Chapter 58

It was only natural that Mordecai would ‘sleep’ with them. Guardian of the Gateway or not, he had taken on the form of the most lovable and affectionate dog one could ever meet…as long as you behaved yourself.

Throughout the night, Jed, Rebel, Aimée, and Leigh-Anne had reflected on moments when he had simply used his considerable talent for intimidation (or even combat) as well as charm in their defense.

(“Did anyone else happen to be eavesdropping on what just took place?”)

The sound of Mordecai’s voice was incredibly resonant, and soothing within their minds. 

The general consensus was yes. Elliott and Chianna were the newcomers, or novices as far as telepathic communications or even use of The Knowledge, for that matter.

(“I don’t want to cause you three any embarrassment; I just wanted to call attention to the transparency between us all now. Most people think that they would love to be able to read someone, or anyone else’s mind, but probably not at the expense of what they believe to be their privacy, which is largely an illusion anyway.”)

(“I’ll tell you why it’s an illusion, or rather, give you some examples…if you are having an affair with a co-worker and you think that it’s a secret, you’re probably only fooling yourself, even if you’re never forced to deny it.”)

(“…Same thing with comb-overs, wigs, lifts in your shoes, a sock in your jockey-shorts, or padded brassieres. Most of the time, the only person that you are fooling is yourself by believing that you are fooling anybody else.”)

(“Of course, those are just the obvious examples…what about our personality, your demeanor, your image…how people perceive your character?”)

(“In one way or another, often people lie to themselves in the form of rationalizations, because they believe that somehow, their actions are not really who they are. For instance, if you steal, does that make you a thief?”)

(“You might as well get used to it, because this is your ‘new normal.’ There’s no going back, either…it would be easier to put the smoke back in the cigarette than to unlearn what you have experienced so far, and there is so much more than you can even anticipate waiting  for you.”)

(“The ways in which your world has changed was inevitable, and you are on the brink of discovering how to control your world in ways you never thought possible, and were not even accessible to you before.”)

(“Elliott, you have by far, the most unresolved karma than anyone else in this group. That does not make you less of a person, but because all of these people are tied to you by that karma, you are blessed as much as you are challenged by it.”)

(“Rebecca and Aimée…from your shared surnames to your common history with Elliott, although years apart…do you think that much co-incidence is just that, and nothing more?”)

(“Jed…your talents, and your history literally make this venture possible in a way that additionally ‘closes the circle’ more than a little tighter, by providing a market for Elliott’s talents.”)

(“Which brings us to Leigh-Anne, whose objectivity and considerable knowledge and talents in the field of Medicine, as well as a wealth of compassion not seen in most mortal beings. Your mutual love of Elliott and Jedidiah, again is no accident…not by ‘God’s Will,’ but by opportunities that are the result of probabilities that border on inevitability.”)

(“Chianna’s part was something none of you could anticipate, even though you already thought you knew. Eventually she will teach you as much as she will learn, plus balance, perspective, and serendipity beyond your imagination.”)

(“And April provides your link to the other side.”)



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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