How would I Know it’s You?

By the time that I graduated college, I thought that I knew how to write, but then realized that I didn’t really know what to write.

So I went out into the world to experience Life. 

Given my proclivities for most of the things that interested me, I often found myself balls-deep trying to evade incarceration, physical harm, or emotional collapse.

I didn’t get much writing done, but somehow I knew that it would be good material for some sort of chronicle. This eventually led me to embrace what I came to call ‘enhanced and fortified non-fiction’ because without a certain degree of redaction and obfuscation, I could stand a real chance of prosecution, litigation, and embarrassment of any number of colleagues, as well as myself.

And to be perfectly honest, many of the events did not end well.

Eventually, I realized that I could string together any number of these real-life experiences without much concern for reality as much as re-invention of random events and characters by recycling and re-purposing my past.

Three novels (and six marriages) later, I find myself finally actually attempting to publish my works.

Publishing and self-promotion, I am finding, is much more difficult than writing.

One of the first things that I learned was that I needed to ‘identify my target audience’…hmmm. (I wish that someone had told me that a couple of decades ago).

As much as it makes perfect sense, most of my works are essentially reflexive, or a reaction to where I seemed to find myself each time that I sat before my word processor, or pile of paper, etc.

Which means that now, I have to decide, (or identify) just what sort of person would be inclined to want to read this first novel.

How do I learn to recognize that It’s you?



Chazz Vincent


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