Chapter 70

Blue Moon. Blood Moon. Samhain. The Veil is lifted.

A luminous metallic, almost liquid glow was beginning to be visible on all of them. It was an electrical, mercurial appearance not unlike St Elmo’s Fire that shimmered hypnotically as it passed between them.

Suddenly, a rumbling, low resonance began to shake the entire building. It began on the last trailing notes of the final chakra, the crown. It was the formant of the first, root chakra so low in frequency that it was not so much heard as felt.

Amy was the first to realize that it was not coming from the stereo.

Jedidiah, having been raised by a fundamentalist evangelical mother, suddenly recalled the description of how the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho by the playing of horns as they marched around the city.

Long, low, mournful horns so powerful that they obscured everyone’s ability to process anything else.

Just as abruptly, it all stopped, to be replaced by a deep, resonant voice so powerful that it could not be told if it was felt, or heard, or simply was known intuitively from within their being.

 “Do not be alarmed. We have been destined to meet for a very, very long time. The Ancient Ones of every culture and race already knew that it would come to this all too soon.”

“The worship of the Great Mystery is silent. It is solitary. It is never self-serving or self-seeking.”

“Just because it is silent, does not mean that we do not communicate. What you perceive as words are our way of speaking directly to your mind, and your soul; each of you directly.”

“We have spoken through the mouths of Ohiyesa, whom you called Charles Alexander Easton, Tecumseh, Tatanka Lyotake, or Sitting Bull, Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, whom you knew as Chief Joseph, Sagoyewatha, known as Red Jacket, Oh-pong-le-skah, known as Sotted Elk, one of the Lakota Chiefs murdered at Wounded Knee, Si’ahl the Suquamish and Duwamish tribal leader Chief Seattle; Kicking Bear, Short Bull, Mary Brave Bird, Nanissaanah, and, Wovoka, the Paiute medicine man who created The Ghost Dance, also known as Jack Wilson by the Whites, and even most recently through the actor Chief Dan George, born Geswanouth Slahoot, the chief of the Tsleil-Waututh tribe, or Graham Greene, the Oneida actor who once again brought the words of Tecumseh to life, and through whom we have often spoken.”

“Sadly, without the movies that keep you almost constantly hypnotized, you would know almost nothing about the indigenous and aboriginal peoples of this continent, which we once called ‘Turtle Island’.”

“We are not here to grant your wishes, but rather to tell you what is right, and the right ways to do it, but do it because it is right, without expectations of rewards.”

“All learning is dead language to one who gets it secondhand.”

“Although the reason that all of your are here together at precisely this time was determined by your own individual, as well as group Karma, world politics has thrust all of us together to correct a terrible wrong that was started when the White Men came to our country, although even that was the result of a sickness shared by virtually all Europeans, much like the smallpox on the blankets that we were given on the Trail of Tears.”

“Although you will often hear me say ‘The White Man this, or the White Man that,’  perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘The Europeans,’ but this is easier, and you already know what we mean.”

“I do not mean all White Men; let me remind you that we are all connected…not just all of you, or even all the Ancient Ones. There is an Indian Way, an Indian Heart…an Indian Soul.”

“If you feel like us, think like us, and act like us, we are brethren. We are of One Mind, one consciousness, one tribe. We all call ourselves ‘Human Beings’ for good reason.” 

“No even just every animal, every person, every blade of grass, but even the rocks, the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the clouds; the entire Earth, our Mother, the source of all Life itself.”

“The White man and the Europeans are obsessed with ownership of everything that they see, whether it is of use to them or not. If they believe that they can sell something for money, they will strip the very earth itself  down to bare rock…and then sell the rocks themselves.”

“Their greed is insatiable.”

“Everywhere the White Man walks, the earth bleeds beneath his boots.”

“Since you and the members of your colony came here, you have respected and nurtured the land upon which you now live.”

“Your methods are sustainable. You do not take anything away from the earth that you do not replace, often using the waste materials generated by your colony to enhance the land, rather than defile it..”

“Now you propose to expand your operations. Be very mindful that you do not let greed determine either what you do or how you do it.”

“Boop and Mordecai are helping you transition into the sentience, and wisdom that you are receiving into the great cosmic consciousness that we now all share.”

“Remember, money is not really important in and of itself. Autonomy, and self-determination are everything. Let the rest of the world drown in its own greed and stupidity.”

”No one owns the land, but as long as you respect it, and use it to establish your own new world order, anonymity and generosity of spirit will help protect our world.”

“The rest of mankind will undoubtedly do everything in its power to destroy and poison itself, but you will have to know when to cut them loose, because as I have said, we all all connected, but if your foot became infected, and you had to choose between losing your foot and losing your leg, or even your life, as sad a choice as that would represent, it would be the only choice.”

