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The last few years have demanded a great deal of introspection of myself, as well as assessment by my mental healthcare professionals, to wit:

A therapist of mine asked me awhile ago if I had ever experienced any delusions or episodes of delusional behavior, partly because a previous therapist had described my conversations as ‘grandiose’ and ‘rambling.’

I thought for a moment, and said “Well that depends…”

“What do you mean, ‘that depends’?” he asked. “Have you ever thought that you were Jesus, or that you could fly, or maybe had other supernatural powers?”

“No, but to tell the truth, it has occurred to me that no matter what you believe, as long as you can find enough people to support your dreams, and never have to face that you are wrong, it’s not a delusion anymore, either for you, or them.” 



Chazz Vincent

There is no Growth without Pain

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For years, I was an analog technician in a digital world. I was introduced to technology before anything was digital…even watches. I loved technology on principle, but then…

Multi-function buttons?…wtf?

I did not seem to be able to navigate any app because its operations seemed counter-intuitive, so I got lost, confused, frustrated, and alienated.

My previous phones were just phones, at least until I started using the calendar to keep my appointments in order. The idea of accessing the internet with my cell phone seemed superfluous. My only computer was a desktop. Of course, the ‘Contacts’ feature made my little black book obsolete.

Then came weather radar. This was a must for me, living in Florida.

Next came the barcode reader. Wow. …and a calculator. All from my phone?

An app that measures anything, including angles. And an app called the ‘Toolbox’ that was full of cool stuff. I loved technology: I could feel myself being drawn in to a new world.

Then I bought an Apple watch, (because my old watch had died). It only told the time…how arcane! The face of the new watch not only shows the time, date, and day of the week, but it also shows wind direction and speed, the temperature, and compass heading

Now I can drive anywhere using the ‘maps’ app on my phone (she even speaks directions so that I don’t have to look), listen to over eleven hundred songs stored on the phone, which controls my stereo, which are identified and controlled from the watch, and I can even speak directly with anyone else who has the ‘walkie-talkie’ function.

It took some work, but I’m sold… Excuse me, but I just got a notification about someone who just read one of my blog posts….

PS: If you think that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, maybe you just need a better bone.



Chazz Vincent



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…Is not the everlasting kiss of true love.

Even Love isn’t.

Nothing is guaranteed. Accept it.

When Love comes, enjoy it in the moment…it isn’t an ice-cream cone that never melts. When it goes, accept it. 

Cut flowers are a reminder of the fleeting nature of youth and beauty.

After a few moments, even an orgasm begins to resemble a seizure.

Better to enjoy the moments of happiness while they last than to get caught up in begrudging all the times that they didn’t live up to your expectations. 

For every epiphany. there is another to follow it in due time.



Chazz Vincent

Agave Moon: Chapter 67

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The onset of the Knowledge can vary rather widely, insofar as depending upon what initially has your attention, or your prevalent mood, or state of mind.

Merlin, the chemist who isolated the Knowledge once likened it to finding yourself contemplating the Gestalt of a subject that you never even knew existed an hour ago.

Distortions of Time and Space, visual or auditory changes in perception, a greatly enhanced sense of smell, epiphanies, insights, and revelations, may precede the realization that ‘you’re not in Kansas anymore’ and the fact that you not only can remember any experience that you’ve ever had, but also that it seems as if all that data and information has been organized and cross-referenced perfectly without any concerted effort, and it seems like the most natural thing in the world.

But the most remarkable effect is the way in which your instincts do not need to be analyzed or rationalized within some sort of mental process because these are the instincts that allowed Humanity to survive before Reason became the end-all and be-all or ‘raison d’etre.’

Imagination is so enhanced that your ability to visualize and  analyze, or even predict complex sequences and relationships between them is nothing short of amazing, as is the Insight to correlate Feelings, that which previously had seemed occult, and highly advanced cognitive functions into a natural order.

Telepathy both active and passive, develops according to the acquisition of common frames of reference and shared instincts and experiences.

Active telepathy represents one’s abilities to project or speak thoughts, words, images and ideas to another. 

Passive telepathy is the ability to read the thoughts and intentions of others.

Prediction of events as a result of these abilities becomes almost effortless and intuitive.

Visualizations can be regarded as a function of imagination as well as suggestibility, and as a result, are frequently concurrent with that of the other members of the group, although individual interpretations may result in subtle variations.

Connection, humanity, unity with all living beings, lovingkindness, gratitude, and present-moment consciousness are frequently reported states of mind.

 A generalized euphoria is a predictable result of such empowering experiences.

