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Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 45

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

(…but first, a slight aside)

Since the the beginning of Time, Majik was divided into either ‘White’ or ‘Black’; as a result, the common misconception was that Witchcraft was the same as Satanism.

The European origins go back to Celtic and Pagan sources (usually referred to as Wicca) that also did not worship Satan, but Christianity kept rearing its ugly head to attribute ‘Devil-Worship’ to anything not related to Christian practices.

Cultural differences account for whether it was called ‘Lukumi de Babalu Aye’ or ‘Yoruba Omo Orisha,’ or ‘Los Guerreros de Babalu,’ ‘Santeria,’ ’Voodoo’, or even ‘Hoodoo;’ it called upon spirits called ‘Orichas’ or ‘Loa’ to conjure power for either benevolent or malevolent purposes as practiced by African and Caribbean Peoples.

For this reason, it is necessary to specify and purify one’s intentions before starting down this path, although one is not specifically protected from the deceptions and trickery of what might be considered ‘Evil’ or ‘Demonic’ entities.

When one opens oneself up to outside energies there is a certain calculated risk of invasion by trickery and deception by those with evil intent. Some Occult practitioners utilize Sentries or Guardians to stand watch over them during the invocation ceremonies, or during astral travel, when they are most vulnerable,.

Unfortunately, many practitioners of ‘White Majik’ have had their power watered down by endless limitations of concepts of ‘Purity’ or otherwise benign and useless, fearful nonsense.

Real, tangible Power is rarely exhibited by practitioners of White Magic, who, much like American Democrats, live in a world where only the Republicans who have no scruples can actually seize Power by ‘any means necessary’, and close their ranks when one of them is challenged, while the Democrats bicker over minutia and endlessly turn upon each other, waiting for the Republicans to lose, like dogs awaiting the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables.

The ability to control and manipulate one’s environment according to Will and Desire is real Power.

Amy, Rebel, and Jed became familiar with an eclectic synthesis, or syncretized practices (not related to Satanism) that utilized these spirits and ‘Orishas’ to transcend the boundaries of the finite. The Living are limited in their powers, while those of the spirit realm lack physical bodies to accomplish common goals shared by both.

At The Home for Wayward Souls, (The source of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) these ‘Orisha’s’ were regarded like hobos jumping onto a moving train, except that once the hobos arrived, the train could fly. (Symbiosis, rather than Parasitism).

Amy, Rebecca, and Elliott picked up their robes and followed Elliott to his guest quarters on the right side of the trailer used for the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms. The master bedroom was located on the other side, where Chiana and Jed were discovering each other.

“Before Armageddon, we used to entertain quite a bit out here, but ever since the collapse of the world as we knew it, we haven’t had any guests visit us, and I can’t think of a more auspicious occasion than this” Elliott was proud of his compound, and this room was no exception.

In fact, this room occupied an entire storage container. It had windows cut into the sides, and the cut-out were hinged so as to function as shutters, if needed.

The interior was paneled in locally harvested cypress, the floors were oak.

The most notable feature was the California King bed in the very center of the room. By not placing the head against a wall, it allowed entry from any side (if you will pardon the pun).

This room had hosted many close encounters of the most personal kind, and if those walls could talk…well, that could fill at least one very intriguing novel itself.

Elliott had the foresight to turn on the air conditioner shortly before they arrived, because even if…their guests would still need accommodations.

“Well Doc, Amy set you up with some pretty high expectations about how we should start, but unless you’ve lost your touch, you should be ‘up’ for the challenge…you already know that I will do my best to ensure that she is happy.”

Elliott’s cock was so hard it hurt, and truth be told, it had been quite a while since there had been any real passion in his life.

With that, Rebel pushed Elliott backwards onto the bed and straddled his hips in a flash. Amy jumped next to Elliott’s head in a kneeling position, and began to excitedly whisper into his ear as Rebel began to very lightly brush her labia up and down along his cock.

“Now pay close attention to what happens next, Doc, because I’ve learned a thing or two since last we met, and the powers of the Moon are very strong tonight. It will be many years before we see a convergence of a Blood Moon, a Blue Moon, and Samhain on the same weekend.”

“Amy and I as well as Chiana, (once she gets her ya-ya’s back) are going to draw down the Moon and summons up the spirits of those not seen for many years now.”

Amy continued “We have the ability to gain immense power through providing our bodies to do their bidding, but be sure we are only vehicles to those seeking to empower Compassion, Love, Rapture, Illumination, Satsang, and Moksha.”

“Through Kundalini and Tantric, we can merge the Sephiroth with the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

“We act as lightning rods for energies that reinforce certain frequencies and resonate them by preparing ourselves as vessels to coalesce those energies compatible with our purpose.”

“As part of our preparation for those events we also do a lot of fucking in the process,” Rebel added.

“It revs your motor if you do it right. I know you remember discussing the use of Tantric to raise, rather than dissipate your vital life forces” Amy recalled.

“We’re gonna do a lot of both, by the way” Rebel interjected.

“So before I tip you right over the edge, I’m gonna let you use some of that fine, high-level chi that you’ve been building up inside you to help bring me up to the next level, so we can pass it back and forth as we charge each other up another notch each time.”

