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