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Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 42

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Meanwhile, in a Shared Separate Reality….



Chiana led Jedidiah back to the house more excited than she could remember being in a very long time. In fact, she couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had felt much of anything except for resignation.

Under normal circumstances, people do not allow themselves to acknowledge these feelings, and they suffer for it.

Guilt, denial, and social conditioning prevent us from doing so.

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was so named because it’s discoverer, Merlin believed that whatever was responsible for imparting Sentience to Humans was a quantum leap in consciousness that smacked of outside intervention (possibly chemical) and the Bible (for what it’s worth as an attempt to account for the nature of our existence) specifically attempts to demonize The Serpent as either Satan, or one of his emissaries, despite the fact that the Old Testament rarely made any references to The Dark Lord, which appears to be largely a Christian invention.

God was pissed because his pet monkeys went and got…well, human, declaring “ …they think that they are like Us…” 


It seemed that Sentience was not a part of God’s plan for mankind.  

One of the functions of The Knowledge is it’s ability to allow its user to see everything exactly as it is. “…just this, only this.” Somehow,, it facilitates a separation of all of the component parts of any event, any phenomenon, to a point approaching fragmentation of all incoming stimuli.

To wit: even the most seemingly innocuous event can trigger occult associations of previous similar events, or emotions or other sequelae into slices or fractions of its overall composition, like an autopsy or post-mortem, often exposing the fallacy, the hypocrisy, the faulty associations, incorrect assumptions, and even cruelty of all its component parts.

Perhaps even more usefully, it also connects the dots, or fills in the missing information to identify, expose, or suggest associations not previously apparent as to what is real, and what is not real, what is true from what is not true.

It also has the reputation of “re-booting the entire table of contents of your brain” and every event that has ever happened in your life.

It is not either especially cruel, or falsely conciliatory or hopeful because it is pure truth, devoid of the hypnotism of the interlocking series of self-sustaining lies built upon a foundation of Fear that supports virtually every institution of every culture or society since the beginning of time.

The exhilaration of being lifted up from the dank, cavernous swamp of duḥkha, freed of samsari is so liberating and joyous that only the word Rapture comes close in its description.

Which is, of course a great inspiration for the most glorious fucking that you have ever experienced; suddenly liberated from Guilt, Shame, embarrassment, self-consciousness, and Fear, Sex is the ultimate expression of physical joy, attempting to mirror the ultimate realization of The Knowing.

In this way, it is not Desire born out of need, but rather of Joy, a vehicle to catapult  it’s initiates beyond the Veil of Tears.

Chiana was dripping wet with anticipation as she drew Jed into their shower. “I want us to be completely clean before we get as dirty as we want.”

The water was hot, and steam filled the room as she grabbed a bar of scented soap that she had set aside in anticipation of this moment.

Her hands rubbed the soap to produce a thick, luxurious lather that she applied to his cock, his balls and his ass before rinsing him off, and as she began to suck his cock, she rubbed the soap all over her tits and armpits, then her hungry cunt and ass, never stopping a relentless ballet of licking, sucking, and swallowing as she forced his long, hard cock further and further down her throat.

“Ahhhhh…oh God! Please slow down just a little or else I’m going to cum in about five seconds! Oh shit! I mean it…I wanted to be able to really take my time to pleasure you…and…uh…”

Somehow she managed to utter “Go ahead…I want you to…” as she stuck her soapy middle finger up his asshole, searching for his prostate like a heat-seeking missile.

She felt his anus clench, then relax just very briefly before wave after wave of paroxysms wracked his body. As it did, Chiana only intensified her violation of Jed’s ass.

Then she felt the violent spasms producing waves of semen gushing down her throat as she swallowed his throbbing cock completely.

He was still twitching slightly as she slid the rest of him out of her mouth. She almost started to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, then thought the better of it, and lightly drew her fingers across her lips, then smiled as she looked up to Jed, who was sliding downwards with his back against the shower wall.

His eyes were glazed, and his mouth hung open. He sighed deeply.“You know that this is only the beginning…right? Jed looked ecstatic, albeit slightly shaken, and yet amazingly calm. He appeared to be surrounded by an electric-blue envelope of light.

“I certainly hope so…unless it’s just the usual five or six quick ones and then off to tell the boys…” Chiana shook her head joyously to throw off the water from her beautiful mane of dark brown hair.

“Oh yeah…me too, but I meant, well, The Knowing…it gets a whole lot more intense…sometimes it gets to be overwhelming…and it doesn’t stop for almost twelve hours…nothing really scary, or sinister, at least for most people…you’ve got nothing to worry about, not from what I perceive in you…everything connects to everything else, and then comes back around again…just let it come to you….”

“What I would like more than about anything would be to perceive that long, beautiful cock deep inside me…but no rush, no pressure…seriously though, I can’t believe this is all happening so fast…I hope that you don’t feel awkward about Elliott. I think that he’s actually relieved by this, to tell you the truth.”

“He knows that I would never do anything to hurt him…at least I hope so. Our intention was to utilize his talents, and reputation, but we were seriously concerned that you would feel threatened by the history that we have together…who knew?”

“Well, you changed all that, now didn’t you? Neither one of us could have anticipated this, and it’s not like we have to hide anything…and well, maybe this will save our marriage…I have no intention of…”

“And me neither…don’t get me wrong…but I know that ‘The Knowledge’ will help give us the insight to see how this will fit together for all of us.”

