Chapter 60

Mordecai was the first to speak.

(“And that is what I love about her. She was born to perform. It’s her generosity of soul. It’s not so much fate as inevitability…all of you have been headed in each other’s direction for a very long time…over and over again…you’ll come to realize that soon enough…spoiler alert!…but we’ve all been here before.”)

Rebel was still processing the realization of learning that her ‘pet’ that she had delivered as a puppy, was also a Guardian of the Gateways of all known universes. Yet there she was, having a telepathic debate with a trans-dimensional being whom she used to walk on a leash.

(“So how is it” she asked, “that we’re so important…or even that I’m so important as to have the undivided attention of one of the most important and powerful beings in the entire galaxy?”

(“Actually, you aren’t, you don’t, and I’m not.”)

If you had been there, you would have sworn that Mordecai was smirking as he waited for ‘his mistress’ to process his answer.

(“Sweet-heart…Mister Mordecai sir?…Would ya’ll be so good as to run that by me again? …and…Who’s my good boy?”) With that, she broke into good-natured laughter.

(“You all are collectively very special, but in the scheme of things great and small, just in your galaxy alone…not so important as to have one-hundred per cent of my attention because all of us…Sobe, Sharma, Betty, and quite a few more…Raul, even, to some extent…are ‘Embezzlers of Time and Space’…The Quantum operates on Planck Time…the most nearly-infinitely smallest devision of time…we can go and come back again so fast that you can’t even tell we left, due to the persistence of not only your vision, but also your attention…and yet, as impressive as that may seem, I am neither the most important or powerful being in the galaxy.”)

(“Shit! You’ve got an answer for everything, haven’t you?”)

(“Wouldn’t you be disappointed if I didn’t?”)

(“All-knowing, and ever-present…? Are you God?”)

(“Are you dyslexic?…G-O-D?…D-O-G?…more than just a co-incidence?…you be the judge.”)

(“Now that I know what I know now, I suppose….”)

(“But just one more thing….”)

(“What would that be?”)

(“I still like having my belly rubbed.”)

With that, Mordecai winked at Rebel and rolled over to expose his abdomen. (After all, every dog has his day.)



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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