Oddly enough, although Quantum Theory, General and Special Relativity, and Wiccan practices are not generally discussed in the same breath, Science and Sorcery seem natural bedfellows under the influence of the Knowledge.

Impermanence, Illusion, and Zen seem to blend seamlessly thanks to the Knowledge.

One of the most striking aspects of imagination as experienced under the influence of the Knowledge is that the visualizations are not what would normally fall under the heading of hallucinations, because of the ability to pierce the veil, to cross the abyss, where communication with disembodied spirits is possible, and simultaneously experienced by the other members of the group. 

Also, certain enhancements of visual stimuli are a result of conceptualization of real data, like galvanic skin response. To label this as a hallucination is a bit arbitrary, since galvanic skin response is used, for instance, in lie detector evaluations, so it is a real, tangible, phenomenon.

Auras are another example. Whether it be considered scientific or not, there is a field pf study involving Kirlian Photography that purports to be able to photograph what is referred to as your aura, but most people do not claim to be able to see it. Some people do, however.

Whether there is good statistical or even anecdotal data to support the premise that one’s aura is related to your state of mind, or intentions or inclinations remains to be seen, if you will pardon the pun.

The Knowledge is purported to possess hyper-sensory qualities regarding hearing, as well as smell.

Instincts, or intuitive knowledge has been down-played by modern, rational, scientific man. And yet, dolphins are capable of producing and processing echo location data more sophisticated than anything manufactured anywhere, and it at least appears that it is done effortlessly, without conscious thought processes, hence, instinctively. 

Dogs know what is North. Turtles know where the closest body of water is, and what direction to go to reach it. Migrations. Spawning. Instinct.

It may well be that the next quantum leap in the evolution of Humanity will be when we re-discover our Instincts.




Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©   01/17/2021

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: One Nation Verboten (A Nation of Pricks)

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This was originally published ~ 5years ago; with minor changes, due to some unforeseen events, it is identical.

(I hope this will act as a way to introduce the synopsis and get us back up to speed)


“As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

(H. L. Mencken, writing for the Baltimore Evening Sun on 26 July 1920)

Although this quote was written many years before, it was not until the election of George W. Bush to the presidency that it seemed that indeed, the ‘chickens had finally come home to roost’ and Mencken’s prophesy had in fact been fulfilled,

This was followed shortly thereafter by a change in the economy from the first (inherited) budget surplus in almost one hundred years into a seventeen trillion dollar deficit, and the near-collapse of the American, and eventually, World Economies whose bailout was carried on the backs of the working Middle-Class to protect the privileges of those whose short-sighted greed and excess had caused it.

(It would have been far cheaper and more logical after all, to put the bankers and the legislators who abetted them in jail, buy the houses from the banks at cost, rather than at their added ballon-payment interest rates, and let the people pay back the same government that would have saved the bankers, rather than their homes, for instance.)

But of course, the nationalization of that much real estate to do something effective to aid our own people and save the economy without regard to the protection of a corrupt group of privileged insiders would undoubtedly end up being labeled as ‘Socialist’ and we have already been conditioned to hate even a little potential Communism far more than an endless amount of Corruption.

But it wasn’t until the election of 2016 that perhaps the most sinister aspect of that predication, which had somehow gone unnoticed, became glaringly apparent, although it is in the first, not the last sentence that our doom was prophesied.

“…As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people…”

It took the mind of an only marginally intelligent or sane home-grown political strategist who had built his fortunes upon treachery, lies, smoke and mirrors, emotional drama, blackmail, dis-information, denial and fraud, being totally without any scruples, and little substance to mange to become a culture-hero able to align and rally paranoid, anti-intellectual religious simpletons, racists, jingoistic xenophobes, misogynists and most businessmen into one unified voting body politic in order to get himself elected to the presidency of a country so full of angry, fearful, superstitious and mean-spirited pricks that his victory was guaranteed long before the first ballot was cast.

And “the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last….”

(Even if only by being at best considered by too many who saw him as ‘the lesser of two (d)evils.’)

Given the choice between even a nominally intellectual or educated usurper of the will of the people, with her own history of fraud, lies and deceptions who at least preached tolerance and understanding, and a clearly unbalanced billionaire and emotionally retarded snake-oil salesman: (during the first election)

…Always bet on large groups of stupid people to do the bidding of the sort of cynical crook who will convince them of things he himself does not believe, but thinks they are ignorant enough to accept.

…Always bet on those charlatans to channel the hatred, fear, and resentments of those so enslaved by their own beliefs that they profess to even love their collars and chains; who will do no end of evil at his bidding and surrender the very rights they profess to love, to protect what they are allowed to call their freedom.

…To never underestimate the potential for the tyranny of evil men to prevail.