“To tell you the truth, I can’t claim to have been very supportive about Elliott’s obsession with Polyamory…we were swingers before we were even a couple, but I never felt any kind of feelings for any of our playmates. The were just live sex toys to me. That’s how I dealt with it.”

“So I can assume that it’s not all just physical?”

“Well, I thought that was all it was…maybe I hoped it was…I don’t know…”

“Actually, I meant that you are also gaining some insight into your own psyche, right?”

“Yes, of course. It doesn’t threaten me now to reflect on things like how my mother fucked my head all up with her vicious bullshit. Some of it has been buried so deeply that I didn’t even see what it had done to me…shit, most of my family is just plain out of their minds, now that I look at it with new eyes.”

“Well, you’re not alone there. None of us are. Most of the trappings of Culture, Religion, and societal norms are just a way of controlling the population to benefit the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men…and their primary weapon of choice is Fear.”

“You know, right now I’d really appreciate it if you can just hold me for a little while as I let this all sink in…and give you a chance to catch your breath…I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but…maybe in a little while we could pick up where we left off?” she asked.

Chiana noticed that it looked like it might not take all that long, after all.



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 41, pt. II

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At Last, What You’ve All Been Waiting for…



Chiana spoke up for the first time since the discussion started. She had recently taken up the practice of calling Elliot “Doc” because it amused her, but it was doubtful that she would be calling him “Boss” anytime soon (she did not seem amused when Amy said it, either).

“Oh Doc…would you mind if I…ugh…we retired  to the bedroom while you guys work out the seating arrangements for your soiree? I think the Garden is particularly charming this time of the evening now that the lights are starting to come on, plus there’s plenty of room out here.”

There was a unanimous agreement among everyone else.

“I don’t mean to be a neglectful hostess, but…Elliott is here to take care of any of your needs that I can think of…and please, by all means, help yourself.”

As Chiana and Jed left, Amy was slowly approaching Rebel and Elliott.

Well Doc, I think they’re playing our song,” Rebel half-whispered.

With that, she unfastened Elliott’s robe, before letting her own garment fall to the ground

“Mind if I tag along?” Amy knew how to be coy in ways that begged an obvious yes for an answer, and she hadn’t lost her talents by any means.

She diverted her glance downward, and scraped her toe in the soft grass under her feet before looking upwards without moving her head. It was not just charming, she could change from sweet, shy, innocent to penetrating and direct in an instant, and she had the looks  to pull it off.

And with that, she also disrobed, standing first in an anatomical position before raising her hands upward and outward.

Although Amy had very wide, squared shoulders, which had made her feel self-conscious, fearing that it looked too “mannish,” eventually, she grew to realize that her full, round, and pendulous breasts completely distracted any man from such conjecture.

The years had been good to Amy, and apparently, she had been good to them. 

Elliott had been blessed in his life in so may ways that were conspicuous in their absence once they were gone.

Beautiful women were one of his blessings, as well as the bane of his life.

“A dozen was never enough…and one’s too many…” Elliott used to say in jest, but his almost innumerable personality defects and character flaws were seemingly offset by “boyish charm, good looks, and a big willy”…but only for so long before he was in way over his head.

He still loved, but was desperately exasperated by his second wife when he and Amy met, fell in love and moved in together.

The first time they met, she had asked him “Are you married?”

As he spoke the words “Just barely…” he realized just how long he had been in denial of his regrets for his previous decision.

If Amy hadn’t been put in that position, (the break-up woman), they might have stayed together, even gotten married, but then again, his average elapsed time from marriage to divorce was about five to six years, and it had stayed that way until he met Chiana.

Amy had her own share of emotional baggage from her husband, as well as most of her lovers before she met Elliott.

She was, to quote Jed, “High maintenance” but it had been a beautiful, fiery, almost violent, tragic love affair, but even when they went their separate ways, they never really got over each other.

Elliott never attempted to protect his heart, and suffered greatly for it.

Amy may not have been ready to jump into the fire with Elliott, but she clearly shared Elliott’s fascination for their chemistry, and couldn’t resist indulging her curiosity, at least for now.

She also recognized that everyone in this group had many shared common interests, and no one was really expected to do anything other than work together, but then again…not only was there unfinished business, but at least one new agenda on the horizon.

“It’s been a long time…a lot of water under the bridge, I guess, but I never could get you out of my head…or heart. There doesn’t have to be some sort of cosmic significance or kismet for this to be right…it just has to be right for right now…right Boss?” Amy looked so vulnerable for a woman as tough as she was. 

“You know, the first time I ever heard Amy say that thing about how ‘If I could do it all over again, I’d do it all over you’ I couldn’t have been more surprised, until I found out that it was Amy that said that to you in the first place. That was when I realized what we had in common.” Rebel winked as she said it.

Amy then added “What about LeighAnn?…I don’t want to be rude…God knows we haven’t seen each other in years, ’til we got started on this quest….”

“Hey look, don’t worry about me…I was just thinking that Mordecai needed to be fed and exercised…if it’s ok with everybody, I think I’ll pass on this one, at least just for now.” LeighAnn then added “Keep in mind, this is my first experience with ‘The Knowledge’ and I suddenly realized that the poor baby was hungry…nothing verbal, but it was like he was trying to get our attention. He didn’t want to feel shut out, and I just turned around  and here he is.”

