Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Two

April Heralds the Winds of Change

It wasn’t until Rebel suddenly remarked “Hey, Doc…I didn’t remember that you had such a beautiful bird…” that anyone noticed Betty at all.

Elliott, forever the peacock, mistakenly thought that Rebel was referring to his cock, and replied “Vell! Sank you, Herr Doctor!” in a character voice reminiscent of Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein.’

He, Joe, Aimée and LeighAnn used to play with movie dialogue for comedic effect, but the humorous aspect dropped off drastically without the mutual banter between them that had supported it until it became more of an obscure personal homage to a  long-gone era that no one particularly gave a fiddler’s fuck to hear.

Aimée got the joke, but then saw Betty, perched on the arm of a cobra-back wicker chair in the corner, bobbing and rocking, looking for all the world like the most beautiful giant Amazon Macaw.

Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up. Toots?” Betty squawked as Aimée pointed and exclaimed “Oh Fuck, yes! Look!”

All three were mesmerized, but Elliott was really flabbergasted, because he, of course had never owned any kind of pet bird and vowed that he never would…ever.

However, when Betty the Macaw morphed into Betty Boop, the thirties-era cartoon character, as she grew, Elliott couldn’t help thinking of April.

He had been the one who had encouraged her to capitalize on her resemblance to Betty Boop, right down to the short, skimpy little black dresses that the Hayes Commission had wanted so badly to prohibit…(on a nineteen-thirties cartoon character, no less.)

“Hello Fred” was all it took for Elliott to recognize April’s voice, as she continued to grow into a life-sized vision of April Tremski at her young and beautiful best and happiest.

(When they had been a “Media Couple” in the local music and studio scene in Miami, they had been nicknamed “Fred and Ethyl”…yes, like in ‘I Love Lucy’…and the alcohol.)

“April? I’m amazed to see you again. I don’t think that we couldn’t have resolved all our ‘unfinished business’ in a hundred lifetimes…but…are we OK?…” Elliott was awash with sensory and emotional overload.

“Yes Elliott, it’s me…and look…crossing over and now coming back has let me see everything with new eyes…just like you are beginning to do now.”

“The past is gone, and everything is in the present moment; always has been, as a matter of fact, but there’s good news and bad news. You’re far from off the hook…because you can’t rest on your laurels, …but you also don’t have to answer for your past mistakes.”

“Oh yeah…and every day is Judgement Day.”

April continued.

“It could have taken five hundred lifetimes to get to where we are right now. ‘The Knowledge’ has facilitated a more direct connection. It’s not about magic, or even what most people think of as Karma. If you don’t think about ‘God’ or ‘Sin’ or ‘Karma’ it is usually much easier to understand.”

“Despite sayings like ‘what goes around comes back around,’ although it may seem like it, no one is enforcing any rules, laws, or anything else.”

“There’s no ‘God the Umpire’ keeping score.”

“Everything in the entire universe is a mixture of random chance and chaos that follows certain ‘probabilities’. Very complex relationships between positive and negative energies tend to follow certain trends, but nothing is absolute, so when chaos steps in, a different set of sequelae will result.”

“And from that point, it will become the ‘new normal.’

“Every day, bad things happen to good people for no reason that can be explained away with religion, and likewise, evil pricks get away, literally, with murder every day.”

“There may be consequences arising from legal or social norms, and all actions have consequences, by virtue of cause and effect, but there is no old man up in the sky, constantly saying ‘NO’, or judging you.”

“The ‘Knowledge’ enables you to perceive, and assimilate all these things that are already here…and now. Although it has been right under your nose all along, it’s somewhat like different wavelengths of light, or audio frequencies that were out of the range of your perception.”  

“Wait!…am I hearing what I think I am?” Elliott’s face was awash with emotions as the sounds of not only their previously recorded songs, but also music that they had played, but never recorded filled the air and minds/ears of everyone.

It was not a continuous replay of just one song, but more like a medley, or sound montage of all the songs and arrangements that were so typical of their works together.

Elliott, who had stood up as April appeared, dropped to his knees, overcome by a mix of joy and sadness, remorse, and reminiscence as it felt like he was suddenly re-playing every emotion he felt back then, when he felt more alive than ever before or since.

“What you are hearing is a product of who we were back then. It resonates between us; it is our common ground.”

(Sound like String Theory?)

Aimée, who had been a more or less central fixture in Elliott’s life back then, was almost as deeply moved, and joyous tears streamed from all their faces.

“I thought that I had forgotten all that…but it’s so beautiful.” Aimée confessed.

“Well, you were a part of it too, back then.” April replied.

“Hello April…I’m so sorry…”  

“Its OK. No need for sorrow now…for any of us…no hard feelings…to tell the truth, I’ve missed you too…really. You’ve grown and matured in so many ways, I can’t imagine any need for conflict or competition.” 

“The circumstances have certainly changed, but here we are again.”

It was the music of extraordinary times, made by extraordinary people under extraordinary circumstances.

They had chosen the fringes of society and culture once before because it spoke to them in ways that ‘the lives of quiet desperation’ never could.

There had been many casualties, incredible joy, tragedy, irony, ecstasy, beauty, ugliness, horror, violence, enlightenment and illumination, uncertainty, ignorance and despair,  and the most amazing, risky, downright foolish and irresponsible sex…lots of it.

And drugs, of course. Elliott was well-known for saying “I never met a recreational drug that I didn’t like.”

Impossibly dangerous times and ‘dangerous, irresistible pastimes’…if you missed it, you might never understand it, and it seemed that it was not likely to happen like that again for a very, very long time…long enough to forget the worst of it, forget the fear…to throw caution to the wind and to live like there’s no tomorrow, and as if you’re never going to die.

Now it seemed that it was going full circle and about to begin again. A new age of Indeterminacy. An opportunity to escape the mundane, the banal, and the boring, detached lives of the hypnotized consumer-citizens enslaved by a system that they could no longer maintain or live without.

For all the chaos and uncertainty, these were familiar circumstances (on a certain level) to Jed, Elliott, Chianna, Aimée, Rebecca and LeighAnn.

Dangerous, yet amazingly creative times that had sparked a cultural revolution.

The kind of times that were once again to become their comfort zones.  



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



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