Agave Moon: Chapter 67

The onset of the Knowledge can vary rather widely, insofar as depending upon what initially has your attention, or your prevalent mood, or state of mind.

Merlin, the chemist who isolated the Knowledge once likened it to finding yourself contemplating the Gestalt of a subject that you never even knew existed an hour ago.

Distortions of Time and Space, visual or auditory changes in perception, a greatly enhanced sense of smell, epiphanies, insights, and revelations, may precede the realization that ‘you’re not in Kansas anymore’ and the fact that you not only can remember any experience that you’ve ever had, but also that it seems as if all that data and information has been organized and cross-referenced perfectly without any concerted effort, and it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

But the most remarkable effect is the way in which your instincts do not need to be analyzed or rationalized within some sort of mental process because these are the instincts that allowed Humanity to survive before Reason became the end-all and be-all or ‘raison d’etre.’

Imagination is so enhanced that your ability to visualize and  analyze, or even predict complex sequences and relationships between them is nothing short of amazing, as is the Insight to correlate Feelings, that which previously had seemed occult, and highly advanced cognitive functions into a natural order.

Telepathy both active and passive, develops according to the acquisition of common frames of reference and shared instincts and experiences.

Active telepathy represents one’s abilities to project or speak thoughts, words, images and ideas to another. 

Passive telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts and intentions of others.

Prediction of events as a result of these abilities becomes almost effortless and intuitive.

Visualizations can be regarded as a function of imagination as well as suggestibility, and as a result, are frequently concurrent with that of the other members of the group, although individual interpretations may result in subtle variations.

Connection, humanity, unity with all living beings, lovingkindness, gratitude, and present-moment consciousness are frequently reported states of mind.

 A generalized euphoria is a predictable result of such empowering experiences.

Oddly enough, although Quantum Theory, General and Special Relativity, and Wiccan practices are not generally discussed in the same breath, Science and Sorcery seem natural bedfellows under the influence of the Knowledge.

Impermanence, Illusion, and Zen seem to blend seamlessly thanks to the Knowledge.

One of the most striking aspects of imagination as experienced under the influence of the Knowledge is that the visualizations are not what would normally fall under the heading of hallucinations, because of the ability to pierce the veil, to cross the abyss, where communication with disembodied spirits is possible, and simultaneously experienced by the other members of the group. 

Also, certain enhancements of visual stimuli are a result of conceptualization of real data, like galvanic skin response. To label this as a hallucination is a bit arbitrary, since galvanic skin response is used, for instance, in lie detector evaluations, so it is a real, tangible, phenomenon.

Auras are another example. Whether it be considered scientific or not, there is a field pf study involving Kirlian Photography that purports to be able to photograph what is referred to as your aura, but most people do not claim to be able to see it. Some people do, however.

Whether there is good statistical or even anecdotal data to support the premise that one’s aura is related to your state of mind, or intentions or inclinations remains to be seen, if you will pardon the pun.

The Knowledge is purported to possess hyper-sensory qualities regarding hearing, as well as smell.

Instincts, or intuitive knowledge has been down-played by modern, rational, scientific man. And yet, dolphins are capable of producing and processing echo location data more sophisticated than anything manufactured anywhere, and it at least appears that it is done effortlessly, without conscious thought processes, hence, instinctively. 

Dogs know what is North. Turtles know where the closest body of water is, and what direction to go to reach it. Migrations. Spawning. Instinct.

It may well be that the next quantum leap in the evolution of Humanity will be when we re-discover our Instincts.




Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©   01/17/2021

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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