Chapter 71

“(This land, which once was ours, is now called your land, having paid much money to a long line of Europeans who stole it from us.)”

“(Since that time, you have honored and preserved it, and treated it as a holy, living thing)”

“(Our time has passed, and for now, the time of the Europeans and whites have passed, but only for a while, because their rapacious greed is insatiable and their numbers multitude. They are like the smallpox they brought with them from Europe, and they will be back to haunt us again.)”

“(To be able to  keep them at bay will take much cunning, strength, and sadly, money, which controls their every waking thought and action. We could not anticipate their ruthless greed, or lack of honor, and it was our undoing, but having been raised among them, you may be able to outdo them at their own game, without being corrupted by it, much like Ohiyesa known among the Whites as Charles Alexander Eastman. This will not be easy. Wealth, possessions, riches, and luxury are hypnotic, seductive, and more addicting than your opium.)”

“(You hunt, raise, or gather almost everything that your require, but because your ways and needs are different and because at least for awhile, their is no money; no gold, no silver, you barter and trade fair value with those who have what you need and want what you have, or else you barter something that you have for something they need for something you can trade with others who possess what you want..)”

“(This is good, but already there are wealthy factory owners who are re-establishing their own currency, which they print, as in colonial times to pay people who are willing to sell a day of their lives to them, and as always, their is much trickery and thievery among these men of no honor.)”

“(Within the Colony, there is no need for money. Everyone shares what is needed by virtue of what you all possess, and there is no poverty among you. Your tribe has become your family.)”

“(This is what your whites would call Communism in order to disguise their greedy nature and ways.)”

“(In the same way that each of you provides something essential for the benefit of the greater good, the need for money or any accumulation of material wealth is superfluous, but if you should require something from the outsiders that you cannot trade or barter, you will need some form of currency, be it even the ‘currency of the realm’ as in colonial times, especially if you are to keep them at bay, but better if they do not now where you live at all.)”

“(It may be money for guns, lawyers, or bribery, which is the basis of much of what  your people called Commerce.)”

“(This land, your land, our land, both savannas and the Sea of Grass, your country is too inhospitable for most Whites and will not grow the crops they desire; the meat, the fish and the alcohol that you produce, but could not produce themselves because it is not easy, and therein lies your strength.)”

“(There will always be white moonshiners to produce the common whiskies made from grains which do not grow well in these climates, but you have learned to cultivate and harvest the Agave to produce Tequila, Mezcal, Pechuga, and Raicila in the traditional ways. These are sacred, holy plants nurtured by the gods to soothe the souls of those who have lost loved ones, but it will not make them happy because they do not know how to be happy and because of this they will always want more than what is good for them; you call this Karma. Now your tribe can do to the whites what they did to us.)”

“(We gave them friendship and tobacco, which had been a holy sacrament, but because they do not know moderation, they have killed millions of themselves with their pre-rolled cigarettes.)”

“(We welcomed them, and they even stole the ground upon which we grew it, then ran us into concentration camps they called reservations, killed the buffalo, and gave us whiskey, smallpox, and syphilis in return. Their every action was aimed toward our extinction. Guard the secrecy of your location as if your lives depended upon it, which it will.)”

“(Do not hesitate to spend your money on security, guns, ammunition, radios, and outpost perimeters, as well as bribery, but trust no one and accept no paper contracts.)”

“(The arrival of the white man marked the inevitable demise of the Indian, but sooner or later, but was also inevitable that their treachery and greed, and hatred of nature would bring their own doom. Ironically, it wasn’t until they turned their computers against each other that pandemics, global pollution and warming in danger of causing catastrophic fires, freezes, and famine were narrowly averted as you drowned in your own waste.)”

“(Find value where the white man cannot, so that he should not be so tempted to steal it from you.)”

“(First, teach your children according to the ways of Nature, the Indian Way. We are many peoples of one mind, one spirit Let the Great Mystery guide you. Do not doubt your heart. You already know. Trying to explain the Great Mystery with words is like trying to hit the moon with a stick, but in silence, you may find the Peace and wisdom to lift the refection of the moon from the surface of a still pond.)”

“(It is necessary to also teach the ways of the White Man, but not until their grasp of Nature is strong enough to repel its addictions, or make them soft, or lazy, or confused. A little hardship is good to strengthen them. Too much excess or indulgence breeds weakness and complacency. Stay a little hungry whenever possible. Do not eat just because it is time,)”

“(When you are tired, sleep, when you are hungry, eat; when you are thirsty, drink. There is much wisdom in simplicity; in simplicity there s much wisdom.)”