The dog was absolutely beautiful, happy, and well-behaved, as usual, but everyone noticed the aura that surrounded him, almost like the aurora borealis, it shimmered and danced all around, him in predominately purple hues.

“Are you sure, Arizona?“ (Rebecca’s pet name for LeighAnn); although clearly the most nurturant and maternal of their group, Rebel sensed that “…sometimes mothers need to be mothered too, y’know…” LeighAnn had a toughness that didn’t come out until it was needed, but she kept it under wraps.

LeighAnn seemed to be intuitive enough to appreciate Rebel’s sentiments, especially now.

“Oh yeah…no need to overload the lifeboat, at least just yet…right now, this just seems right, and this boy needs my attention…Mordecai is teaching me a thing or two about non-verbal communication already, and I’m really fascinated by it all.”

“Well, if you start to feel like you need the company of some humans, we’re here for you…there’s always a place for you.” Rebel meant what she said and said what she meant.

(“I don’t want to sound greedy…but when we’re both ready, I would like some more private, personal time for us…OK?”) Elliott could hear LeighAnn’s words as if she was whispering in his ear, even though her lips never moved, but her sly smile reinforced the message…and for once, no mumbling.

Elliott suddenly wondered if he could do the same, and tried to simply reply “I’d like that very much” but before he could speak the words he heard her say “Good.” out loud as she smiled and winked.

“What’s a horny sailor have to do to get laid around here?” Amy’s whispers sounded more like the purring of a cat, as she gently, oh so gently, gingerly even, rubbed her nipples against his back.

She then reached around his waist to squeeze the base of his cock, then pointing it toward Rebecca, she used it to gesture upwards on a diagonal as she mimicked a cartoon gangster’s voice, saying “Hey, lady! Come ova hea’…I got somptin’ for ya dat I tink you’ll like.”

With that, Rebel got on her knees with her mouth open and her tongue lolling and darting lasciviously before suddenly feigning surprise as she spoke in an antebellum caricature voice, exclaiming “Oh my Jeezus!…It’s so shiny I can see my face!”

With that, she dramatically ripped off her tank top, shredding it as she did, before throwing it over her shoulder.

Never touching the rigid member with her hands, she slowly rose to her feet so as to lick the underside of his cock until she reached the head, suddenly gobbling it long enough to make a popping, smacking sound letting it fall between her absolutely enormous breasts, trapping it there by squeezing her upper arms together.

“So here’s the deal, boss…Amy’s voice was gutteral, and she hissed as she spoke…”I happen to love this here woman as much as she loves me, aaaaaannnnndddd…I want to watch you fuck her very, very, very well…like it was the last, best piece of ass that you were ever going to get…make her cum ’til she grunts like a pig and howls like a coyote…”

“I know that you can do it, Boss…you’ve got a knack for hitting all the right spots, like a gentleman…and a rouge…and a dirty dog almost all at once.”

“‘Becca told me all about your history together…and I gotta say that you’re predictably unpredictable…and beautiful…and tragic…”

As she sighed, her breasts heaved slightly, rubbing even more firmly against Elliott’s back, as he felt her nipples stiffen even more.

“Before you think that I’m being completely altruistic, just keep in mind…’Becca gets the easy one…the first one…before we both work on your ass like a chain gang.”

“You’ve been doing your work outs and taking yer’ vitamins, I hope…’cause that next one’s on me.”

Now pressed between the two women, both rubbing their bodies against him as lightly as butterfly wings, they spoke in perfect harmony.

“Trust us…we’ve shared more than a few studs together, and I guess we’re a pretty good pair for bringing out the best in a man…but it’s more than just that…you have a beautiful mind and an even more beautiful heart.”

“That was what has remained after all these years, after all the million-dollar words, or even your charm.”

“We have something to show you that will change your life forever, so let Chiana go get her ya-ya’s out with Jed…don’t worry…he’s still your best friend, even after all this time…and he’s going to show her some things that she needs to see as well, but by tomorrow, you both will understand…”

“Welcome to The Knowing.”




Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 41, pt. 1

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At Last, What You’ve All Been Waiting for…


There is such a thing as too much fanfare, were it to be much ado about nothing, but some things are important enough to deserve research, and the preparation is just the cost of doing business.

On the one hand, Elliott and Chiana were comfortable in their current lives together. They, as well as the other members of The Fourteenth Colony had developed a system that allowed them to be mutually interdependent enough to allow them support and protection and still maintain personal independence.

Unfortunately, Comfort and Adventure are not especially compatible, and the boredom that had been brewing between them had begun to border on alienation.

They lived well, and wanted for little, but as Jed pointed out, the entire country was in a state of flux, and some semblance of economic order was returning.

People were desperate and disorganized, except for certain regions where there were still sufficient means of production of essential goods or industrial products, or inventories of equipment or parts, and in many cases, those who still owned or controlled them could get people to work for credits, or even a sort of company store arrangement that allowed them to maintain a subsistence level of living, more or less like before.

It was a time when those who were bold enough and capable enough to seize the opportunities they either found or made, to attain a level of autonomy and control not afforded to them before the system collapsed.

It now hinged on an unlikely coincidence that this circle of friends were once again being drawn together, but whatever it had been that had brought them together years before, in a different world, was returning, and as the wheel turned round and round, it was becoming inevitable.

This was more than just sexual attractions or old romances because in truth, what had drawn together before was their character and their nature.