(After all, many, if not most of the entire animal kingdom will go so far as to kill or even eat each other under the right circumstances allowed by their respective tribe or pack, much like what humans call ‘Justifiable Homicide.’)

Animals however, rarely kill anything they don’t eat, (except for the males, whenever mating rights or territory are involved), often do not eat their own species and they don’t have to hate their dinner in order to kill or eat it.

It should not have surprised the Liberal/Intellectual Left-Behinds that no matter how blatantly false or illogical the pronouncements and actions of this Mussolini-esque harlequin, no matter how loud their protests or indignations (as well as those of the rest of the world), nothing changed amongst his supporters, who managed to keep him in a semblance of power, even after being defeated by over seven million votes, yet seemed as ubiquitous as Christ on the Cross, Mickey Mouse, and Coca-Cola.

He still controlled the Republican Party.

A (dubiously self-proclaimed) billionaire, who inherited his father’s fortunes, lied about his taxes, his net and gross worth, lost (his investors) money and defrauded the general public anytime he could get away with it, fit the classic paradigm of a spoiled (allegedly adult) child, whose tantrums and vindictive retaliations became almost as legendary as his nearly half-billion-dollar indebtedness, or his cruelty.

His vulgar displays of abuse of power, his blatant racism, jingoism and xenophobia were the very things that endeared him to over 40 per-cent of the American population…a nation of  mean-spirited pricks.

…And their anger, hatred and fear was as vast and unlimited as the Pacific.

NOW COMES THE PROPHESIES…(After the second election):

Regardless, no mater which candidate you supported, you were convinced that somewhere between forty-three and sixty percent of the rest of the population was completely bat-shit crazy; from superstitious conspiracy-theory zealots to shaming, finger-wagging elitist liberals.

Then, suddenly, eighteen months after his defeat, in the middle of what promised to be the mother of all last stands of liberal opposition, determined to prevent his re-election in 2024, in the midst of what would prove to be the Era of Pandemics, within three days time, first the five Federal Reserve Banks were destroyed and rendered radioactive by terrorists for almost purely psychological purposes, and then The Armageddon Computer Virus drained the world banking systems of all of their collective assets, and finally rendered the entire Internet, as well as any and all computers connected to it useless.

Much like Stuxnet, it contained many interlocking Zero-Day vulnerabilities and Doomsday self-destruct sequences targeting not only the computers themselves, but also any equipment connected to or controlled by it.

In a world devoid of either computers, Faith, or Money, the infrastructure of the Western world collapsed in less than a week, with no police or troops to control the riots or looting, and no firemen to put out the flames or paramedics to take anyone to the failed hospital systems.

No public safety, public or private schools, electricity, clean running water, solid waste treatment plants, mass transit, grocery stores, or mass media, but plenty of mass hysteria.

No Social Security. No unemployment compensation or disability checks. 

No public dole of any kind.

Of course, it was only a matter of time before the natural ascendancy of self-determination, ruthless pragmatism, life-sustaining skill-sets, and as always, blind luck and questionable circumstances would produce the leaders, movers and shakers, producers and reapers of the boundless opportunities created by way of mass economic re-distribution, but it would be an agonizingly long time at best.

And maybe…just maybe for the first time since the beginnings of recorded history, it would not be determined by wealth, position, social status or privilege, inherited aristocracies or fortunes, sex, race, religious, or ethnic affiliation…at least not at first.

(Keep in mind, it’s not so much that human nature was changed all that much, but it would of course, take time to establish who’s gang was the most powerful; even if only for the fleetest blink of a second, that field was leveled long enough to provide a window of opportunity for the truly smartest and the fittest to not only survive, but flourish and thrive….)

This is the type of self-determinism that would have given Robert Heinlein an erection (were he still alive) while he tried to use ‘the present state of affairs’ to explain to the ghost of Ayn Rand the paucities of Objectivism, now that Reverse Evolution had been stopped dead in its tracks.

In the blink of an eye, the perspectives of nearly every living human on the planet changed, although generally in proportion to just how much privilege they had lost.

Americans, the most pampered and spoiled of all, went from whining about pay raises, real or imagined sarcasms, their feelings of low self-esteem, their endless blame-shifting and refusal to accept responsibility for their own present circumstances,  feeling unappreciated or undervalued, or the insensitive remarks of anyone in general, to being genuinely thankful for not being killed, raped, and/or eaten, let alone worrying from where their next meal was to come.

They had taken so much for granted for so long that they forgot:

> how good it is just to not be a part of the food chain, or what it takes to be a real top predator.