“(The White Man loves the Pig because he is so much like him, and eats, shits and sleeps in the same places, which is everywhere he goes. If he continues to spoil and destroy Nature, one day he will wake up drowning in his own waste.)”

“(Treat the animals that you hunt, raise, and harvest as you would for all living things. Death comes to all of us, according to our time, Man and Beast alike. In the natural ways, we all know our purpose. When you hunt, or even in gathering plants and vegetables, give thanks to them, and to the Great Mystery, as they give their lives in order to sustain yours.)”

“(If you must kill an enemy in battle, do not act out of retaliation or anger, except in combat, which you must avoid at all costs. Gandhi said ‘ …An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind…’ but forgot that if you are the last one, with only one eye left, with no one with whom to share your visions, the pain of life, and of remembering would be too much to endure alone.)”

“(The accumulation of wealth will leave you possessed by your own possessions. No tribe, no people can be considered wealthy as long as any among them is cold, or hungry, or thirsty, or alone.)

“(Giving and sharing are the only roads to real riches. Nothing is better to strengthen and heal your heart, and your spirit.)”

“(Some of you have heard these insights and images before. The Great Mystery, is One throughout the same Universe. Buddhist ears are touched by the lips of the same Great Spirit. One Mind, one Heart; one mind, no mind; mind like clear waters of a virgin mountain spring.)”

“(The Indian speaks in poetic terms, and other Indians understand. The Europeans need exact words written on paper, yet they argue endlessly over their meanings, which appear to be written in sand, like their promises.)”

“(Do not be afraid of using the name ‘Indian’ when speaking of the aboriginal and natives peoples of this continent, which we called ‘Turtle Island.’ The names like “Mohawk,’ ‘Cherokee,’ ‘Blackfoot,’ ‘Crow,’ ‘Iroquois,’ ‘’Powhatan,’ ‘Sioux,’ ‘ Nez Perce,’ ‘Delaware,’ ‘Paiute,’ and all the others are more like your Christian surnames.)”

“(There were many names, many customs, many tribes, but there was only us. We all knew who we were and we ranged from the rising to the setting sun and all country between the two great waters.)”

“(It was not until the arrival of the White Europeans that they needed one name to call all of us. The Oglala Sioux used their word for ‘Human Being.’ One name is as good as another if you must paint us all with the same brush.)”

“(We called this land ‘The Great Island, Turtle Island’ you named it ‘America’ after you stole it from us. In many ways, ‘America’  is more egregious than ‘Indian.’ )”

“(This convergence of the planets to produce a ‘Blue Moon,’ a Blood Moon,’ and what your Celts called ‘Samhain,’ or Halloween, which is the time of the harvest, before the Dark Season, when the veil between the living and the dead is most easily pierced is our chance to provide you with the wisdom and vision capable of redeeming humankind.)”

“(Likewise, the convergence of Jedidiah, Amy, Rebecca, Leigh-Anne, Elliott, and Chianna is no accident. We knew of its inevitable occurrence before your brand-parents’ grand-parents were born.)”

“(This is why Mordecai was born to Rebecca to guide you and why April was reborn as Betty, the shape-shifting Amazon Giant Macaw called ‘Boop-Oopa-Doop’ who also changes to to Betty Boop her alter-ego while on earth.)”

“(She squandered her undying love for Elliott, who was too full of himself to return it in like kind, much as did Amy, although with less sorrowful results.)”

“Leigh-Anne, being more sensible and practical, saw through Elliott’s narcissism, but never stopped loving him, even though it would have been easier to hate him. She is the only real Christian among you, and one of the few Christians worth knowing or trusting.)”

“(Elliott and Jedidiah are ‘Life and Death’ brothers who even once, while very high on cocaine and mushrooms became ‘Blood Brothers’ to form a sacred pact, yet fell away from each other because Jedidiah’s  wife forbade them to continue their friendship, and Elliott, in a rare moment of selflessness, disappeared from Jed’s life to try to eliminate the conflict)”

“(Nevertheless, neither of them would be off the hook quite so easily)”

“(Do not ask if you will succeed, or what will become of these convergences. A prediction of  guaranteed success would bring complacency. You must always act as if your every waking moment is precious and your life balances on the razor’s edge, but don’t be afraid to dance upon that high, thin edge.)”

“(True freedom only exists on the farthest margins of the untamed frontier, but it was never meant to be tamed.)”



Chazz Vincent

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.

copyright  ©  March 6th, 2021  


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