Chapter 69

“Hey Doc, how many mirrors do you have around here?” Rebecca asked. “Would you mind if we try to summons up some of the Ancient Ones?”

“It is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever witnessed…” Aimée interjected. Many cultures and belief systems have considered one or more of them to be ‘gods’  but once you come to realize that they represent the evolution of Sentient Life that is older than the earth itself, you can see that they are the prototypes of Intelligent Life as it will be in the future…if we don’t destroy ourselves first.”

“We are all star people…the same elements that were only possible because stars born millions of years after the big bang, in their final moments collapsed upon themselves into a super nova, creating heavier and heavier elements blown across the entire universe…necessary for life…common to all of us…we are everywhere…standing hand and hand, spanning the universe, ever-evolving, moving amongst us and through us. 

We strengthen and enhance each other, as All things Return to the One in an ever-expanding universe.”

Elliott was very amused by Aimée and Rebel’s interest in mirrors. He and Chianna had been fascinated regarding summonsing certain spirits during sex, or more accurately, he had been fascinated, and Chianna was about as moderately interested as she ever was about anything for all of about ninety days.

“We really need at least four…and older, even cloudy mirrors sometime are even better…how many?” Rebecca asked.

“How about sixteen?” Elliott volunteered.

“Are you shitting me?!?!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it…one set up one for each of the four walls, plus the four corners at floor level, plus each corner, top and bottom, aimed down to the opposing corner on the other side of the room.”

“And?…what?” Elliott’s curiosity was piqued.

“We saw some shit that night, for sure. I haven’t believed in a god since I was ten years old…the only angels that I believed in were women…but after that night…I knew…we are not alone, but what I saw that night wasn’t God, and I don’t think they were the aliens that some would have us believe…this is not just about space men…we are talking about other parallel dimensions, or universes…and they are independent of time. We both saw them” Rebel added. 

“So what are we waiting for?”

“Do you mind if we play some music while we work?” Aimée asked.

Elliott always had maintained an extraordinary audio system. Macintosh and BGW power amplifiers, Technics SU-90/70 DC coupled flat preamplifier, JBL 4343 studio monitors, Polk Audio, Klilpsch, and Uri Time-aligned monitors, DBX and Dolby noise reduction, audio enhancement and dynamic range expanders, Blaupunkt and Nakamichi playback systems, all rack-mounted.

Chianna started to offer her assistance, but realized that Aimée probably had suffered innumerable lectures and tech advice from Elliott when they had lived together.

She recalled the slight pang that she had felt when Aimée and Rebel had recalled how he also seemed to teach all of his lovers how to handle and fire all sorts of weapons with proficiency, and respectfully held back initially, and just as remarkably, Aimée out of respect for Chiana’s position within the household, requested her assistance (even though she probably wouldn’t have needed it.)

In so doing, she not only strengthened the spirit of co-operation between the two of them, but she also avoided the potential embarrassment of discovering that she had overestimated her knowledge.

Aimée then produced a CD by the ArchAngels entitled ‘The Chakras: a series of Odes to a Roomful of Tibetan Singing Bowls.’

It turned out that Chianna was familiar with the work, and in fact had heard (and seen) it performed in the Sanctuary at the Home for Wayward Souls in South Florida years ago, long before the Armageddon computer virus had destroyed the collective world economies, but ironically, had brought them all together so many years later.

It was a truly extraordinary work composed specifically, as stated in the title, to resonate every known frequency associated with the Chakras of the body relying upon resonances, harmonics, overtones, heterodynes, and harmonies to physically and emotionally enhance and empower those who heard it.

Today would be no exception.

No one objected to the musical selection.

Chianna was the first to remark “This is a perfect example of how we can prepare ourselves for the level of cooperation that we should strive to maintain. We’ve all got our share of issues that need to be respected.”

“I’m sure that everyone knows that I was relieved to hear you say that this is not about Romance…but in fact, our present and past Karma is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, all the reasons that you were all so close so long ago has the potential to stir up competition and jealousy, especially in me.”

“On the other hand, yes, we all managed to distract each other, quite willingly last night, I might add, and yet this was how you all rolled, back in the days before you all went your separate ways.”

“For all of you, this is a revisitation of the familiar with the opportunity to build upon what you all learned, both then, and since. For me, this is fresh ground in many ways…not regarding polyamory, but everything else. Elliott and I had become stagnant, and stale.” 

“There was a certain level of cooperative resignation, but little enthusiasm or inspiration. We are now presented with new challenges, as well as opportunities, and an incredible opportunity to determine our own destinies in a world that is literally, up for grabs.”

“Does anyone have any issues with what has been proposed or transpired between us so far?

As Chianna was speaking, Jed, Elliott, Aimée, Rebel and Leigh-Anne were arranging the mirrors.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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