With that, Rebel walked on her knees up to Elliott’s face, being careful to keep just out of reach of his all-too-eager tongue, taunting him. “Not so fast, Darlin’…savor the moment…drink in the smell…I recall you got the nose of a hound-dog…used to call it ‘the bouquet of the human flower’. First time you called it that I liked to laugh my fuckin’ ass off…”

Elliott relaxed his neck and let his head fall back onto the bed as he inhaled deeply through his nostrils.

She was right, of course.

With each of Elliott’s inhalations, Rebel would breathe out, and writhe slightly just above his face. Both were exchanging the energy back and forth between them, building upon each other’s energy and desire.

She continued to grind and gyrate her hips provocatively before suddenly planting her snatch onto his face, moaning slightly and taunting him.

“Show me how much you missed me, Darlin’…give back just a little of what we’ve been giving you…pass it on.”

Rebel had always preferred a ‘Brazilian’ trim on her mons. Just a ‘landing strip’ of short, neatly trimmed hairs, and ‘smooth as a baby’s ass’ on everything south of her little patch.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy while Amy continued to give him verbal encouragement.

“OK, now sit up and get on your knees and sit back on your heels while Becca wraps her legs around your waist. Put your hands around her ass while she puts her hands around your neck.” Amy instructed.

She was referring to one of the primary positions of Tantric. It allows its practitioners to gradually increase the sexual excitement between them without reaching orgasm. The tension generated huge amounts of energy, and by communing in this way, as they passed the energy back and forth, eventually they would reach a spiritual and emotional orgasm of a magnitude unknown to anyone else.

Taoists practice this in a similar fashion, but believe that by refraining from the physical orgasm, they retained their vital essences and energies, and experienced a form of life extension as well as consciousness expansion.

They however, in their syncretized practices would most definitely not be withholding any orgasms of any kind, but in building and passing the stored energies, like human capacitors, would experience a massive, shuddering discharge of mind-altering proportions.

All in good time.
Chazz Vincent

Once in a Blue Agave Moon; ch. 35

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil


As the shadows began to lengthen, the sun no longer shone straight down into the center court. As the intensity of the light under the canopy of the hanging gardens began to lessen, it was quite obvious that everyone was beginning to really see the visual effects that Amy had so meticulously described earlier in the day.

But the visual effects were pale in comparison to the mental, psychological, and emotional products of this drug.

Complex relationships between empirical data and research, theories, philosophy, and every single anecdotal experience that you may have thought was long forgotten suddenly seemed to be interconnected in ways you could not possibly assimilate or anticipate in ten lifetimes.

That is because The Knowledge had a reputation for restoring long-buried engrams and their neurological connections in a way that had been described as ‘Re-booting your Table of Contents’.

In a computer, if the Table of Contents becomes corrupted it becomes virtually impossible to access the information stored there, rendering it useless.

Human brains, on the other hand, have an ability to interpolate and draw conclusions or cross-reference data (experience) in ways not commonly possible with most computers.

But it is somewhat random or haphazard insofar as the thinker may perceive a commonality between two seemingly unrelated subjects or experiences, or simple facts that would not have been identified as being related, but with the assistance of The Knowledge, everything becomes connected.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is based upon the concept that, for instance, by simply observing, or measuring a phenomenon, it becomes altered by the observer.

It is also further postulated that the observer may interject prejudgements or may be unable to discern the difference between allegedly causal relationships and mere synchronicity, i.e. “after this, therefore because of this” or in Latin “Sic hoc ergo propter hoc.”

And although in purely analytical and empirical terms, this is a distinct danger, it has the potential to also account for creativity and insight to which virtually all computers (at this time) are incapable.

Courtesy of The Knowledge, your ability to access everything and anything that you have either experienced or learned and connect the dots by inferring or assuming the commonality between seemingly unrelated data represents a quantum leap in human intelligence not normally possible via computers.

All neurological impulses are governed and transmitted by neurotransmission and neuromodulator chemicals, most notably acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase.

In addition serotonin, glutamate, GABA, dopamine, and norepinephrine are linked to the thought process, anxiety, depression, and even relaxation.

Additionally, neuropeptides are responsible for regulating brain activity, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory, as well as emotional responses.

The chemist responsible for discovering the effects of what was to become called The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was developing a next-generation antidepressant when he noticed some intriguing properties of one of the bi-products of its synthesis.

Since it was considered to be a waste product, his access to large quantities of it went completely unnoticed by the manufacturer.

After additional research and fine-tuning, several analogs and numerous isomers later, The Knowledge (the short nickname) was perfected.

A threshold dose was approximately one hundred micrograms. Within eighteen months, its creator had produced enough of it to dose the entire world daily for over one hundred years.

Since it was clear that the government would undoubtedly declare it to be a schedule one controlled substance, like LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, et al, he decided to hide it on the grounds of a New-Age religious group called The Home for Wayward Souls, of which he was a founding member.

Between the legal complications of protection of religious freedoms and a very thorough screening process of anyone being considered to receive it, even rumors of the existence of the drug were kept to a minimum.

Regardless, even if the DEA had known what they were looking for, it is doubtful that they could ever find it, given the extensive grounds and outbuildings that comprised the entire complex, often called The Sanctuary.

Jed and his accomplices (aka: The Three Winds) had become semi-regular attendees at The Sanctuary and courtesy of his preternatural talents for barter, had acquired a considerable quantity (“Just in case…”).