Years before, they were the heart of a group of about three dozen iconoclasts and societal rebels loosely dubbed The Gonzo Media Freaks, plus numerous transitory aficionados.

Art, Music, and Literature professors turned themselves into willing Lab Rats breaking new ground in Human Sexuality led by several of the Psychology Department staff and innumerable “plus ones” who came and went, but eventually, it came back down to a cast of less than a dozen principals, long before Amy showed up at Rebel’s tattoo shop, years later.

Orinignally, Jed, Amy, Rebecca, and LeighAnn were not sure if they would be able to convince Elliott that he even needed to get involved, but although they were worried that Chiana might resent their history together or feel intimidated or jealous, she was proving to be the turning point, and Jed had become the deal-maker.

Skills, innate abilities, and competence had provided the motivation, and chemistry was proving to be the catalyst, and now The Knowledge was about to provide the insight and guidance to unite them in ways that Elliott and Chiana could never anticipate.

There might have been some degree of awkwardness about initiating whatever was to follow, considering the fact that Chiana had only met the four of them a little over twenty-four hours ago, but the intuitive connections that were blossoming courtesy of The Knowledge made it all seem perfectly natural.

Most people would have regarded Elliott as a sex addict, and a possible “serial monogamist,”and Rebel (aka Jeanette Dee Rogers, Jeannie Markvart, Rebecca Moore, et al), indeed the veritable Rebecca Steele, (“Becca”) had been a formerly famous porn star.

Although she had been reported dead in 2004, When she and Elliott reunited, she confided that she had “burned” the leader of a Virginia motorcycle gang for drugs, and went on the run after her last known boyfriend identified the body of a mutual friend on the floor of the motel  as being her.

Her accidental overdose had proven to be an opportunity to escape back to Florida.

Anyone who really knew her would have noticed that the tattoos were all wrong….

It would have been impossible not to notice that the most signature identifying feature, an absolutely beautiful single-needle monochrome image of a Tree of Life replete with the image of a jaguar imbedded within the trunk, and leaves that turned into flying birds that covered her entire back, was conspicuous in its absence in the description of her body.

Elliott had been unsuccessfully married five times before Chiana, and Rebel may have been married as many as a dozen times under various aliases. The rest of the group’s experiences had not been nearly so extreme. Few people’s lives ever are.

All of them had been unsuccessfully married before, but they did not fit the typical mold of “Swingers”; they did not practice the lifestyle, and would have been more accurately referred to as “Polyamorous,” but the term had not come into common usage yet, and they “never joined the union or got the tattoo.”

This went way beyond promiscuity, and they all would have rejected such a judgmental label. They were extraordinary people with extraordinarily good intentions and loving hearts, and they had been born into extraordinary times and circumstances.

It was Rebel who took the lead, but in her typical way, she finally drawled so slowly that it was like molasses pouring, dark and sweet. She knew how to subtly command everyone’s attention 

“Well, I think we should take just a moment to reflect upon how we should proceed from here, I mean, Jed and Chiana are so worked up, it’s been like watching two horny teenagers at the prom, but they’re too self-conscious to start, because they know that we’re going to watch them, and they’d be right.”

“So in the spirit of charity and good will, somebody needs to distract ‘Doc’ so Chiana can focus on…well, we all know where that’s headed…”

She rolled her eyes back for a moment as she casually brought her left index finger upwards in a semicircular, clockwise fashion, taking a very long, slow, breath as she smiled broadly.

“Now, as we all know, Amy and I are especially close, and I know she’s feeling kinda vulnerable just yet and almost as self-conscious as Chiana, because there’s some emotional baggage to be resolved, even though I told her she should just trust her heart…”

Again she seemed to pause for dramatic effect.

“I’ve learned to respect and admire LeighAnn while we were on the road to here…I really like her, in fact; but I can’t read her for the life of me, like she’s still analyzing it all to decide where she fits in on all this, and I know Amy says she’s ok…”

“So again, in the spirit of Charity and Goodwill, I think it’s only proper to volunteer to help everybody relax…”

She abruptly turned to face Elliott.

“Look Doc…I really missed the hell out of your cute ass, don’t get me wrong…I do really care deeply for you, and unless somebody has any objections…’cause Chiana, honestly, I promise that I’m not trying to jump anybody else’s claim…but I think that they’re playing our song.”

As she raised her hands, palms upward, Elliott stepped toward her and lifted her upraised hands by supporting them from underneath as he gracefully drew her hands to his chest, smiling broadly as he looked deeply into her deep, dark brown eyes for the first time in too may years.

It only made sense that it should start this way.




Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 40

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What Do You Really Want?


Each one of them was just beginning to notice the subtler aspects of the onset of The Knowledge of Good and Evil when It happened…

The difference between hallucinations and The Knowing is/was/will be unlimited imagination.

It is one thing to see something that isn’t there and quite another to recognize what has been there all along, unnoticed.

It is one thing to become aware of one’s own sentience, except that the first time, it is as if you see yourself in one dimension, in monochrome; not even either absolute white or absolute black. 


A single line.

A single character. One identity, but not One Mind. It is only a tiny portion of One Mind.

Even if you try to imagine some manner of a previous existence, you imagine yourself, as if it was a series of single points on a straight line.

A timeline.

Past. Present. Future.

With the benefit of The Knowledge, for instance, you recognize that as velocity increases, so does mass, and therefore, density.

In the Quantum Realm, the spaces between sub atomic particles mimics the distances between planets in a solar system, and between solar systems in a universe.