“The white men are hypnotized by gold, silver, and even printed money.”

“You can use it to your own advantage, as long as you do not become hypnotized yourself.”

“You must always give fair value. That is the Indian way, the way of real Human Beings.”

“Before Jedidiah and The Three Winds came here, while on the road, they acted as a tribal council for a town that was terrorized by a bully, and helped teach them independence and fearlessness. This is true wisdom. We think of it as Indian Wisdom, even if they did not call it a tribal council.”

“You entertain your customers; in the process you have all become Culture Heroes. People need examples to follow; this is your chance to show them how a true Human Being behaves.”

“You give away items to the needy; food, clothing, maybe a few small tools or even advice. This is good.”

“And you, Leigh-Anne. You are not so much a nurse as you are a saint, always on the lookout for sick or hurt children and animals, because all living things are your children.”

“We have watched you do it often, Feeding widows and orphans alike.”

“Jedidiah, you and The Three Winds were Nomads, like many of our tribes, and Elliott, Chianna and the other members of your family, your tribe, which you call ‘The Fourteenth Colony’ were farmers and craftsmen and women who lived in a village, much like some of our other tribes.”

“You now have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, yet each of you acts according to your nature and strengths for the good of all.”

“Do not let any enterprise so eclipse the colony itself, as to turn it into some kind of factory town. All your efforts and activities must be to embrace Life and Love as it connects you to your everyday life as it passes through this present moment.”

“Value strength more than riches. As the other beings of the earth squawk and quarrel like a murder of crows over a carcass, observe their ways dispassionately so as to learn how to do without them as much as possible.”

“Do not take sides on the disputes of others except when absolutely necessary.” 

“Go to them to do any business. Do not do any business with them on your land, that which is also our land. Let your mystery be part of your legend.”

”If the White Man knows where you live, first, he will try to trick you out of it, but if he thinks he has to, he will offer to pay you for it as long as he believes he is giving you less than it is worth, and if all else fails, he will try to take it from you, even if he has to kill you to do it.”

“Be extremely cautious about allowing anyone else into the colony, and always make it a tribal council decision.”

“If, for instance, you have hit your maximum capacity to make the Blue Agave Moon, and the demand becomes so great, that you consider expanding your operation, possibly to the detriment…any detriment…to the Colony. What do you do?”

“If given the opportunity to work less to make more money by not expanding your operation, but simply raising the price, there need be no discussion on that issue, for instance…I don’t think that I need to explain why…correct?”

(One can only consider this to be a comic feint, since our speaker is already One Mind with each of the audience’s members.) 

“The new shellfish beds that Elliott’s son, Alex has started need to rotate part of your surplus back into the wild, and after careful isolation, occasionally bring in a few ‘wild’ outsiders to widen your gene pool.”

“Farming, rather than simply hunting the alligator is more like ranching. Animals just like people should never be overcrowded, but if a healthy, captive animal is harvested, you know what it has eaten, as well as its health history.”

“The wild hogs are an interesting case. They are not indigenous to this area, and have done much harm everywhere that they go. Even before the end of the game laws by virtue of the end of the the White Man’s culture, there were no bag limits; because of their overpopulation they had become a scourge.”

“If you capture enough live ferrel stock, you can improve the breed with selective breeding and improved health and nutrition.”

“This gives you an opportunity to transition from being exclusively hunter-gatherers to farmers and ranchers. as a result, unnecessary travel is minimized, which enhances your privacy.”   

“The Indian has never needed hunting or fishing laws, but in the case of the pigs, you could hunt them relentlessly, and it would only improve the ways of Nature in balance here, and feed many people in the process.”

”This is the opposite of what the White Man did to the Buffalo. He believed if he could exterminate the Buffalo, it would be easier to exterminate the Red Man.”

”He had no interest in eating them, because they made more money by selling the hides  and leaving the flesh to rot in huge piles everywhere you looked.”

“The White Man loves the pig.  Sell or barter only fresh, fully butchered healthy hogs whenever practical, and appropriate to your supply and demand, but the surplus as well as the offal can be dried, smoked, cured, brined or pickled, which will extend their usable or marketable lifetime.”  

“Potentially much of their diet will come from scraps and lesser cuts of meat and vegetables not used by the tribe, as well as the garbage that you are already sorting, composting, or recycling. Do not feed them the flesh of other swine! EVER!  Same goes for humans, no exceptions.…hahaha!…it’s just not good for the pigs, and you don’t want them to acquire a taste for us.“

“There is great opportunity with swine, but although you may feed them things that you would never want to eat, keep in mind, if you intend, even only occasionally to eat this pork yourself, feed them accordingly.”