Neither Merle, nor Ash would ever sell any of it, but they had a great respect for Jed and his entourage, and wanted to allow them the opportunity to help make the world a better place, which they all believed themselves to be doing.

So there they were, perched on the edge of a precipice of truly mind-boggling proportions in every direction.

Would they confirm their hopes that this was to be a positive, creative, and profitable enterprise for all parties concerned?

The unexpected chemistry between Chiana and Jed had altered their original paradigm, where it was believed that Chiana would prove to be the wild-card as far as liking and accepting everyone else, as well as their modus operandi. 

Now, there was little doubt that she and Jed would be exploring any number of possibilities, but the long-term compatibilities would take time before they could be determined.

Everyone else had already experienced the push-pull, or waxing and waning of their mutual infatuations long ago. 

Although she had proven to be an unexpectedly different sort of wild card, they wondered if Elliott would be the one having to deal with jealousy issues.

A week ago, they would have all said “Never! It’s not in his programming to be jealous.” but that seemed like a very long time ago now.

And although Elliott seemed to be cautious or guarded in terms of expressing his emotions regarding the three women who had once been lovers in past times, he was surprisingly good-natured about Chiana’s behavior with Jed.

“Wise move, Elliott” was all Leigh-Ann would allow herself to even think; she alone was the one guided more by reason than emotion, and she was definitely keeping her cards close to her chest. 

“You gotta give action if you want to get action.”

The next twenty-four hours would probably see the answers to all these questions revealed.



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 34

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The Garden, the Serpent, and Eve…


Chiana was very proud of their garden. Although it was an unending work in progress, it was beautiful, lush, and soothing.

Elliott had defined the outer boundaries with rough-hewn upright timbers buried three feet in the earth surrounded by broken coral rock or concrete that had to be brought in as it became available while foraging, or through barter, with cement poured in around the voids to create substantial footers to support the cross-beams.

Those cross-beams supported all manner of hanging plants ranging from air plants to orchids and several varieties of ivy and climbing vines, with the plants that required the most sunlight arranged higher than the others, so as to provide shelter for the more sensitive plants as well as to provide welcome shade in several areas for flowers, plants and bushes as well as people on the ground.

The hanging gardens were predominantly located in the corners, and around the perimeter of everything. Rose bushes, boxwood, and Florida Cherry enclosed the entire garden using trellises to support the roses and various vines and climbing plants.

In the very center, a small banyan tree had been planted.

Shelves made of salvaged lumber were constructed so as to be movable, depending upon what they were intended to provide support as new or young items were being cultivated.

Paths meandered through the area between the center and the outside perimeter so as to allow for longer walks, as well as a certain feeling of isolation as much as privacy, and you could easily wander into a small side path and remain unseen to anyone unless they were right there practically next to you.

Here and there, she had placed flagstones as either markers, or a place to sit, or stand along the paths. These are not easily located in Florida and were premium items for barter unless they traveled farther up North, but most people had no use for them, in favor of items more suited for everyday survival.

And seen in that light, it was easy to understand Elliott and Chiana’s reservations about needing much of anything. Survival was no longer on the table. 

They were comfortable, at least for now, but Nature abhors a vacuum, and Change is endemic to all life.

The whole area was probably no more than about seventy-five by one hundred feet, but once inside, it seemed much larger, but most inviting to those who enjoyed it.

Chiana led the way to the center of the garden and the other five followed, or rather, wandered behind her. It was clear that everyone was beginning to experience the effects of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Call it foreshadowing, or symbolism, but it was Rebel who suddenly said “You know, if I didn’t know better, I would think that I was in the Garden of Eden right now.”

Chiana came up beside Rebel as she was speaking and very slyly said “Well thank you Rebecca, I’m quite flattered to hear you say that. This has become both my sanctuary and my primary focus of my best and most creative abilities and efforts.”

“But tell me just one thing, my dear…Who is to be the Serpent, and who shall be Adam? Chiana leaned toward Rebel as if inquiring in confidence, but it was a stage whisper intended for everyone.

“I don’t mean to sound pretentious, but it should be obvious that Elliott and Chiana are Adam and Eve…” LeighAnn suggested.

“After all, it’s their garden” she added.

“Which means that Jed would be The Serpent?…or am I making too much symbolism out of all this?” Chiana’s eyes sparkled with mischief, and there was a decidedly ‘psychedelic’ gleam across her face as she spoke.

If she thought that everybody didn’t already know where this was headed, she was definitely misinformed.

Jed, LeighAnn, Amy, and Rebel could not have anticipated Chiana’s infatuation with Jed any more than they could have foreseen the events that had finally led them here in the first place.

Samhain (Sauin), a Blood Moon, and a Blue Moon were predicted to occur tonight in conjunction with a Lunar Eclipse. The number of coincidences that have to be in play for this to happen at the same time are so rare that it only occurs once in many, many years….

It was to be a Necromancer’s Honeymoon…The Witch’s Woodstock…the Apex of the Occult…

And out here, on the edge of the Everglades, you could feel the pulsations of pure energy. The animals were animated and emboldened, but no more especially aggressive than usual.

After all, the Cycle of Life never takes a holiday. One Man’s Meat… is another animal’s leg, or ribs…or head…and vice-versa.

