Once in a Blue Agave Moon Cyberterrorism: Chapter 36

Cyber terrorism: Part Two

Stuxnet set the stage for all world-class cyberterrorism that was to follow.

Although not the only efforts being attempted at the time by other nations, Stuxnet raised the bar to a newer, higher level in ways not previously imagined.

It made its first appearances in 2010, allegedly hatched by the United States and Israel, with “lawyer’s fingerprints” all over it” it specifically attacked Siemens System Seven programs designed to provide control of everything from assembly line operations to the speed at which Iranian centrifuges operated during their uranium enrichment program, its intended target.

It was effectively the great-grandaddy of the Armageddon Virus that brought the Western Banking System to it’s knees, then decapitated it by essentially making all the virtual money which we had been spending for decades unavailable because there were no more records of it and no way to corroborate who had what.

Other than paper money (which in and of itself is essentially worthless), few banks even bothered to keep any real wealth within their ubiquitous safes, and their transactions were essentially virtual.

In a related, but separate series of plots, the day before the release of the virus, other terrorists had spent the last fifteen years slowly and carefully tunneling under the Federal Reserve Banks and almost simultaneously exploded a combination of stolen and makeshift “dirty” thermonuclear devices underneath them so as to make the gold and silver reserves dangerous and unusable for thousands of years, creating a general panic and the worst run on the banks since the Great Depression.

It’s hard to remember that the money in all the Federal Reserve Banks only amounts to less then twenty percent of the GDP, but the mindset of the general public was not such that they could be placated, and riots ensued.

What no one knew, was that the Armageddon Virus had interrupted what would have been the most sinister plot ever dreamed up to make puppets of all but the most connected and wealthy without even creating so much as a ripple of controversy.

Curiously, it began with insurance actuarials, which could accurately predict with alarming accuracy how long you will live and what will probably kill you, based upon the records they kept, so as to assess the level of risk that you represented to an insuror.

Then came genome testing, which assessed the effects of your DNA upon your health and predicted lifespan.

With the advent of the COVID-19 virus pandemic came the practice of tracing and tracking not only your vital signs, but with whom you had been in contact by way of Smartwatches Fitbits, and social media applications.

In the name of safety, people will give away all manner of Privacy, Liberty, and Freedom.

Credit reporting agencies, police files and permanent school records rounded out a picture that could be used to predict the most likely outcomes of your life.

In fact, the Armageddon Virus utilized, and even began setting up phony credit improvement apps and agencies to gain control of the world’s finances.

The six richest people in the entire world owned ninety percent of all of the wealth of the world, and each year, the disparity of the distribution increased.

It was not by accident.

Given the opportunity to decide who got selected to go to the most prestigious schools, or offered the most lucrative careers, bank loans, or investment opportunities, it was only a matter of time before those entrusted to make those decisions had the data they desired to minimize their risks before the applications were even filled out.

It was not necessary to use mind control or some kind of external force to control the population in order to determine the outcomes.

What this does not account for is physical attractiveness, individual self-determination, ambition, independent thinking, creativity or even personality; however, the longer that the program was in use, and the more widespread it became, the less likely it would be for anyone to break free of the predictions made for their future because it became a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Then suddenly, Chaos had stepped in to level the field.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 12th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


PS: This is probably out of sequence for the final story, but I thought to add it now.

2 Responses to “Once in a Blue Agave Moon Cyberterrorism: Chapter 36”

  1. People have been giving up their liberties in the name of convenience for so long now, I don’t think they even realize what life could be minus Big Brother. It’s sad, really. I can actively choose NOT to be Big-Brother’ed, and I do. But it saddens me how many go about blithely unaware that they have succumbed.

    Freedom is not free.

    And they’ll have to pay a much higher price for my liberties than “convenience.”

    • Yep. So true. The chapter will probably be moved when the story is assembled, but a random thought about several recent events (and predictable speculation) prompted me to add to the cyberterrorism part of the plot.
      It’s probably also because I’m carefully considering how to finish the “sex and drugs” chapter that I’ve been anticipating.
      Last novel was VERY explicit and I want to see if I can successfully convey the sexuality and the mysticism more subtly.
      I really appreciate your comments, by the way.

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