The primary difference is scale, but regardless, even what you have learned to regard as solid matter is actually mostly empty space.

Gravity is directly proportional to Mass, as well as what is perceived as the relative velocity at which time passes when acted upon by it.

In a closed universe, if a straight line is extended far enough, it will meet itself.

In other words, if you could look far enough forward, eventually you would see the back of your own head, but you can’t, because of the magnitude of the size of the Known Universe, which itself is limited by the age of the Universe and the speed at which light travels.

What is regarded as the age of the Universe is determined by “a singularity of Time and Space.”

Everything since The Big Bang.

One Bang?, One Universe?. One Timeline?.

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

The Knowledge allows you to not only comprehend, but also to understand that in a closed universe, Past, Present, and Future are all occurring at the same time.

Velocity determines not only where you are, but when you are.

Sufficient velocity would permit faster, denser objects to pass unnoticed through slower, more rarified objects.

To say that this understanding passed between them in an instant is/was to engage in convenient nonsense, because it also took forever.

It is still happening.

The Knowing is to recognize the awareness of oneself on all planes of existence, Past, Present, and Future.

In every color.

In every direction.

Here and Now as well as There and Then.

There is no Me or You.

There is only This, just This.

One Mind, One Purpose.

Universal Consciousness.

It is one thing to recognize one’s own self; it is quite another thing to become aware of not only all that you are, who you are/was/will be, but also to recognize yourself in others, and them in you.

Like an unending feast, it is digested by each of them one bite at a time, according to their appetites and tastes, but within this shared consciousness, as each bite is taken, it is tasted by all.

All within the ever-present, never-present, present moment.




Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 39

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil



Although Jed, Rebecca and Amy had considerable experience with The Knowledge, they all acknowledged that it was never the same on one level, and exactly the same on many other levels.

Elliott was well-known for saying “I never met a psychotropic drug that I didn’t like…” and LSD, Psilocybin, Peyote, and Mescaline were at the top of the list.

 He had been wanting to try it from the minute he heard about it.

Chiana, on the other hand rarely even smoked weed, except as an enhancement to a particular ritual or ceremony, and on occasion, for sex…just not much recently.

The onset of effects in terms of the participant’s awareness of what it was that they were experiencing might initially manifest itself as either auditory, visual/perceptual, mental/intellectual/philosophical, spiritual, or physical sensations and awarenesses.

The amusing thing is that whatever door opened first, it was a choice, or rather an invention devised by your psyche, to call attention to itself long enough to distract you so as to awaken you from your dream.

Often, the telepathic awareness was well upon its users before they realized it, especially among people with a history, or common experiences and consciousnesses.

Of course, ever since the four of them had rolled into the Fourteenth Colony, Anticipation, even when offset by the slightest degree of uncertainty, had preoccupied their attentions.

The If, the How, or the When remained a common question to be determined, even as they contemplated it, unable to take anything for granted, despite the fact that they knew intuitively what each of them thought, felt, or even hoped.

Or, at least what they intended to accomplish. The truth is that nothing had remained the same within or around each of them, despite the fact that once separated, their own cognitive assessments, memories, and feelings about each other, good or bad, still remained.

Snapshots of memories, more likely than not, in arrested development, as the rest of their lives went speeding on by.

Was it possible “ love like there’s no tomorrow, and still  not cry when it’s time to go?”

How about when it’s time to go back?

“Well, at the time that was how I felt, but so much has changed since then…” is not just a cliched movie dialogue; it’s probably spoken somewhere every day, along with “…it’s not you, it’s me…”

Even when you think you know how you’re going to feel about reuniting with a long-lost love, when the time comes, it may feel different; something separated the two of you the last time, and they may not recall how you two parted as fondly as you do.

However, the likelihood of anyone traveling that kind of distance under the dangerous conditions of the road should rule out the likelihood of revenge or resentment motivating anyone in this group. 

How many times have you run into an old flame, only to be rebuffed, as if you were never really friends in the first place? It only takes once….

Some things however, were certain; Chiana’s attraction for Jed, which was hesitantly reciprocated, although everyone could see how Jed seemed reluctant to do anything to hurt Elliott.

As their perceptions continued to become more heightened, the giant elephant in the room was Jed, Chiana, and Elliott.

Once they came to grips with the fact that even their efforts to hide the infatuation swirling around them were in vain, the greater the potential for essentially hurting Elliott even more…by patronizing him, underestimating him and injecting Guilt to poison the moment.

And yet all of them watched as each of them catapulted through a series of understandings and insights communicated by a simple glance or an expression passed between the three of them, almost in an instant.

Elliott did not want to cause Chiana to censure her exploration of her feelings for Jed, as well as her attractions on a physical level, so although they usually participated and shared everything together, they agreed to be open and honest…separately, for now, just now.

But still she felt that somehow, she was not being fair to Elliott, so much so that Chiana even suddenly blurted out how Elliott was probably going to have his hands full, just “properly entertaining” the other guests, as a good host should.

Chiana suddenly realized that she was willing to encourage her husband to occupy his attention with whatever combination of three of his closest past lovers, two of which, she suddenly realized were among “the great loves” of his life, just to indulge herself in something that she did not want to ignore or deny herself.

“The Three Greatest Loves of his Life” of course, referred to before he and Chiana met. Back when he first became a sentient adult, Elliott’s “Three Winds” were the constants in his life…indeed, they had been his muses, but he didn’t even realize it until they were gone.