Chiana was indeed a daughter of the Moon, and had been anticipating this weekend for over a year. Although usually a very gracious hostess all by herself, since she and Rebecca had bonded over their mutual practice of Wicca, she had no fears about her own agenda being interrupted by any outsiders…

…Except for yet another agenda she was hoping to conjure with one Mr. Jedediah Drummond, and even that was already ‘in the cards’, and would (she hoped) only be heightened by these celestial alignments, and The Knowledge…



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: chapter 33

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What Amy didn’t know was that as her hair fanned out, it was just then that Elliott was beginning to experience the first visual effects of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

The expansion of Time resulted in seeming to slow down everything he observed around him, like watching a slow motion replay of an explosion.

He later reflected that it seemed as if his “scanning rate” had rapidly accelerated as frame by frame, everything else was being broken down into a series of smaller, yet slower intervals.

Amy’s rich chestnut hair eventually seemed to be standing straight out in all directions. The movements were so slow and minute that they were barely perceptible. Everything about her seemed to glow from within, creating an aura, like a halo that shimmered with neon highlights that slowly were being flung off of her.

“…Elliott?…hey Boss! Are you coming, or not?”

“Hell, I’m not even breathing hard. Why?”

“Be patient El…I meant are you going outside? …Whoah! You’re already getting off, aren’t you?…I can see it on your face, and in your eyes…can you walk?” Amy chuckled and she took on an almost motherly tone.

“I hadn’t given it much thought…at least until just now when you asked. Maybe I should try to stand up to see. Would you mind spotting me?” Elliott winked as he offered up his forearm parallel to the floor like an elderly woman stopped at a street corner waiting for a Boy Scout to escort her across.

Elliott then began to notice that he could hear the sounds of their voices splashing off the walls, resulting in a delay causing time/phase/frequency comb filtering, a barely discernible metallic ring, and a deeper, more resonant thickening of her voice caused by the heterodyne of the sum and difference of the combinations of the frequencies being resonated within the room.

As they stood up together Elliott closed his eyes and smiled.

“Can you hear it? …or is that just me?” he asked.

“Our voices, or our thoughts? Be prepared to bare the depths of your soul today; to become of ‘One Mind’ is to keep no secrets.”

Amy paused slightly before she added “I trust you to understand that without fear…the only times that I have ever seen anyone struggle with it was because they were in denial about themselves, or their present circumstances…pretty much like acid in that respect.”

She paused again to give Elliott a moment to process the concept.

This was the first that Amy had really engaged in such unfettered candor or even direct dialogue between them since she had arrived, and in so doing, risk betraying those long-lost feelings that were bubbling up to the surface.

She remembered that years ago, when they had sought professional advice for couples therapy how much he valued unfiltered honesty.

“Right this minute, just hearing everything with new ears is taking up just about all of my attention…but then again…” Elliott’s voice trailed off as a new sensation overwhelmed his attention.

“My sense of smell…it’s quite extraordinary, really…” again his voice trailed off as he found himself raising his nose slightly as he flared his nostrils and turned his head  slowly left and right like a dog testing the air for a scent.

Then he suddenly smiled broadly as he stared into Amy’s eyes.

“All right. I know what you’re doing…” as Amy spoke, she reached out to touch Elliot’s face. “A penny for your thoughts right now, baby…what is it?”

Elliott closed his eyes as he spoke “I can…I can…well, smell your pussy! And it’s quite wonderful, really…I mean…”

“You don’t have to explain…I already knew…and I’m not embarrassed at all, because I can already begin to hear your thoughts. It may take awhile to get used to it, and to learn to trust your instincts, and to act upon your intuition.”

A flood of very happy memories flashed between them in an instant as Elliott opened his eyes to stare directly into Amy’s hazel eyes as a tear ran down her face.

It was like a high-speed photomontage of long-forgotten memories of days long gone.

“What’s up, Doc?” Rebel whispered into Elliott’s ear, startling him.

As he turned to face her, he realized she was across the room, sitting in a chair, smiling like the Cheshire Cat. He could even hear her purr, in fact.

“If you try, I’d be willing to bet that you can also smell my cooter from way over there…recognize it?” (Rebel had this way of turning her face slightly downwards as she looked up at you smiling slyly and slightly wickedly.)

“As best I can recollect, you really enjoyed that more than most…but then again, we all thought you were part hound dog in more ways than one” she drawled so slowly he thought he might forget what she was saying before she got to the end of the sentence if her eyes and thoughts hadn’t already delivered the message in an instant.

And she was rarely ever misunderstood.

“Time to get moving to the garden, boys and girls. I think we can all really benefit from the change of atmosphere.” LeighAnn was clearly the designated den-mother of these, her cubs…at least for now.

As Elliott turned to go to the door, he suddenly noticed the beatific expression on Chiana’s face as she stared into Jed’s eyes.

“Well I can see that there’s no point in trying to keep any secrets around here today…not that there ever was in the first place,” he mused.

It would be wrong to try to deny that he didn’t feel a pang, or maybe even a pinch, a twinge, perhaps, but it wasn’t jealousy; it was more of an exhilaration, like the drop on a roller coaster, a very fast elevator, or a small private plane, followed by a strange sadness he hadn’t really anticipated, and couldn’t really explain.

He had always maintained that it was in moments like this that he learned his most valuable lessons about his true feelings, and also when he felt most alive.