> what it’s like to be totally dependent upon and responsible for their own thoughts and actions to determine the length and quality of their lives.

> that nothing is either forgiven or forgotten, much less guaranteed.

> that you do not require forgiveness for Sins invented and created in someone else’s image.

> that only your family, clan, or tribe will be there to pick you up and help you get back on your feet when you fall…if you are lucky.

> …the rest will only be there to pick your pockets and bones.

> that every day is Judgement Day.

> that no amount of money will replace the memory of your everyday lives as your family grew up and you grew old, or the fact that you learned to value it too late.

> what they gave up when they traded their lives for money, and their Instincts for Reason.

> that they don’t have to ask permission, apologize, or face denial of their rights of freedom and movement to pursue their desires.

Yes, undoubtedly, most people in very poor health would not suffer for very long, with no money to be made by keeping them alive like vegetables on a farm, or by planting them elsewhere for longer periods in smaller, far more expensive patches of real estate with only lawn maintenance to be factored.

Yes, it was also found to be true that many of the diseases and maladies of their artificially increased lifespans were induced by a lack of exercise, bloodless violence, stress, and thankless pursuits of objectives completely removed from their own activities of daily living, perhaps even giving credence to long-debunked myths about how your conscience somehow punished you for your own wrongdoing and its associated, accumulated guilt.

They learned that by eating or drinking too much to try to subvert appetites for other more natural, and life-affirming pursuits, one induces or at least encourages Type II diabetes, liver and kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and hypertension.

…that ‘Only in America’ could a ‘Couch Potato’, let alone a six-hundred pound human incapable of feeding itself exist at all.

…or that no medication can cure the depression caused by the paralyzing realization of the falseness, emptiness, and futility of anyone’s life unless they take arms against the profound paucity of truth, amongst a sea of tormentors and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes bred by false desires, ignorance, addictions, and suffering.

And finally, most, if not almost all of the money they became convinced they needed to buy possessions to fill holes in their spirits as big as Existentialism itself was as unnecessary as the imaginary false Hierarchy of the (New) Human Needs by which they had been hypnotized or the long-gone understanding or memory of Maslow’s originals.

They soon realized that lofty ideals alone would not protect anyone, because Enlightenment and Compassion can only stay the executioner’s hand when it is under the control of the victor.

First, one has to survive in order to live long enough to savor one’s existence. Sentience, Enlightenment and Compassion are acquired tastes.

A more accurate modern translation of René Descartes’ original hypothesis might have instead been “I think, therefore I desire that which I do not need, and cannot afford, thereby I suffer in pain, and fear, and therefore I am.”

“God (sic) protect me from all the Good People…especially your followers.” (unk. origin). The depth of their self-righteous hatred, fear and evil knows no bounds.

So much for ‘…the inner soul of the people…’

Be careful what you wish for.




Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©   March 6th, 2021

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Blue Agave Moon

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Finally finished! Spent 21 days in a psych ward to finally get the time and space…(‘…by any and all necessary methods and means’).

I will be posting all additional chapters sequentially, hopefully today.*




Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.




Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©   March 6th, 2021

Chapter 62

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“Did I miss anything?” Rebel asked.

“Mordecai has been giving me some new perspectives about making the best use of not only the time, but the opportunities for the three of us to bond and build upon these great opportunities that await us.” Chianna was feeling very cheerful, but feared Rebel might have been eavesdropping.

“We’ve got a lot to do…and three of the strongest, smartest bitches there are to do it.” Rebel was very confident in many ways, when she knew that she was operating from a position of power.

Her true realization of her strengths came when she learned that she didn’t have to use sex for power, because her imagination, ingenuity and creative talents that had been stifled for so long as a child had really blossomed, first, when she left “the Business” and later, when she and Aimée bonded.

Aimée was usually the smartest person in the room, but much of her strength came from not doing too much to convince anyone else of it…or even to go so far as to disguise it, usually until after it was too late to change the dynamics of the deal.

It meant so much to Rebel that Aimée respected her the way that she did. Their personalities and strengths reinforced each other, and it definitely was mutual; so Amy’s admiration of Rebel did just that much more to increase her self-confidence.

As a team, they could be hypnotic, or even devastating.

“And I want you to know that I’m really looking forward to it…not that I wouldn’t have liked to go on the road with Jed, but this is so much more than just business, because we are becoming family…and I need to apologize for getting such a case of tunnel vision….” Chianna confessed.

“Look, honey…Jed’s quite a piece of eye-candy…come to think of it, quite a piece of ass too. Not that Elliott hasn’t got his own charms, but the same thing every night can get boring…we don’t want to take anything that’s yours…that isn’t given freely, but we all need to know how to share. And we want you to know that you have nothing to fear from Aimée and me.”