April Tremski was dead. It had been years since Amy or LeighAnn had been a part of his life, and for a long time, it had been sadder, and meaner for it.

Then he met Chiana. She gave him children and a sense of purpose. As they fell into and out of Love, he began to understand Stability in ways that would have been incomprehensible before he chose to devote his life to his family, to put their safety and care above his egotistical indulgences in self-expression. She was, and would forever be The One True Love of his life.

And of course the friendship between Elliott and Jed was deep, so when it was Jed who shed a single tear as he looked at both Chiana and Elliott, it seemed obvious that everyone would open their hearts sincerely to each other in both love and trust.

It only took an instant, and the uneducated eye would have barely noticed any of the almost imperceptible expressions that passed between them, and yet the rest of the group understood what they had just observed in the complete absence of words, quite eloquently.

Ever since they had arrived, Elliott had noticed that there was an odd sort of ambivalence reflected in some of his most trivial exchanges with Amy. She was quite guarded, which he interpreted as being either reluctant to give Chiana any reasons to regard her as a threat, or because she was realizing just how much she didn’t want to experience the heartaches of the past again.

She had been down that road before.

She had also experienced rejection before; and Elliott knew that it’s hard not to find the initial exhilaration of reunion suddenly replaced by resentments from the past.

She and Rebel had an amazingly intuitive relationship and it was Rebecca who wasn’t reluctant to be seen as the more aggressive of the two (with the implication that it was a group package), which might (they hoped) make the opportunity irresistible.

“Back in the day…” Amy had been Elliott’s “Chic Magnet”. It may be an arcane and sexist term by today’s standards, but the truth was that she lead more women to his bed than he ever did alone, at least at that time.

Amy had an appreciation of other women that was uncanny. It wasn’t just sexual, because she really craved to know the friendship of another woman that rivaled the friendship between Jed and Elliot.

Even though they did not have sex with each other, on many occasions, they had shared one or more women together.

At times, they realized that both Amy and Elliott compensated for their other insecurities with their considerable sexual prowess; that somehow because she feared he might grow tired of her unless she provided “the other woman” and he feared that he had to be “the stallion” that would keep her insecure and guessing, even mistrusting her own interests as a distraction from his feared ordinariness.

But in truth, they both were extraordinary people in extraordinary times. So much so that years later, they would pity anyone who hadn’t walked in their shoes.

It had been a long and crazy ride, tragically, beautifully doomed by the simple fact that back then, it was already written that in the absence of resolution, it would become finite.

Each of those lives had their own agenda, and the train was about to leave the station.

Because he chose not to make a choice, he got none.

Since Rebel also had developed a very good understanding with Chiana, they teated each other as sisters as far as Wicca and the significance of the planetary convergences occurring this weekend, but they both sensed that there was more to it than that.

Rebel later said that she figured she would “wait for the swelling to go down” before they explored the deeper and more esoteric aspects of the Moon.

She and Chiana both knew very well that each other’s agendas could reinforce themselves without conflict, and she was not shy about calling it to Chiana’s attention.

Rebel had every reason to have been the most jaded woman to ever live. As a porn star, her meteoric rise from the barefoot, superstitious, illiterate poverty of tidewater Virginia to Hollywood by way of the Adult Film Industry was tragically predictable to the point of appearing to have been scripted.

Yet although she was not shy about acknowledging her pain, as well as her toughness, her blunt frankness hid a very soft, tender heart.

When she met Elliott, she had already lost her money, gotten her heart broken repeatedly, and no longer worked in the Sex Industry. Despite this, she was surrounded by lackeys, hacks, hangers-on, and parasites. She also  was in danger of becoming addicted to opioids to counter the pain caused by a reaction to the silicone that had leaked from the breast enhancements that she felt she needed over the course of three separate, increasingly larger implants.

Now, she was so self-conscious of them that she never let anyone see them in the daylight. Anyone willing to spend the money to see them on film had well over one hundred opportunities to watch them grow dramatically, and she did not share the same modesty about her pussy.

When they had originally gotten naked yesterday after their showers, she had kept a very short cut-off tank top that was stretched so far that it was already nearly transparent. 


Elliott had made no attempt to hide his attraction to her back then, but it all started with a few simple acts of kindness, and words of appreciation, rather than transparent flattery that must have made him so irresistible to her.

He never tried to initiate any sexual advances despite numerous opportunities and innuendos, even when he was clearly as aroused as she was.

She had heard it all before, and done it all before (for money), but for Love, if she could have done it all over, she would have done it all over you. She was derisive of men who thought that they could seduce, conquer, or tame her, but Elliott had really gotten under her skin by not trying.

She could only stand so much of his seemingly guileless, compassionate detachment before she essentially threw herself at him.

Oddly, though he found her dark, smoldering sexuality very attractive, when the moment finally forced itself upon his consciousness, the fact was that he just didn’t have the heart to refuse her in her moment of weakness…

(Admittedly, the transition from pity to animalistic hedonism was almost instantaneous.)

It was a very short-lived romance, but the sex was breathtaking and the friendship they developed was uncanny, although when he moved from Florida, he made no attempt to contact her again.

He never did, not with anyone. He found that reminiscing about the past inevitably led to profound depression.