He was often known for saying “Don’t get me wrong…it’s not that I don’t care… it’s just that I don’t mind.” but most outsiders had no clue as to what he really meant by that, although it was really said for the benefit of those who already knew.

To those who did, he also often said “Call it whatever you want, but whatever it is that I feel in that one clear moment, I know just exactly how deeply I love you, how much I really want you, and how much I want to encourage you to pursue all of your desires with my blessing.”

And he had said it surprisingly often.

Elliott now found himself surrounded by a phalanx of women leading him to the garden as his eyes met Chiana’s. He watched her face betray first a slightly guilty embarrassment, followed by that same twinge that he had just experienced watching her, and then the most beautifully knowing smile of Moksha by way of Satsang.

“Just like the old days…right, ‘Doc’?” Elliott suddenly realized that he had just heard her thoughts, but it was definitely Chiana’s voice he was hearing, despite the fact that her lips never moved as she winked at him.

One Mind indeed.

“And things just keep getting curiouser and curiouser.



Chazz Vincent

April 8th, 2020

Friday the Thirteenth

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…so I wake up hearing a voice whispering “Oh shit! Here we go again…why can’t we just go back to sleep?”

“Indeed. In fact, why bother to wake up at all?” I found myself replying, albeit sarcastically.

(I suddenly realize that at this point, I am engaged in clever repartee with myself.)

And it was then that I realized that I was only dreaming.

Nevertheless, I found myself deeply disturbed that such notions were in my head at all.

Yes it was only a dream, but apparently, dark impulses must be generated from within, but why?

One year was enough…too much in fact…for either recuperation or morning. Life was slipping through my fingers…as if trying to cup my hands to catch my own blood.

I was suddenly overcome by anxiety, as I felt my chest tighten and I became short of breath, as if suffocating.

It was then that I realized that I was only dreaming.

So I went to my long forgotten mistress, my muse, the keyboard, with whom so much time had passed, so long ago.

Initially, she rebuffed my advances, shamed me, questioned my motives, and demanded to know my intentions; jealous and hurt, she nonetheless reluctantly consented to physical congress, although it was really her affections that I had missed the most.

Go figure.

The longer that I tried to express myself, the further down the rabbit hole I fell.

I fell so far that it felt like I was flying, and suddenly I was.

It was then that I realized that I had only been dreaming….

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
(Goodbye, Master of Despair)


Sukhino Bhava

Chazz Vincent
Friday, the 13th of March, 2020

Once in a Blue Agave Moon; Indeterminacy: Chapter 30

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They had been The Three Musketeers ‘back in the day’…when everybody else lost their minds in an emergency, you could always count on them to pull the fat out of the fire.

But if it suited their nature at any given moment, any of them, but especially all three of them together were capable of a level of good-natured depravity, debauchery, and perversion that was breath-taking to just observe, let alone experience.

Elliott, Jed, and Leigh-Ann….

They continued to watch and analyze the group as they interacted and reacted together.

“I think this is going to work out after all” Jed breathed an obvious sigh of relief that would have made you think he’d been holding his breath since he had arrived.

I knew that it would” was all that Leigh-Ann would smugly allow. She could bluster and bluff with the best of them, even when neither of them believed it.

It was at that moment that Elliott realized it suddenly felt like the familiarity had returned; like she had just driven over from Hialeah after a week’s unexplained absence.

They had an uncanny ability to get sooo close…only to disconnect for no real apparent reason without any animosity or need for explanations when they reconnected.

I’m almost afraid to breathe…honest-to-Christ! I don’t think I could have imagined anything more perfect than to spend ‘the end of the world as we knew it’ than with you guys…but I don’t know if you knew how much this means to me…” Elliott confessed.

“Are you kidding?” Leigh-Ann almost whispered incredulously. “With all the seemingly impossible coincidences BEFORE we learned that we were on YOUR trail?” She grabbed his face to turn it to face her as she looked intently into his eyes and said “After all that, we didn’t so much know as much as we BELIEVED it was meant to be…and if something is truly meant to be, it doesn’t really matter if you WANT it or not, because Destiny has just issued you notice of a command performance.”

It was then that she quickly pulled his face to hers until they were nose-to-nose just long enough for her to whisper “…besides….” only to suddenly turn and mumble something he couldn’t quite hear clearly enough to allow himself to be sure he’d heard it properly….

It was one of her best moves; Elliott could be one difficult, cocky, quirky motherfucker at times (although he’d shown no evidence of any of that since their arrival), this technique never failed to level the playing field between them.

They always worked well together, but they also played as well as they worked.

One thing just seemed to follow the other, and they all knew that before the day was over, they would watch it all unfold in front of them.

“Time to get to work….hahahah…just kidding…this will be the easiest thing in the world…”. Jed held the bottle of brilliant, deep blue capsules aloft.

“…Like drinking a glass tea…” Amy winked playfully at Elliott, knowing he would catch the decades-old reference to old world Miami Beach.

“Line up to take yer vitamins, kids” Rebel drawled.

Amy slid on her knees right up to Jed as she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and posed her hands, forearms upwards, palms down, like a puppy begging for a treat.

With that, Rebel walked up beside Amy and stroked her hair as Amy rubbed her head against Rebel’s thigh. The pantomime between those two was uncanny…very ‘one mind.’

