Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 45


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

(…but first, a slight aside)

Since the the beginning of Time, Majik was divided into either ‘White’ or ‘Black’; as a result, the common misconception was that Witchcraft was the same as Satanism.

The European origins go back to Celtic and Pagan sources (usually referred to as Wicca) that also did not worship Satan, but Christianity kept rearing its ugly head to attribute ‘Devil-Worship’ to anything not related to Christian practices.

Cultural differences account for whether it was called ‘Lukumi de Babalu Aye’ or ‘Yoruba Omo Orisha,’ or ‘Los Guerreros de Babalu,’ ‘Santeria,’ ’Voodoo’, or even ‘Hoodoo;’ it called upon spirits called ‘Orichas’ or ‘Loa’ to conjure power for either benevolent or malevolent purposes as practiced by African and Caribbean Peoples.

For this reason, it is necessary to specify and purify one’s intentions before starting down this path, although one is not specifically protected from the deceptions and trickery of what might be considered ‘Evil’ or ‘Demonic’ entities.

When one opens oneself up to outside energies there is a certain calculated risk of invasion by trickery and deception by those with evil intent. Some Occult practitioners utilize Sentries or Guardians to stand watch over them during the invocation ceremonies, or during astral travel, when they are most vulnerable,.

Unfortunately, many practitioners of ‘White Majik’ have had their power watered down by endless limitations of concepts of ‘Purity’ or otherwise benign and useless, fearful nonsense.

Real, tangible Power is rarely exhibited by practitioners of White Magic, who, much like American Democrats, live in a world where only the Republicans who have no scruples can actually seize Power by ‘any means necessary’, and close their ranks when one of them is challenged, while the Democrats bicker over minutia and endlessly turn upon each other, waiting for the Republicans to lose, like dogs awaiting the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables.

The ability to control and manipulate one’s environment according to Will and Desire is real Power.

Amy, Rebel, and Jed became familiar with an eclectic synthesis, or syncretized practices (not related to Satanism) that utilized these spirits and ‘Orishas’ to transcend the boundaries of the finite. The Living are limited in their powers, while those of the spirit realm lack physical bodies to accomplish common goals shared by both.

At The Home for Wayward Souls, (The source of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) these ‘Orisha’s’ were regarded like hobos jumping onto a moving train, except that once the hobos arrived, the train could fly. (Symbiosis, rather than Parasitism).

Amy, Rebecca, and Elliott picked up their robes and followed Elliott to his guest quarters on the right side of the trailer used for the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms. The master bedroom was located on the other side, where Chiana and Jed were discovering each other.

“Before Armageddon, we used to entertain quite a bit out here, but ever since the collapse of the world as we knew it, we haven’t had any guests visit us, and I can’t think of a more auspicious occasion than this” Elliott was proud of his compound, and this room was no exception.

In fact, this room occupied an entire storage container. It had windows cut into the sides, and the cut-out were hinged so as to function as shutters, if needed.

The interior was paneled in locally harvested cypress, the floors were oak.

The most notable feature was the California King bed in the very center of the room. By not placing the head against a wall, it allowed entry from any side (if you will pardon the pun).

This room had hosted many close encounters of the most personal kind, and if those walls could talk…well, that could fill at least one very intriguing novel itself.

Elliott had the foresight to turn on the air conditioner shortly before they arrived, because even if…their guests would still need accommodations.

“Well Doc, Amy set you up with some pretty high expectations about how we should start, but unless you’ve lost your touch, you should be ‘up’ for the challenge…you already know that I will do my best to ensure that she is happy.”

Elliott’s cock was so hard it hurt, and truth be told, it had been quite a while since there had been any real passion in his life.

With that, Rebel pushed Elliott backwards onto the bed and straddled his hips in a flash. Amy jumped next to Elliott’s head in a kneeling position, and began to excitedly whisper into his ear as Rebel began to very lightly brush her labia up and down along his cock.

“Now pay close attention to what happens next, Doc, because I’ve learned a thing or two since last we met, and the powers of the Moon are very strong tonight. It will be many years before we see a convergence of a Blood Moon, a Blue Moon, and Samhain on the same weekend.”

“Amy and I as well as Chiana, (once she gets her ya-ya’s back) are going to draw down the Moon and summons up the spirits of those not seen for many years now.”

Amy continued “We have the ability to gain immense power through providing our bodies to do their bidding, but be sure we are only vehicles to those seeking to empower Compassion, Love, Rapture, Illumination, Satsang, and Moksha.”

“Through Kundalini and Tantric, we can merge the Sephiroth with the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

“We act as lightning rods for energies that reinforce certain frequencies and resonate them by preparing ourselves as vessels to coalesce those energies compatible with our purpose.”

“As part of our preparation for those events we also do a lot of fucking in the process,” Rebel added.

“It revs your motor if you do it right. I know you remember discussing the use of Tantric to raise, rather than dissipate your vital life forces” Amy recalled.

“We’re gonna do a lot of both, by the way” Rebel interjected.

“So before I tip you right over the edge, I’m gonna let you use some of that fine, high-level chi that you’ve been building up inside you to help bring me up to the next level, so we can pass it back and forth as we charge each other up another notch each time.”

With that, Rebel walked on her knees up to Elliott’s face, being careful to keep just out of reach of his all-too-eager tongue, taunting him. “Not so fast, Darlin’…savor the moment…drink in the smell…I recall you got the nose of a hound-dog…used to call it ‘the bouquet of the human flower’. First time you called it that I liked to laugh my fuckin’ ass off…”

Elliott relaxed his neck and let his head fall back onto the bed as he inhaled deeply through his nostrils.

She was right, of course.

With each of Elliott’s inhalations, Rebel would breathe out, and writhe slightly just above his face. Both were exchanging the energy back and forth between them, building upon each other’s energy and desire.

She continued to grind and gyrate her hips provocatively before suddenly planting her snatch onto his face, moaning slightly and taunting him.

“Show me how much you missed me, Darlin’…give back just a little of what we’ve been giving you…pass it on.”

Rebel had always preferred a ‘Brazilian’ trim on her mons. Just a ‘landing strip’ of short, neatly trimmed hairs, and ‘smooth as a baby’s ass’ on everything south of her little patch.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy while Amy continued to give him verbal encouragement.

“OK, now sit up and get on your knees and sit back on your heels while Becca wraps her legs around your waist. Put your hands around her ass while she puts her hands around your neck.” Amy instructed.

She was referring to one of the primary positions of Tantric. It allows its practitioners to gradually increase the sexual excitement between them without reaching orgasm. The tension generated huge amounts of energy, and by communing in this way, as they passed the energy back and forth, eventually they would reach a spiritual and emotional orgasm of a magnitude unknown to anyone else.

Taoists practice this in a similar fashion, but believe that by refraining from the physical orgasm, they retained their vital essences and energies, and experienced a form of life extension as well as consciousness expansion.

They however, in their syncretized practices would most definitely not be withholding any orgasms of any kind, but in building and passing the stored energies, like human capacitors, would experience a massive, shuddering discharge of mind-altering proportions.

All in good time.
Chazz Vincent

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