“The land here is not really suitable for commercial cattle farming beyond a few cows to support the Colony, and you have successfully substituted venison for beef, and fish, shellfish, poultry, and pork more than sustain all your members needs and tastes.”

“Perhaps you can imagine our humor in watching you reclaim our native land, consecrate and refine it lovingly, yet make enough money that you don’t really need in the first place to make it possible to continue to live in a space-age Indian village of your own choosing, all the while, selling him the two things that are the worst for him, namely pork and alcohol, much as we did to him with tobacco.”

“He seems increasingly incapable of any form of self-regulation…especially with the Blue Agave Moon…even though it really is supposed to soothe the hearts and souls of those who have lost a loved one, it cannot give you happiness, but because the White Man does not understand this, he will always want more of it”  

“The White Man cannot be happy because he does not know what he wants, so he wants everything he sees.”

”If he cannot be happy with whatever he has at that moment, his health, the wind, the sky, the sun, the earth beneath his feet, the waters that run through it, the moon above his head, a soft breeze, the rains that come to make the grass grow, a kiss from a lover, a smile from a stranger, and every opportunity to express Compassion, Gratitude and Lovingkindness…he will never be happy.”

“Whether it be solitude or the love of family, we are connected to everything else; we are all connected to each other and our actions, but the White Man  does not understand this and it is why he is able to be so greedy and cruel, not just to other humans, and animals, but our Mother Earth and Sister Sky, the waters from which all life springs…the stars from which we came, long before this time, because he cuts himself loose from everything, endlessly whining about his own sorrow as he hurts, steals, kills and pollutes everything.”

”He is like a man looking at his own reflection, without being able to see himself.”

“He believes that he is supposed to fear his jealous, angry, wrathful, vengeful God, who will damn him to the eternal fires of hell if he does not slavishly fear and worship him; who tells him that every pleasure is Sin, and the age of miracles is over…how can this be? Do you not witness the miraculous every day, everywhere you look?”

“Yet, if at the last moment he repents any and every horror imaginable committed to everyone around him, that he is forgiven, but a three-day-old baby, who is presumed to be born with the original sin of his parents dies before it is baptized will also be given the same eternal damnation as any pagan or heathen, like myself.”

“He thinks his God is invisible, and separate from everything. He believes that only Man has only one soul and only one chance to live a life that will gain him entrance into his Heaven, but after he dies, his soul is forced to exist in a dark place between all worlds until his Judgement Day.”

“For those who know that they are still alive, every day is judgement day.”

“if he was not so dangerous, it would be easy to pity him, to feel sympathy for his sad, pathetic condition, but they are so numerous, and they spread like viruses everywhere they go, choking the land, the water, and the sky until you cannot see the sun from the bottoms of the canyons they build to Commerce unless it is high noon.”

“Such a man cannot find happiness because if he does not know what is truly valuable and important, he will want everything he sees, yet it will never be enough.”

“What they did to each other was inevitable. Muslim, Asian, and Eastern European cultures so driven by hatred, conspired to use The Armageddon Computer Virus, to pollute the internet to take away the Whites’ imaginary riches, which was ‘virtual’ money, or something others called ‘Fugazi,’ because most of it did not exist as real, tangible money, but a representation of his wealth, as well as his credit, even going so far as to invent something called Bitcoin and other names for his imaginary money.” 

“They valued riches above all else, and eventually The Armageddon Computer Virus took all of their imaginary money from them, resulting in a total collapse of their society and culture, because without money, the White Man does not know how to live, let alone why.”

“Such a a man is more dangerous than any beast in this, or any other worlds, because he knows nothing. He believes that he must possess and dominate everything, respects nothing, fears everything, and behaves as if he believes he has nothing to loose or any consequences of his actions.”

“A man who believes that he has nothing to lose is difficult to hurt, even if only to teach him, because he lacks the wisdom of a child that learns not to stick its hand into the fire.”

“This tribe that you have formed is the Tribe of All Men, All Women; The Tribe of the Human Beings.”

”If you should recognize a Lost Soul while traveling in the other worlds, you will know it in your heart; trust yourself to treat them as family, but protect your privacy at all times.”

“Your reputation means that you are not protected by anonymity, but your reputation is further enhanced by mystery. Learn to backtrack, and always evade them, even if you must wait for them to turn back, rather than to bushwhack or ambush them unless absolutely necessary.”

“Maintain scouts and outposts to prevent their intrusion.”

“This is your new Holy Land.”

“Osiyo. Hau kola. Ya at eeh. Nizhoni.. Halito. Buzhu. Wingapo. Kwe-Kwe.     Miakuye Oyasin. Aho. Many words, one meaning.”





Chazz Vincent

copyright  © 02/08/21

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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