“My best advice would be to let it dissolve under your tongue. Just leave it alone to melt away. It will get into your system quicker.” Leigh-Ann’s instructions were a mixture of part nurse, part tour-guide/stewardess.

“It’s best not to expect much of anything especially dramatic or overwhelming at first, at least. This is nothing like acid. Expect nothing and gain the wisdom of the universe in the process. You can’t anticipate it, so don’t even try” Jed advised as he dropped a capsule into Amy’s still open mouth onto her extended tongue.

“You may notice a point where it will start to seem like whatever you are watching will begin to melt, especially if you let your eyes unfocus slightly” Amy added as she turned to face Elliott and Chiana.

“At first, the forms themselves may seem to melt, like ‘The Persistence of Memory’ by Salvatore Dali, only to eventually present with two or more alternative views, depending on foreground versus background or ambiguous outlines and alternate forms, like ‘Bowl of Fruit and Saddleback Hound’…not to pick on Dali….”

As Amy’s voice began to trail off, Jed added “There is also a  distinct possibility that what you observe visually will provoke certain ideations, philosophical or even scientific hypothesis that seem to be supported by your newly acquired visual perceptions.”

“You may notice that you can recall exact details and sequences of events that you had thought long forgotten, only to juxtaposition them in such a way as to imply interrelationships between those events or actions that had heretofore remained unnoticed.”

Leigh-Ann continued “The insights provided in this fashion will forever change the way that you perceive everything around you.”

Chiana had gracefully managed to slide into second position as she bent over sharply at the waist, like a nineteen-forties pin-up, raising her head to open her mouth and stick out her tongue, winking at Jed as she seemed to unroll her tongue like some red carpet that led straight to the center of the universe.

Chiana had absolutely no gag reflex whatsoever, and even doctors were usually taken aback or even slightly startled as they stared down her throat, inevitably triggering speculation leading to naughty fantasies of ‘unfathomable’ (please pardon the pun)…oral sex.

As Jed watched the brilliant blue capsule disappear into the cavernous void of her open throat, everyone watched Jed suddenly sprout a truly monstrous erection in less than two seconds.

Two men and four women, all naked as jaybirds since yesterday, who had seemed to only skirt the outer edges of raw visceral sexuality suddenly burst into hysterical laughter as Jed blushed a florid hue, not so much by the erection as by this inarguably obvious expression of the inevitable product of his attraction for Chiana.

As they did, everyone else availed themselves of The Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

And (please forgive me, but…) with a name like that, it had BETTER be not just good, but fucking amazing.





Chazz Vincent



Return to Nothing

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Knowing Nothing. Doing Nothing.







Everything associated with the Mind is subject 

to duality, 

impermanence and illusion.




Our thinking minds

create all the suffering in the world

as they inject fear into the future

generated by ruminating about the past, 

leading us to believe

we cannot live without our minds.




Our minds, like spoiled toddlers

having a tantrum in public.


We’ll see what we can do.


In loosing our minds,

the air and the water become still 

and everything becomes completely clear.


For a moment.


Everything you need, you already have.

Everything you need to know, you already know.

Everything you need to be, you already are.




The return of Nothing Special.


Everyday Zen.

Wu-wei wu

(One less thing to neglect.)


Planck time is the ever-present never-present

present moment

Between Nothingness and Eternity.


Everything is.



Will be.

Right here.

Right now.







Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon: And Now we Begin Again.

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Chapter 28


As the others enjoyed their coffee, Chiana produced a vaporizer and the now famous Dragon Drops to help set the stage for the meal that was to follow. 

After the gluttony of the previous night, Elliott was reasonably sure that today’s first meal would be best appreciated for its quality, rather than sheer quantity.

Melon, Mango, and grapefruit. All locally grown and a homemade “approximation” of prosciutto gave everyone a chance to prepare themselves for a meal to begin the first day of the rest of their lives.

After being told about The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, neither Elliott nor Chiana had much of a clue about what to expect. 

They had tried LSD, Peyote, Mescaline, Ayahuasca and Psilocybin many years before, and had even used the local mushrooms twice since establishing The Colony.

With such an imposing name, it would be difficult to live up to anybody’s expectations were it not for the fact that, once ingested it would so far exceed them that there was about zero chance that they would be disappointed.

As they consumed their sumptuously restrained repast, Jed and Leigh-Anne took the lead in attempting to prepare them for this most auspicious of occasions.

“Although you will probably experience the briefly unpleasant sensations of almost flu-like symptoms and a very low-grade fever like the onset of virtually all psychedelics, in addition to an initial feeling of minor disorientation, bordering on dysphoria, when it passes, you will not feel as if you were being catapulted into some surrealistic fifth dimension, or anything that you would be inclined to label as hallucinations.” Leigh-Ann’s demeanor was part clinical nurse, part tour-guide, and part merry prankster.

“But you can rest assured that before you have any real chance to feel any sense of disappointment that you will be presented with some sort of enigmatic observation or vision that will precede the systematic deconstruction of essentially everything you have taken for granted; not as an illusion, but rather as if you are observing successive layers of illusion being lifted.” Jed was affectionately gentle and reassuring as he alternately shifted his attentions to Chiana and Elliott.

“You may be reminded of the Dance of the Seven Veils. As long as you don’t try to control what is presented to you, it’s more like a philosophical strip-tease…” Leigh-Ann’s words trailed off as she smiled and slightly shook her head, obviously amused by her own turn of phrase.

The systematic deconstruction of every aspect of your known world is not like a continuous series of fun-house mirrors, nor was it likely to be a horror show either, given the present company’s familiarity with each other, which more or less precluded any serious concerns for anyone’s physical or mental safety.

“And never forget…what starts as well as what happens between friends stays between friends…” Rebel interjected almost as if she had been reading this narrative as it was being written, (which was presumed to be happening as the event was unfolding…something of a stylistic ouroboros….).

As much as she tried not to appear to be too deep, or too sentimental, as she let down her bravado, when she did, the sincerity was even more disarming.

This was one of those times; it would be easy to portray her as an almost illiterate self-parodying porn star with hillbilly roots, but it would be the most unkind of injustices to ignore her instinctive drives for finding and nurturing  true friendship, and her own fierce loyalty, as well as her hidden wisdom of the moon.

Nonetheless, everybody, including Rebel groaned loudly at the re-overworked cliche, before suddenly becoming silent, touched by her aura, or whatever you might be inclined to use to describe the ambience of that moment , (but that’s just it, even trying now to scratch the surface of the transcendent with mere words, can never do it justice, so there….perhaps you may even be inclined to use your imagination; after all, you didn’t just start reading this as if you were an empty vessel, right?).

Jed continued. “I would not advise anyone to consider taking ‘The Knowledge’ with anyone other than close, trusted friends, at least for the first time. I realize that puts Chiana at a distinct disadvantage, and although there is no sort of competition in any of this, I would be remiss not to at least recognize that five of us have known each other for years, even if it has been a long time since Elliott was a part of our group.”

“As much as I sincerely want to share this experience with Chiana, I am compelled to offer her a ‘pass’ if she is uncomfortable in any way with any of us, because if she is, it will come out eventually.”

“At best, you be challenged by the sheer magnitude of the experience in general. I don’t mean to sound condescending, so please understand me on this point. As we progress into this experience, you will see each of us like an open book, and we will be able to read you just as well.” Jed was soft and sincere in his approach.

“Some people are not prepared to accept some of the truths about themselves that they may have been trying to either deny or pray not to have to acknowledge.”

“Then again, as far as those aspects of our psyche’s are concerned, like either falsies, heel-lifts or a toupee, most of the time, the only person that is fooled  is the the one who thinks that anybody else is.” Rebel chimed in with her characteristically droll and bucolic ease.

Rebecca’s native intelligence had taught her that most people don’t have the attention span of a gnat unless you weave your real message into a conversation about sex, money, drugs, or human politics.

(But she also admitted that she would occasionally test her listeners by protracting the conversation even farther by exaggerating her drawl. She often made her friends ‘prove’ themselves to be worthy to an extent that drove off all but a select few, because once you made it past her radar, she was as generous and passionately loyal as a pit-bull.)

Once again, Jed found himself completely absorbed in Chiana as he stared into her eyes with a tenderness and affection that would have betrayed his true feelings, were it not for the fact that everyone, including Elliott was very much aware of not only his infatuation with her, but her infatuation with him as well.

“By the end of the day, you will see each of our identities dissolve to the point where you may feel that you can’t tell where you end, or where I begin. You will see yourself in each of us, as well as each of us in you.” Leigh-Ann once again took control of the conversation as it became evident that Jed had lost his bearings and was adrift in his own revery.

“Looks like it could be starting already…” she chuckled and shook her head.

“Hey! You two haven’t been dipping into ‘The Knowledge’ without us, have you?”

“…You know I’m kidding, right?” she added.

“Because what you are feeling right now isn’t a splinter compared to a Sequoia, once ‘The Knowledge’ begins to take over…Jed already knows that, so I can only assume that he is simply adrift in fantasy.”

“But before we get too intellectual about all this, I just wanted to add that at some point, you will recognize that ‘The Knowledge’ is going to re-arrange the Table of Contents in your brain.”

“What I mean by that is this: as long as the neurons are healthy and undamaged, every experience, every sensation, every word to which you have been exposed remains in your brain. This includes an unbelievable amount of seemingly trivial minor details, as well as horrific details you may have tried to bury. Without reinforcement, including recall, the connection pathways grow very faint.”

“The Knowledge will eventually index, categorize, and cross-reference EVERYTHING in a way that allows you to intuitively connect all relevant data and information flawlessly and seamlessly in less time than it will take your thinking mind to narrate this message to yourself.” Leigh-Ann paused for a moment to let it all sink in.

“And as we spend time together, we eventually learn everything that each of us used to possess singularly.” Amy and Jeannette (aka Rebecca [Steele], aka Rebel) were speaking in perfect unison and pitched harmony as they jumped into the conversation.

“Hi! We’re the Rogers Twins, and we’ll be here all week.” (The most remarkable aspect being that Amy’s voice was now coming out of Rebel’s mouth.)

“Be sure to try the veal and the sweetbreads, and don’t forget to tip your waitress…” (Similarly, Rebel’s voice now was coming from Amy).

Everyone laughed, but Amy and Rebecca made it clear that some, if not most of the effects were not only essentially permanent, but also cumulative.

“And this here is one thing I think you will especially appreciate, Doc…there is nothing like fuckin’ somebody you really like, and have them suddenly turn into you…it’ll teach you a thing or two about the difference between true love, self-love and narcism.” Rebel’s words were more deliberate than protracted as she shyly winked at Elliott.

“So what do you say we take this dog and pony show on the road? As China spoke, she arose to look each of them deeply in the eyes as she alternately smirked or winked at each of them, but it was the way that she rotated and slightly raised her shoulder as she leaned into first Elliott, and then Jed, caressing their lips with her middle finger to beckon them as she started to walk away for three very exaggerated steps before turning to look backwards over her shoulder, raising her eyebrows as if looking over a pair of sunglasses that spoke volumes to attest to the fact that Chiana was clearly more than ready…at least so far.





Chazz Vincent



Thought for Today: 10/02/2018

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If you can summons from within yourself the ecstasy, wonderment and rapture of a zealot, there is no need to invoke a deity in your own image. 

…Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 


(Goodbye, Master of Despair)





Chazz Vincent


PS: (This is not to be confused with writhing in bed screaming “Oh God! I’m coming!)


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What do you do when you find yourself anesthetizing yourself against the discomfort of daily life?…the Pain of being Human?

It is the mantle we embraced when we traded our Instinct for Reason.

Whether it’s because of an unloving or narcissistic spouse, a job that seems to suck the life from you, disobedient or disrespectful children, indebtedness that threatens to drown you, or even writer’s block, the only person standing between you and your own happiness is you.

I used to work with someone who was constantly complaining about his wife; between alienation of affection, selfishness, and constant, nagging criticism, I often found myself vacillating between feeling pity and annoyance at the endless suffering he endured.

Then suddenly, he missed three days work. When he returned he looked more miserable than ever and later admitted had been drunk the entire time, despondent that his wife had left him.

“I don’t know what to do” he moaned.

“Be grateful” I offered.

“What?! he snapped. “I thought you were my friend…what kind of insensitive prick would say such a thing to anyone in my situation?”

“Let her go” I replied.

“I can’t…I love her too much” were the only words he could mange to choke out before he started to weep again.

As I recalled our previous conversations that inevitably centered around his misery, I found it would have been difficult not to laugh at his last remark, were it not for the compassion I felt for his suffering.

“Then be happy for her, and grateful that she won’t be spending all your money and cuckolding you any more.”

“But she says she’s in love with someone else.”

“Well, at least that would explain her behavior, and why she was such a bitch as she was to you… You should be glad; that also means she won’t be fucking up your next opportunity to be happy for once, and do whatever you want to do.”

“If she’s rally in love with someone else, she will leave you alone…Hell, when a cat gets bored with torturing a mouse, they usually kill it. If she has something new to take her attention away from her love of dominating and torturing you I’d say you got off easy.”

“She says I’ll never find anyone like her again, and I’m afraid she’s right.”

“Don’t be afraid…you should wish she’s right…make her put it in writing,”

“You know, you can be a real insensitive prick when you want to. Have no no feelings for my suffering?”

“What you don’t realize is that I have felt sorry for you for a very, very long time…don’t talk to me about suffering…you have made all your real friends suffer for far too long, watching your misery at the hands of that horrible bitch.”

“I know you don’t want to hear it, but you were the one who taught her to treat you that way.”

“Well, you’re certainly right about that! I don’t want to hear about it…”

“Think about it…as long as she withheld acknowledgement of her satisfaction, she had power over you; so the more of a bitch she was, the harder you tried to please her, all the while ignoring your needs. You need someone who enjoys giving as much as receiving, if in fact you really NEED anybody as much as you did…be glad for your freedom.”

“But I love her too much to let her go.”

“That’s how you taught her to hate you…how can you respect anyone who lets themselves do what she has done to you?…tell me something, do you really love her…would you be willing do anything for her happiness?”


“Then let her go…in peace, so she doesn’t have any more excuses for hating you for making her feel guilty for being happy. You two could have been friends if you hadn’t made yourself so pathetic.”

Every hungry woman dreams of the whipping post…every slave embraces their collar.

Whether it’s your spouse, your job, your parents, your friends, or even your neighbors, there comes a time when you have to choose to not only recognize, but also accept the reality of your present circumstances.

Most people do not. They may complain, but not usually to anyone who might have the ability to change anything. They may practice some sort of sullen, resentful non-compliance or argue and criticize, but they rarely take action, speak up, or leave.

There is always an excuse that they claim prevents them from doing so, but more accurately, it allows them to continue to wallow in the interlocking series of lies and self-deceptions that constitute the fabric of the eternal suffering that provides them with their identity.

Each of our lives contains an essential enigma; a paradox so central to our being that if we could even recognize it, we might be closer to resolving it.

Suffering is an inevitable quotient of life, but denial and self-deception prevent us from realizing the wisdom needed to find the acceptance and surrender that can lead us to true freedom.  

And that excuse is at the very heart of their problem, which is inevitably unsolvable because of the fact that it has to be, because without it, there would be nothing to prevent them from facing the Great Existential Void.

And whether it’s drugs, or alcohol, or even meditation, they wallow in whatever it is that will prevent them from facing the enigma that lies at the heart of their existence.

It has been with them from the beginning of time, long before their parents’ parents were born; it is what keeps bringing them back.

Lifetime after lifetime.






Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Sukina Bava.



Chazz Vincent



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