He dreaded even cleaning out an old desk drawer, for fear of reliving the longing, and the angst, or perhaps even the realization that he missed it so much, and remembered it too fondly, considering how much he complained and found fault with it for not living up to his expectations while he was living it.

Elliott might reminisce from time to time, but he was completely disinclined to look back, let alone go back, which sharply contrasted his present situation as it was unfolding before them all, and yet he was enthused and energized by it. 

But the true mystery…the wild card was of course, LeighAnn.

Elliott was not even sure if she had ever realized how much she had intimidated him in so many ways. 

She was focused, determined and direct, where he tended to be vague, evasive, and fickle. At the time, it was clear that she cared deeply for him, and there were many times when she seemed to be the only person (other than April) that he trusted not to try to manipulate him with psycho-drama.

It was right then that he suddenly realized that the abuse he had suffered as a child had convinced him that as much as he craved to find his equal, he consistently sought out the damaged, co-dependent women whom he eventually would grow bored, or annoyed with only to reject and sabotage everything between them.

He never intended to be a predator, but Sex was the one thing that seemed to empower him, to compensate for his endless imagined shortcomings and get away with playing the fool until they left him.

That was part of the problem. He often thought that she could see through his most elaborate ruses. She wasn’t so gullible as to drink the Cool-Aid and he didn’t believe in himself enough to think she could actually fall in love with him.

Sometimes, “back in the day…” he perceived mixed messages when she would drop off the radar for awhile, only to reappear just as sweet and affectionate as ever, but if she was ever truly enthralled by the Infatuation of The Crush, she never let it show…or maybe Elliott was too blind to acknowledge it.

Sometimes just the realization that you may be in the presence of your equal is enough to intimidate a man who’s not up for the challenge, even if he knows he will regret his cowardice later.

And now, he wasn’t even sure if he understood why she was here at all.

No one could want a better or more competent friend. There was a curious  undercurrent of what he perceived as a sly sexuality which he found most endearing. There always had been.

Last that he had heard, her ranch in Arizona was a truly self-sustaining operation; enough so that she believed that she could be spared for “awhile.”

Before the Crash, she had become a very sophisticated world traveler and bon vivant, but as far as he knew, she traveled more or less alone and there were few mentions of her spouse, one way or the other.

And yet, there was no mistaking that familiar pull, that feeling that somewhere around the next corner, they might suddenly find themselves in each other’s arms again, all the while wondering…“What?!?!”

At times, it had seemed that some kind of cosmic forces were at work, trying to keep them from connecting…like walking hand in hand around their campground at night during the Wild Hog Festival, afraid Elliott’s wife would suddenly catch them…or having Elliott’s mother-in law show up at his place in the middle of the night while his wife was spending the weekend in Jamaica with “a client,” demanding to know what was going on…or years later, when she came to visit him at his hotel, only to find him exhausted, with a high fever.


Certainly, it was no coincidence…yet here they were again; it would be dubious to discount whatever it was that had drawn them back into each other’s sphere of influence.

It was a delicious game of cat and mouse. He knew she was observing everyone else, including him, sizing the politics of the moment.

It was at about that time that Elliott suddenly became aware of just how transparent everything and everyone were about to become.

“Share this smoke with us now, so that our words shall be carried straight to Heaven, and there shall be no lies between us.”

(Ceremonial pipe blessing of one of tribes of the Indigenous Peoples, unknown origin)*



Chazz Vincent



  • (Author’s note: This was a phrase that I heard often when I was a child, but I don’t know from where it actually came.)

Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 37

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Science Spirits Sentience




No matter how logical, or rational, and scientific one considers oneself to be, at some point or another, Science and Spiritualism will put many people into an impasse.

Religion is another matter altogether, given the fact that the majority of the belief system is just that. A system of a series of beliefs.

Faith is what we may or may not choose to believe in the absence of empirical proof.

Then again, eventually, it would seem that even Theoretical Physics, Quantum Theory, String Theory, General and Special Relativity, ad infinitum would have to admit to base its beliefs on things speculated, rather than proven.

Faith is what we may or may not choose to believe in the absence of empirical proof.

Many might try to claim that what they believe in is based on evidence, rather than blind faith.

Usher in Heisenberg and all the corollaries of his Uncertainty Principle, ranging from the bias interjected by the observer to something akin to They became what they beheld.

Even measurement or observation may effect the outcome.

Faith is what we may or may not choose to believe in the absence of empirical proof.

Curved time and space, wormholes and parallel dimensions…well-established theories based upon solid evidence, or wild speculation in a lab coat? You be the judge.

Here’s a really interesting concept: if neither matter nor energy can be created or destroyed, and if whatever it is that animates dead organic matter is a slight, but nonetheless significant energy that is present (some say at the moment of death, that the body loses twenty-eight grams of mass), then what happens to that previously charged, focused energy?

Where does it go? What happens to it?

Can one believe in disembodied spirits (given sufficient empirical data) and still not believe in Elohim, God the Creator of the entire Universe?

Faith is what we may or may not choose to believe in the absence of empirical proof.

One of the definitions of both insanity and addiction is to repeat the same action over and over again, expecting different results, yet both in the theories of evolution as well as quantum theory, it is postulated that given enough time and repetitions, eventually there will be a mutation or variation in some part of the process that will result in either a quantum leap in Evolution, or any number of postulations about Chaos Theory.

The origin of the Universe, the Big Bang, the ability of sub-atomic particles to be in two places at the same time, or two particles in the same place at the same time and even the existence of altered realities of parallel universes that do not adhere to the rules of all physics as we know them today are nonetheless Theories.

It is generally believed that there have been numerous “Life-Ending” events that have occurred in the history of the earth, but Life keeps returning.

Some speculate that what mankind believed to be their Gods were in fact “Ancient Aliens.”

Faith is what we may or may not choose to believe in the absence of empirical proof.

Today, Jed, Amy, Rebecca, LeighAnn Chiana and Elliott would have to face beliefs that they hadn’t even known that they possessed, as well as revelations, epiphanies, insights and observations of phenomena, events, thoughts and long-forgotten memories woven into a common consciousness of essentially simultaneous inference.

They would See, Hear, and Feel experiences not possible without The Fruit  of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but even their belief in the reality of it all was based upon everything that they had ever learned or been taught to believe about their ability to draw logical conclusions based upon evidence exhibited to them.

Because hallucinations are not the same thing as the Insight, Intuition, and Imagination sufficient to observe and assimilate perceptions occult to those who had not experienced The Knowledge, it would be a mistake to regard it as simply a Drug.

The Knowledge would be more accurately regarded as a Catalyst; something that like an enzyme, unlocked and initiated a chain-reaction that in itself became increasingly self-perpetuating.

Eventually, they would have the opportunity to witness Reason seduced by Romance as Love confounded Logic without the slightest hint of contradiction or conflict.

Jed, Amy, Rebecca, and LeighAnn were already familiar with the experience, which seemed to continue to grow and evolve each time they shared it; Amy and Rebecca were expanding the One Mind/Universal Consciousness connection, effortlessly finessed to an uncanny level.

Elliott and Chiana’s initiation would close the circle and complete the circuit.







Chazz Vincent


“There are two ways to be fooled; one is to believe what is not true, the other is to refuse to believe what is.”

(Søren Kierkegaard)

Retrospective or Requiem? Well, that just Depends. Pt. IV

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In the course of discovering compassion, I was overcome by my recognition of how much suffering I saw everywhere I looked, yet my compassion for those who would aspire to torture me now enabled me to step away from their ability to inflict their pain onto me.

Now, my bitterness was replaced by Loving-Kindness first for myself, which allowed me to discover my ability to truly feel it for others.

I felt a euphoria previously unknown to me, but in the process, I began to become complacent and filled with a sort of false pride until I was forced once again to face my Edge…that point in all of our lives where we are presented with situations or people that challenge our ability to remain non-reactive, or unaffected by the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that suddenly threaten our spiritual arrogance.

Once again, I found myself in a tailspin; a flat spiral that threatened to screw me into the ground before I could pull out of it.

Many of us who have pursued meditation or Buddhism probably believed that somehow, eventually we would discover the Peace, Love and Happiness that is so ubiquitously absent from our society, but it is only when we face our emotional edge that we are presented with real opportunities to do the work necessary to gain enlightenment.

As I continued to struggle to extricate myself from the panic caused by my perceived fall from grace, I was blessed by a calamity that distracted me from my narcissistic self-pity long enough to be given the opportunity to begin a long and arduous process that is enabling me to overcome one of my greatest afflictions.

My parents grew up during the depression, and the effect of it was that I grew up in a household dominated by hoarding, although in fairness, despite the fact that I grew up waist-deep in clutter, the house was always scrupulously clean and free of trash or garbage, unlike the norm of most hoarders as characterized on television.

Almost everything fascinates me, and there are few things I can’t just pick up and operate on some level or another, and I have a predilection for rescuing and fixing things (and sometimes people).

If it is possible to be cursed by imagination and intelligence, I fit the paradigm to an extent that has been my undoing most of my life.

When we were forced to downsize from a spacious four-three to my simple “Cabin in the woods,” my treasures…an extensive firearms collection, a world-wide amateur radio station, my fishing tackle and camping gear, almost every book I had ever read or owned, the remnants of a recording studio I had once built, guitars, amplifiers and over a ton of automotive, electrical, electronic, and woodworking tools now filled every room of my tiny home literally to the ceiling until a neighbor offered to let me use a storage area larger than I could have afforded to rent.

Although it seemed to be at least a temporary fix, it just enabled my ability to keep things I seemed unable to organize or even use effectively.

Several months ago, my friend and neighbor suffered a stroke and went to the west coast to live with family and I was now forced to face my demons again.

I ended up building a workshop and storage shed large enough to allow me to shelter my tools, but small enough to force me to make decisions I had been avoiding for most of my entire life, and in order to do so, I had to organize, utilize or give away many things to a friend who is a junk dealer and even more afflicted than I.

We are both much happier now.

The sheer amount of objects that had languished so long seemed overwhelming, but due to circumstances beyond my control, they are now an integral part of my life again.

I was, however forced to recognize that the sheer maintenance of many of my possessions. as well as the pursuits they supported demanded more time than I could devote to all of them.

I am now involved in an ongoing process of deciding what I really want and giving up some things, rather than fail at all of them.

It has been said that desire is followed by suffering, but I would maintain that all life itself is followed by suffering, as well as joy.

Desire unfulfilled is its own suffering, so there is no escape.

Time and again, I find myself forced to re-invent and improve my existence, and by facing the Gestalt of it I have found a richness and sense of belonging that had been lost for so long that I had forgotten that it even existed at all.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei…

Sayonara Y’all….



Chazz Vincent


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