“I want so much to believe that…I need to…it’s just such a big change…I admit that I wasn’t ready at first…no time to process it all. We all know that Elliott never got over Aimée, but I never stopped to think that maybe it was mutual…I was terrified about having to compete with a ghost that was suddenly resurrected from his dead past.”

“Well, something that may ease your mind a bit…as far as her ‘lost love,’ I don’t want to speak out of turn, but I know Aimée very well, and although he’s a great friend, yeah and a great lover as well…I think she’s ‘getting over’ the obsession over him. She will always love him, and the friendship is indelible…unless another man comes into Amy’s life, which is a whole lot more likely now if the spell is broken…will Elliott be able to accept it?”

“…Especially if you get all goo-goo over Jed, and Elliott feels left out…and left behind while we are all on the road and he has to stay home to brew Agave Moon and keep the household…alone.” Rebel touched Chianna’s arm as she gazed into her eyes, looking upward, eyebrows raised. It was a knowing, and compassionate look.

“Shit! You really do think three steps ahead…not necessarily a prophecy, but certainly a strong possibility. I’m quite impressed…I’d think you’ve been scrying….” Chianna realized that she had underestimated and marginalized Rebel  from the start.  

“Well, now that you mention it, that’s another thing for you and I to work on  together. I’m not into covens, but being a solitary practicing witch really gets lonely, to say nothing of the lack of inspiration from others,” Rebel added.

Chianna had been a bit guarded about broaching the subject with Rebel, who could be very intimidating without trying, and was grateful that they shared  that kind of connection. “Me too…I know exactly what you mean…it’s hard to know who to trust these days.”

“I’m looking forward to it myself.” Rebel smiled, and winked. “…with just us girls.”

“Blessings Be” Chianna replied.

“Merry Met” Rebel answered, according to the ancient greetings of the sisters of the moon.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

“Sayonara Tsukimono Suji No Kimi”… さようなら私の最愛の白い魔女 (Goodbye my beloved white witch)

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Unclaimed Baggage



As the object of my affection,

You taught me the meaning

of loneliness

in ways I could never have

learned alone.



Like unclaimed baggage

in an airport carousel

endlessly going in circles

to nowhere in particular,

without validation or


my final destination


I await the hand that

never comes to claim me,

until only I remain.



For all the years

that I‘ve carried your burdens

while hoping you’d recover,

believing that only in completing you

could I ever be complete myself,

you now mistaken

the baggage for the burden.



“Who is dragging this corpse around?”

I scream.

“What have you done with my goddess again?”

I implore to the echoes

of the deafening silence…



“Sayonara Tsukimono Suji No Kimi”…


(Goodbye my beloved white witch)

whispers the wind in my ear.



As the echoes return

I find the answer.

“Fish swim with the tides

into and out of

the lagoon.”





Chazz Vincent




“Enlightenment is not the Eternal Kiss of True Love”



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Life springs ahead.

Too much meditation,

not enough Dharma Action.

Time to awaken from this Dream

of Death

to enter

The Lucid Dream




Chazz Vincent


Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



Friday the Thirteenth

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…so I wake up hearing a voice whispering “Oh shit! Here we go again…why can’t we just go back to sleep?”

“Indeed. In fact, why bother to wake up at all?” I found myself replying, albeit sarcastically.

(I suddenly realize that at this point, I am engaged in clever repartee with myself.)

And it was then that I realized that I was only dreaming.

Nevertheless, I found myself deeply disturbed that such notions were in my head at all.

Yes it was only a dream, but apparently, dark impulses must be generated from within, but why?

One year was enough…too much in fact…for either recuperation or morning. Life was slipping through my fingers…as if trying to cup my hands to catch my own blood.

I was suddenly overcome by anxiety, as I felt my chest tighten and I became short of breath, as if suffocating.

It was then that I realized that I was only dreaming.

So I went to my long forgotten mistress, my muse, the keyboard, with whom so much time had passed, so long ago.

Initially, she rebuffed my advances, shamed me, questioned my motives, and demanded to know my intentions; jealous and hurt, she nonetheless reluctantly consented to physical congress, although it was really her affections that I had missed the most.

Go figure.

The longer that I tried to express myself, the further down the rabbit hole I fell.

I fell so far that it felt like I was flying, and suddenly I was.

It was then that I realized that I had only been dreaming….

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
(Goodbye, Master of Despair)


Sukhino Bhava

Chazz Vincent
Friday, the 13th of March, 2020

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Photography, Creative Writing & Art by SAJIA AFRIN

Broken roads of Destiny

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou