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Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Three

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Twin Sisters of Different Mothers and Fathers



“Well, well, well…April Tremski…at long last. Now I have a better idea of who Elliott and Amy have been talking about after all these years. You’re more than just a legend. And it’s a pleasure to meet you at last. Most folks call me ‘Rebel’.”

She started to hold out her hand, then thought the better of it, rolled her eyes, threw her hands up, and chuckled. “Well, I guess you can’t shake with a spirit…”

“Pleased to meet you too ‘Becca’, your reputation precedes you as  well…talk about legends!…Rebecca Steele?…formerly Jeannette D. Rogers…although no relation to Amy, except in all the most important ways.” April winked knowingly.

“Hey!…no one knows…” she whispered, “…that could still get me killed…but I guess their aren’t too many secrets where you come from.” Rebel seemed remarkably casual as she spoke with April.

“You came into Elliott’s life long after I was…well let’s just say…’out of the picture’…but from what I gather, it must have been fate that got you and Amy together.”

“Ain’t that the truth…Amy just walked into my shop one day…looking to get a new ‘tat’ and we hit it off right away. I had just opened up my shop, and needed an assistant, and she was looking for a better job.”

“Then I found out she is a very talented fee-hand artist in her own right…but do you know it wasn’t until…well…what was it, Honey?…maybe four weeks later?…’til I realized that Elliott was the dude that you had been talking about all along?”

“Although to tell the truth…he was the one she never got over…no offense, April…I got a feelin’ that you know what I mean though…hell, I do have to confess to missing that old bastard from time to time myself. He really is one in a million.”

Rebel mused for a moment, and then smiled broadly, adding “But I’m sure glad that we all got back together, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not even sure that you are supposed to get over him…” Amy sighed.

“The day I moved out, he couldn’t do enough to help me get settled into my new place, just like when we moved in together. Then he stopped on the causeway, and pulled out a picnic basket. It was incredibly romantic, but I thought it was completely inappropriate, considering that I was moving out…and we had not been getting along for a couple months at that point…and I was hurt and heartbroken, and then I realized that he was too.”

“He said he loved me too much to bicker over everyday bullshit…and that he felt that our love had been a beautiful romantic story, and that he knew in his heart that we would be better able to make it a romance again…that tragedy is poignant and beautiful too…and that no matter what, we would remember that afternoon.”

“And he was right…”

“We rekindled the Romance for anther four years…longer than two of his marriages lasted, in fact. Yes, we went our separate ways. I went all the way up to the Pacific Northwest just to get as far away as possible. LeighAnn went to Arizona, but she already had plans.”

“I’ve felt like a part of me was missing after that. The part that he discovered, that he showed me about myself…the part that he fell in love with…that I loved in him for seeing. No one can take that from either of us.”

“Who could have known that we all would wind up here, and now?”

By this point, it was obvious that Elliott hadn’t gotten over them either, but the effect that this reunion with April had on him went beyond words, and the effect of the sound montage was overwhelming. Tears streamed down his face, but they were clearly tears of joy.

This was turning out to be a very remarkable weekend, to say the very least.

“Hey look, April…I don’t mean to seem coarse…people tend to think that I don’t have feelings, because of my previous line of work, but we were right in the middle of some serious fuckin’ and I would like to get back to it.”

“As I recall, Amy was riding Elliott’s cock like a rented llama, and I don’t know if you…uh, well….” Rebel was surprisingly awkward for a moment.

“Let me offer a suggestion,” April interjected.

“As witches, you may anticipate what I would like to propose…”

“Wait!” Amy broke in. “If anybody’s going to propose to Rebel, it should be me…No, come to think of it, maybe Rebel should propose…I don’t know…we’re very versatile that way.” Amy spoke in a mock confidential tone.

Only Amy would even attempt to pull the leg of a disembodied spirit.

“I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your humor, Amy, but what I was leading up to is that, well, it’s Samhain…would you mind terribly if I ‘jumped in’ with you two for awhile?”

“Have you ever experienced that before?” April asked.

“I have a confession to make, Elliott…I know that you and Chiana used to invite spirits to join in…because I witnessed it a couple times…didn’t have the nerve to join in myself at that point…wasn’t sure that Chiana would be down with it if she knew it was me…”

“I know…I thought that I saw you standing in the shadows a couple times, but thought that it was just my imagination.” Elliott actually seemed to be relieved to know that he had been right. 

“Well, you were right on both fronts…it was me, but it’s ALL in your imagination…everything…you created the entire Universe within your mind.” April clearly enjoyed the Zen Kata, which was usually Elliott’s domain.

“So what do you ladies say? Mind if i jump in the mix?”

“Only if you agree to jump into Elliott too…think you’re up for a little gender-bending?” Amy was forever the provocateur when it came to deviant behavior.

“Do I get a say in any of this?” Elliott was obviously amused.

“No…” (All three women were in unanimous agreement without a moment’s hesitation.)

“But only because we already know…and you’re outnumbered, in case you haven’t noticed.” With that, Rebel kissed Elliott deeply and passionately…for the first time ever. 

From the very beginning, they had both been in denial about being anything but ‘fuck buddies’ and they had tried to replace emotion with sexual frenzy, each one reluctant to express deeper feelings to the other.

As they continued to kiss, April jumped in. Rebel felt a quickening, a thrill…an electric tingle that passed from her to Elliott. Waves of emotion passed between the three of them.

As Elliott opened his eyes, he could see April’s face as well as Rebel’s.

“MMMMM…I think we are all going to really enjoy this.” Amy purred as she lightly rubbed both of their backs.

April spoke through Rebel. “This is just the beginning.” 



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Two

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April Heralds the Winds of Change



It wasn’t until Rebel suddenly remarked “Hey, Doc…I didn’t remember that you had such a beautiful bird…” that anyone noticed Betty at all.

Elliott, forever the peacock, mistakenly thought that Rebel was referring to his cock, and replied “Vell! Sank you, Herr Doctor!” in a character voice reminiscent of Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein.’

He, Joe, Amy and LeighAnn used to play with movie dialogue for comedic effect, but the humorous aspect dropped off drastically without the mutual banter that had supported it until it became more of an obscure personal homage to a  long-gone era that no one particularly gave a fiddler’s fuck to hear.

Amy got the joke, but then saw Betty, perched on the arm of a cobra-back wicker chair in the corner, bobbing and rocking, looking for all the world like the most beautiful giant Amazon Macaw.

Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up. Toots?” Betty squawked as Amy pointed and exclaimed “Oh Fuck, yes! Look!”

All three were mesmerized, but Elliott was really flabbergasted, because he, of course had never owned any kind of pet bird and vowed that he never would…ever.

However, when Betty the Macaw morphed into Betty Boop, the thirties-era cartoon character, as she grew, Elliott couldn’t help thinking of April.

He had been the one who had encouraged her to capitalize on her resemblance to Betty Boop, right down to the short, skimpy little black dresses that the Hayes Commission had wanted so badly to prohibit…(on a nineteen thirties cartoon character, no less.)

“Hello Fred” was all it took for Elliott to recognize April’s voice, as she continued to grow into a life-sized vision of April Tremski at her young and beautiful best and happiest.

(When they had been a “Media Couple” in the local music and studio scene in Miami, they had been nicknamed “Fred and Ethyl”…yes, like in ‘I Love Lucy’…and the alcohol.)

“April? I’m amazed to see you again. I didn’t think that we could have resolved all our ‘unfinished business’ in a hundred lifetimes…but…are we OK?…” Elliott was awash with sensory and emotional overload.

“Yes Elliott, it’s me…and look…crossing over and now coming back has let me see everything with new eyes…just like you are beginning to do now.”

“The past is gone, and everything is in the present moment; always has been, as a matter of fact, but there’s good news and bad news. You’re far from off the hook…because you can’t rest on your laurels, …but you also don’t have to answer for your past mistakes.”

“Oh yeah…and every day is Judgement Day.”

April continued.

“It could have taken five hundred lifetimes to get to where we are right now. ‘The Knowledge’ has facilitated a more direct connection. It’s not about magic, or even what most people think of as Karma. If you don’t think about ‘God’ or ‘Sin’ or ‘Karma’ it is usually much easier to understand.”

“Despite sayings like ‘what goes around comes around,’ although it may seem like it, no one is enforcing any rules, laws, or anything else.”

“There’s no ‘God the Umpire’ keeping score.”

“Everything in the entire universe is a mixture of random chance and chaos that follows certain ‘probabilities’. Very complex relationships between positive and negative energies tend to follow certain trends, but nothing is absolute, so when chaos steps in, a different set of sequelae will result.”

“And from that point, it will become the ‘new normal.’

“Every day, bad things happen to good people for no reason that can be explained away with religion, and likewise, evil pricks get away, literally, with murder every day.”

“There may be consequences arising from legal or social norms, and all actions have consequences, by virtue of cause and effect, but there is no old man up in the sky, constantly saying ‘NO’, or judging you.”

“The ‘Knowledge’ enables you to perceive, and assimilate all these things that are already here…and now. Although it has been right under your nose all along, it’s somewhat like different wavelengths of light, or audio frequencies that were out of the range of your perception.”  

“Wait!…am I hearing what I think I am?” Elliott’s face was awash with emotions as the sounds of not only their previously recorded songs, but also music that they had played, but never recorded filled the air and minds/ears of everyone.

It was not a continuous replay of just one song, but more like a medley, or sound montage of all the songs and arrangements that were so typical of their works together.

Elliott, who had stood up as April appeared, dropped to his knees, overcome by a mix of joy and sadness, remorse, and reminiscence as it felt like he was suddenly re-playing every emotion he felt back then, when he felt more alive than ever before or since.

“What you are hearing is a product of who we were back then. It resonates between us; it is our common ground.”

Amy, who had been a more or less central fixture in Elliott’s life back then, was almost as deeply moved, and joyous tears streamed from all their faces.

“I thought that I had forgotten all that…it’s so beautiful.” Amy confessed.

“Well, you were a part of it too, back then.” April replied.

“Hello April…I’m so sorry…”  

“Its OK. No need for sorrow now…for any of us…no hard feelings…to tell the truth, I’ve missed you too…really. You’ve grown and matured in so many ways, I can’t imagine any need for conflict or competition.” 

“The circumstances have certainly changed, but here we are again.”

It was the music of extraordinary times, made by extraordinary people under extraordinary circumstances.

They had chosen the fringes of society and culture once before because it spoke to them in ways that ‘the lives of quiet desperation’ never could.

There had been many casualties, incredible joy, tragedy, irony, ecstasy, beauty, ugliness, horror, violence, euphoria, enlightenment and illumination, uncertainty, ignorance and despair,  and the most amazing, risky, downright foolish and irresponsible sex…lots of it.

And drugs, of course. Elliott was well-known for saying “I never met a recreational drug that I didn’t like.”

Impossibly dangerous times and dangerously irresistible pastimes…if you missed it, you might never understand it, and it seemed that it was not likely to happen like that again for a very, very long time…long enough to forget the worst of it, forget the fear…to throw caution to the wind and to live like there’s no tomorrow, and as if you’re never going to die.

Now it seemed that it was going full circle and about to begin again. A new age of Indeterminacy. An opportunity to escape the mundane, the banal, and the boring, detached lives of the hypnotized consumer-citizens enslaved by a system that they could no longer maintain or live without.

For all the chaos and uncertainty, these were familiar times to Jed, Elliott, Chiana, Amy, Rebecca and LeighAnn. Dangerous, yet amazingly creative times that had sparked a cultural revolution.

The kind of times that had once again become their comfort zones.  

Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part One

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April in October: Samhain Lifts the Veil



Betty had saved her encounter with Elliott until last, for several reasons.

First of all, there had always been an undercurrent of competition between April and Amy. They were not friends especially, nor were they enemies.

April resented when Amy would attempt to divert Elliott’s attention from her, the band, or the music. She was always welcome to sit in on their sessions, but April felt as if the time that she and Elliott spent together playing music was very special, and intimate, because she had all of Elliott’s attention by virtue of the music.

It was the only time that she felt that they were above the distractions of everyday life, and she did everything that she could to prevent any intrusions, especially with Amy’s penchant for Drama.

But lastly, and most importantly, they both were in love Elliott. Their entire overlapping circles of friendships were essentially practicing Polyamorists, long before the term came into common parlance.

(Most of the other terms were not nearly so generous back then.)

The real rub between them was because they both wished to be Elliott’s primary as he was each of their primary loves.

It is normal to experience some degree of jealousy within polyamorous relationships, and it is probably the biggest stumbling block to the long-term success of those relationships.

“Triads” tend to come and go (and sometimes come back again and again) like seasons of the year.

April had never met Rebecca before.

When last we saw the trio, Elliott and Rebel were ramping up the event with Tantric, as they took turns passing back the intense chi that they were creating, as Amy participated as Director/Participant while Elliott and Rebel remained coupled in successive positions.

The primary goal was to make sure that Elliott did not experience an orgasm for as long as possible, but this is where Tantric And Taoist practices and philosophies differ.

Taoists attempt to delay the orgasm for both, but only the male attempts to not ejaculate at all, and the females are not prohibited from reaching as many climaxes as they desire.

In Tantric and the Tao, the goal is to achieve mutual whole-body/mind spiritual/emotional climaxes by virtue of tremendous discipline and control, and admittedly, it is easier to maintain and control with three lovers, rather than just two, in order to not loose control as long as all parties cooperate.

Also, as Pagan Witches, they tended to bring their own party with them.

Not only were Amy and Rebel long-time lovers who had shared more than a few men together, but they were already deep into the summonsing and incantations most appropriate for Samhain, when the veil between the Living and the Dead is almost non-existent and both are encouraged to cross over to commune, cavort, and coexist.

Visions of indescribable Beauty as well as Power surrounded the trio as they became further entranced within the rituals. They would reach a plateau, rest and exchange affectionate play to heighten the anticipation, then resume.

Once it was apparent that Elliott was able to control himself enough not to ejaculate, it was agreed that he should “change riders” and Amy lowered herself onto Elliott’s cock while Rebel caressed and kissed the two of them.

When she mounted him, she let out a deep, guttural moan as her full, pendulous breasts heaved and swung over his face.

She remembered the hold that she had on him years ago, and how “…To Be the Hero of One’s own Hero is to Steal Fire from the God’s…”

She remembered how completely they had surrendered themselves to each other, ever sensing the tragic danger infused into their every waking minute, knowing full well that they would never look away or abandon their hearts to fear, no matter what the outcome.

All the years, all the longings and regrets disappeared as she slowly and carefully pushed herself further down onto his rigid member, neither of them daring to move as waves of pleasure rolled over both of them.

Longings, regrets, and more than a few serious resentments continued to surface in Amy’s mind until she realized that they only came when she closed her eyes…when she looked into his, it all went away.

Thousands of long-forgotten joyous memories passed between them. A sort of sticky, electric tactile discharge arced everywhere they touched, or came in close proximity, and they looked like they were covered in St. Elmo’s Fire.

Psychotropic and psychedelic drugs isolate, and can even amplify these emotions which are frequently so intense that they just boil over into tears for lack of any other manifestation as Tears of Joy flowed down both of their faces, which were changing almost constantly.

Animal forms, ancient forms, themselves in advanced age, but always recognizable as themselves, lurking underneath the veil.

A split-second in eternity. Standing on the precipice of the volcano, ready to jump into the fire, prolonging the ecstasy, not moving so as to cautiously avoid going over the edge, they stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

They both saw themselves reflected in each other’s eyes for the briefest, most fleeting of moments…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rebel slapped Elliott’s face very hard.

“Sorry Doc, but I just wanted to make sure you don’t cum…So don’t cum, mutherfukker!…OK…?” She was laughing hysterically, but Elliott’s face still stung all the same.

Although both Amy and Elliott were absolutely shocked, Rebel’s plan worked very well.

Tantric practitioners aspire to take days, even an entire weekend of “Edging” with remarkable results, although admittedly not with such unusual methods.

At first, they barely noticed Betty’s arrival, as she seemed to almost imperceptibly fade into a scene replete with many images and entities.


Chazz Vincent





Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 45

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

(…but first, a slight aside)

Since the the beginning of Time, Majik was divided into either ‘White’ or ‘Black’; as a result, the common misconception was that Witchcraft was the same as Satanism.

The European origins go back to Celtic and Pagan sources (usually referred to as Wicca) that also did not worship Satan, but Christianity kept rearing its ugly head to attribute ‘Devil-Worship’ to anything not related to Christian practices.

Cultural differences account for whether it was called ‘Lukumi de Babalu Aye’ or ‘Yoruba Omo Orisha,’ or ‘Los Guerreros de Babalu,’ ‘Santeria,’ ’Voodoo’, or even ‘Hoodoo;’ it called upon spirits called ‘Orichas’ or ‘Loa’ to conjure power for either benevolent or malevolent purposes as practiced by African and Caribbean Peoples.

For this reason, it is necessary to specify and purify one’s intentions before starting down this path, although one is not specifically protected from the deceptions and trickery of what might be considered ‘Evil’ or ‘Demonic’ entities.

When one opens oneself up to outside energies there is a certain calculated risk of invasion by trickery and deception by those with evil intent. Some Occult practitioners utilize Sentries or Guardians to stand watch over them during the invocation ceremonies, or during astral travel, when they are most vulnerable,.

Unfortunately, many practitioners of ‘White Majik’ have had their power watered down by endless limitations of concepts of ‘Purity’ or otherwise benign and useless, fearful nonsense.

Real, tangible Power is rarely exhibited by practitioners of White Magic, who, much like American Democrats, live in a world where only the Republicans who have no scruples can actually seize Power by ‘any means necessary’, and close their ranks when one of them is challenged, while the Democrats bicker over minutia and endlessly turn upon each other, waiting for the Republicans to lose, like dogs awaiting the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables.

The ability to control and manipulate one’s environment according to Will and Desire is real Power.

Amy, Rebel, and Jed became familiar with an eclectic synthesis, or syncretized practices (not related to Satanism) that utilized these spirits and ‘Orishas’ to transcend the boundaries of the finite. The Living are limited in their powers, while those of the spirit realm lack physical bodies to accomplish common goals shared by both.

At The Home for Wayward Souls, (The source of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) these ‘Orisha’s’ were regarded like hobos jumping onto a moving train, except that once the hobos arrived, the train could fly. (Symbiosis, rather than Parasitism).

Amy, Rebecca, and Elliott picked up their robes and followed Elliott to his guest quarters on the right side of the trailer used for the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms. The master bedroom was located on the other side, where Chiana and Jed were discovering each other.

“Before Armageddon, we used to entertain quite a bit out here, but ever since the collapse of the world as we knew it, we haven’t had any guests visit us, and I can’t think of a more auspicious occasion than this” Elliott was proud of his compound, and this room was no exception.

In fact, this room occupied an entire storage container. It had windows cut into the sides, and the cut-out were hinged so as to function as shutters, if needed.

The interior was paneled in locally harvested cypress, the floors were oak.

The most notable feature was the California King bed in the very center of the room. By not placing the head against a wall, it allowed entry from any side (if you will pardon the pun).

This room had hosted many close encounters of the most personal kind, and if those walls could talk…well, that could fill at least one very intriguing novel itself.

Elliott had the foresight to turn on the air conditioner shortly before they arrived, because even if…their guests would still need accommodations.

“Well Doc, Amy set you up with some pretty high expectations about how we should start, but unless you’ve lost your touch, you should be ‘up’ for the challenge…you already know that I will do my best to ensure that she is happy.”

Elliott’s cock was so hard it hurt, and truth be told, it had been quite a while since there had been any real passion in his life.

With that, Rebel pushed Elliott backwards onto the bed and straddled his hips in a flash. Amy jumped next to Elliott’s head in a kneeling position, and began to excitedly whisper into his ear as Rebel began to very lightly brush her labia up and down along his cock.

“Now pay close attention to what happens next, Doc, because I’ve learned a thing or two since last we met, and the powers of the Moon are very strong tonight. It will be many years before we see a convergence of a Blood Moon, a Blue Moon, and Samhain on the same weekend.”

“Amy and I as well as Chiana, (once she gets her ya-ya’s back) are going to draw down the Moon and summons up the spirits of those not seen for many years now.”

Amy continued “We have the ability to gain immense power through providing our bodies to do their bidding, but be sure we are only vehicles to those seeking to empower Compassion, Love, Rapture, Illumination, Satsang, and Moksha.”

“Through Kundalini and Tantric, we can merge the Sephiroth with the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

“We act as lightning rods for energies that reinforce certain frequencies and resonate them by preparing ourselves as vessels to coalesce those energies compatible with our purpose.”

“As part of our preparation for those events we also do a lot of fucking in the process,” Rebel added.

“It revs your motor if you do it right. I know you remember discussing the use of Tantric to raise, rather than dissipate your vital life forces” Amy recalled.

“We’re gonna do a lot of both, by the way” Rebel interjected.

“So before I tip you right over the edge, I’m gonna let you use some of that fine, high-level chi that you’ve been building up inside you to help bring me up to the next level, so we can pass it back and forth as we charge each other up another notch each time.”

With that, Rebel walked on her knees up to Elliott’s face, being careful to keep just out of reach of his all-too-eager tongue, taunting him. “Not so fast, Darlin’…savor the moment…drink in the smell…I recall you got the nose of a hound-dog…used to call it ‘the bouquet of the human flower’. First time you called it that I liked to laugh my fuckin’ ass off…”

Elliott relaxed his neck and let his head fall back onto the bed as he inhaled deeply through his nostrils.

She was right, of course.

With each of Elliott’s inhalations, Rebel would breathe out, and writhe slightly just above his face. Both were exchanging the energy back and forth between them, building upon each other’s energy and desire.

She continued to grind and gyrate her hips provocatively before suddenly planting her snatch onto his face, moaning slightly and taunting him.

“Show me how much you missed me, Darlin’…give back just a little of what we’ve been giving you…pass it on.”

Rebel had always preferred a ‘Brazilian’ trim on her mons. Just a ‘landing strip’ of short, neatly trimmed hairs, and ‘smooth as a baby’s ass’ on everything south of her little patch.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy while Amy continued to give him verbal encouragement.

“OK, now sit up and get on your knees and sit back on your heels while Becca wraps her legs around your waist. Put your hands around her ass while she puts her hands around your neck.” Amy instructed.

She was referring to one of the primary positions of Tantric. It allows its practitioners to gradually increase the sexual excitement between them without reaching orgasm. The tension generated huge amounts of energy, and by communing in this way, as they passed the energy back and forth, eventually they would reach a spiritual and emotional orgasm of a magnitude unknown to anyone else.

Taoists practice this in a similar fashion, but believe that by refraining from the physical orgasm, they retained their vital essences and energies, and experienced a form of life extension as well as consciousness expansion.

They however, in their syncretized practices would most definitely not be withholding any orgasms of any kind, but in building and passing the stored energies, like human capacitors, would experience a massive, shuddering discharge of mind-altering proportions.

All in good time.
Chazz Vincent

Once in a Blue Agave Moon: chapter 43

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It’s (Not) Like You Never Left…

(But It’s damn good to be back)


“I’m not in any hurry to re-locate to better-suited quarters, because a part of me wants to just be right here, right now…maybe it’s just a dream, and I don’t want to wake up yet.” Amy was clearly blissed, yet still apprehensive.

“And if it isn’t a dream? …ok, I’m just kidding…of course it’s a dream, but I like this dream very much.” Elliott replied.

“But just suppose it wasn’t…then what? What is real?” Amy asked.

“This is real.” Elliott was smiling as he spoke.

“But you just said it was a dream.” Amy interjected.

“It is.” Elliott countered.

“Which is true?” Amy couldn’t quite decide if she was becoming more intrigued, or irritated by the banter. 

“They both are false” (Everybody knew that Elliott wasn’t trying to be a prick, but where Zen Kata was concerned, this was actually playful, or at least he thought so.)

Many tended to disagree with him on that belief, and only his most trusted friends ever understood it, or cared to try, until only a very scant few remained.

“Then what is true?” Amy pleaded.

“Fish swim with the tides, into and out of the lagoon to the sea.”

“Well for fuck’s sake, Doc, why didn’t you just say so in the first place?” Rebel had waited to let the other two finish, and yet somehow, the three minds became one from completely different points of view by virtue of intersection.

A spiritual, virtual singularity of time and space.

The Esoteric, the Transcendental, the Sublime, Moksha…

في مكان حيث أن الكلمات لا معنى لها

(In a place where words have no meaning,)

Palpable, visible galvanic skin response…a Quickening that emanates from the lowest chakras to the crown and back before exiting the navel to engulf each other.

They draw down the Moon. They are grounded by the earth as inductances and capacitances flux to focus and radiate resonant frequencies, harmonics and heterodynes through the air, and by even the slightest touch, they are transmitted, focused and amplified by the magical power inherent in the number Three.

So esoteric that it takes extraordinarily strong medicine to experience this most esoteric state of being; not just from mediation, or prayer, or even Dharma Action, or Wicca, or any single religion or discipline because it weaves them all together.


Because to know this state of mind, within even the shortest instant, suddenly time stands still, then evaporates as this connection, The Knowing that connects the three of you with a stillness capable of lifting the reflection of the Moon from the surface of a pond is to know Heaven.

It will not make you more attractive, but it will allow you to see the beauty within all living things.

It will not make you rich, but you will know contentment beyond mere wealth. Money comes, money goes, yet we remain.

Envy, Jealousy, and Fear evaporate.

Just remember one thing.

“Enlightenment is not the Eternal Kiss of True Love.”

We are but a flash of light, reflected endlessly.

As the three of them held each other, they passed these waves of pure undefined Pleasure effortlessly, as if balanced on the edge of Rapture in endless time before time.

Eventually The Knowledge stays with you. It will calm your soul.

“Would you two women allow me the pleasure of escorting you to our guest quarters?” 

“Certainly.” when they spoke in unison, their voices warbled and folded back on each other in a way that created a thickening that sounded oddly electronic, as if auto-tuned.

It was as sexual as it was disarming, and that flicker of startled energy created ripples across the stillness that just as quickly dissipated.

“We have guest quarters that are as comfortable and accommodating as they are private.”

Their auras were expanding with each pulsation of shared energies. The glow was broad-band across the full spectrum of light. As they overlapped, they became one as their breathing became synchronized without any conscious effort.

“…And now we begin again…”

Indeterminacy arising from Singularity.



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 42

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Meanwhile, in a Shared Separate Reality….



Chiana led Jedidiah back to the house more excited than she could remember being in a very long time. In fact, she couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had felt much of anything except for resignation.

Under normal circumstances, people do not allow themselves to acknowledge these feelings, and they suffer for it.

Guilt, denial, and social conditioning prevent us from doing so.

The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was so named because it’s discoverer, Merlin believed that whatever was responsible for imparting Sentience to Humans was a quantum leap in consciousness that smacked of outside intervention (possibly chemical) and the Bible (for what it’s worth as an attempt to account for the nature of our existence) specifically attempts to demonize The Serpent as either Satan, or one of his emissaries, despite the fact that the Old Testament rarely made any references to The Dark Lord, which appears to be largely a Christian invention.

God was pissed because his pet monkeys went and got…well, human, declaring “ …they think that they are like Us…” 


It seemed that Sentience was not a part of God’s plan for mankind.  

One of the functions of The Knowledge is it’s ability to allow its user to see everything exactly as it is. “…just this, only this.” Somehow,, it facilitates a separation of all of the component parts of any event, any phenomenon, to a point approaching fragmentation of all incoming stimuli.

To wit: even the most seemingly innocuous event can trigger occult associations of previous similar events, or emotions or other sequelae into slices or fractions of its overall composition, like an autopsy or post-mortem, often exposing the fallacy, the hypocrisy, the faulty associations, incorrect assumptions, and even cruelty of all its component parts.

Perhaps even more usefully, it also connects the dots, or fills in the missing information to identify, expose, or suggest associations not previously apparent as to what is real, and what is not real, what is true from what is not true.

It also has the reputation of “re-booting the entire table of contents of your brain” and every event that has ever happened in your life.

It is not either especially cruel, or falsely conciliatory or hopeful because it is pure truth, devoid of the hypnotism of the interlocking series of self-sustaining lies built upon a foundation of Fear that supports virtually every institution of every culture or society since the beginning of time.

The exhilaration of being lifted up from the dank, cavernous swamp of duḥkha, freed of samsari is so liberating and joyous that only the word Rapture comes close in its description.

Which is, of course a great inspiration for the most glorious fucking that you have ever experienced; suddenly liberated from Guilt, Shame, embarrassment, self-consciousness, and Fear, Sex is the ultimate expression of physical joy, attempting to mirror the ultimate realization of The Knowing.

In this way, it is not Desire born out of need, but rather of Joy, a vehicle to catapult  it’s initiates beyond the Veil of Tears.

Chiana was dripping wet with anticipation as she drew Jed into their shower. “I want us to be completely clean before we get as dirty as we want.”

The water was hot, and steam filled the room as she grabbed a bar of scented soap that she had set aside in anticipation of this moment.

Her hands rubbed the soap to produce a thick, luxurious lather that she applied to his cock, his balls and his ass before rinsing him off, and as she began to suck his cock, she rubbed the soap all over her tits and armpits, then her hungry cunt and ass, never stopping a relentless ballet of licking, sucking, and swallowing as she forced his long, hard cock further and further down her throat.

“Ahhhhh…oh God! Please slow down just a little or else I’m going to cum in about five seconds! Oh shit! I mean it…I wanted to be able to really take my time to pleasure you…and…uh…”

Somehow she managed to utter “Go ahead…I want you to…” as she stuck her soapy middle finger up his asshole, searching for his prostate like a heat-seeking missile.

She felt his anus clench, then relax just very briefly before wave after wave of paroxysms wracked his body. As it did, Chiana only intensified her violation of Jed’s ass.

Then she felt the violent spasms producing waves of semen gushing down her throat as she swallowed his throbbing cock completely.

He was still twitching slightly as she slid the rest of him out of her mouth. She almost started to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, then thought the better of it, and lightly drew her fingers across her lips, then smiled as she looked up to Jed, who was sliding downwards with his back against the shower wall.

His eyes were glazed, and his mouth hung open. He sighed deeply.“You know that this is only the beginning…right? Jed looked ecstatic, albeit slightly shaken, and yet amazingly calm. He appeared to be surrounded by an electric-blue envelope of light.

“I certainly hope so…unless it’s just the usual five or six quick ones and then off to tell the boys…” Chiana shook her head joyously to throw off the water from her beautiful mane of dark brown hair.

“Oh yeah…me too, but I meant, well, The Knowing…it gets a whole lot more intense…sometimes it gets to be overwhelming…and it doesn’t stop for almost twelve hours…nothing really scary, or sinister, at least for most people…you’ve got nothing to worry about, not from what I perceive in you…everything connects to everything else, and then comes back around again…just let it come to you….”

“What I would like more than about anything would be to perceive that long, beautiful cock deep inside me…but no rush, no pressure…seriously though, I can’t believe this is all happening so fast…I hope that you don’t feel awkward about Elliott. I think that he’s actually relieved by this, to tell you the truth.”

“He knows that I would never do anything to hurt him…at least I hope so. Our intention was to utilize his talents, and reputation, but we were seriously concerned that you would feel threatened by the history that we have together…who knew?”

“Well, you changed all that, now didn’t you? Neither one of us could have anticipated this, and it’s not like we have to hide anything…and well, maybe this will save our marriage…I have no intention of…”

“And me neither…don’t get me wrong…but I know that ‘The Knowledge’ will help give us the insight to see how this will fit together for all of us.”

“To tell you the truth, I can’t claim to have been very supportive about Elliott’s obsession with Polyamory…we were swingers before we were even a couple, but I never felt any kind of feelings for any of our playmates. The were just live sex toys to me. That’s how I dealt with it.”

“So I can assume that it’s not all just physical?”

“Well, I thought that was all it was…maybe I hoped it was…I don’t know…”

“Actually, I meant that you are also gaining some insight into your own psyche, right?”

“Yes, of course. It doesn’t threaten me now to reflect on things like how my mother fucked my head all up with her vicious bullshit. Some of it has been buried so deeply that I didn’t even see what it had done to me…shit, most of my family is just plain out of their minds, now that I look at it with new eyes.”

“Well, you’re not alone there. None of us are. Most of the trappings of Culture, Religion, and societal norms are just a way of controlling the population to benefit the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men…and their primary weapon of choice is Fear.”

“You know, right now I’d really appreciate it if you can just hold me for a little while as I let this all sink in…and give you a chance to catch your breath…I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but…maybe in a little while we could pick up where we left off?” she asked.

Chiana noticed that it looked like it might not take all that long, after all.



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 41, pt. 1

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At Last, What You’ve All Been Waiting for…


There is such a thing as too much fanfare, were it to be much ado about nothing, but some things are important enough to deserve research, and the preparation is just the cost of doing business.

On the one hand, Elliott and Chiana were comfortable in their current lives together. They, as well as the other members of The Fourteenth Colony had developed a system that allowed them to be mutually interdependent enough to allow them support and protection and still maintain personal independence.

Unfortunately, Comfort and Adventure are not especially compatible, and the boredom that had been brewing between them had begun to border on alienation.

They lived well, and wanted for little, but as Jed pointed out, the entire country was in a state of flux, and some semblance of economic order was returning.

People were desperate and disorganized, except for certain regions where there were still sufficient means of production of essential goods or industrial products, or inventories of equipment or parts, and in many cases, those who still owned or controlled them could get people to work for credits, or even a sort of company store arrangement that allowed them to maintain a subsistence level of living, more or less like before.

It was a time when those who were bold enough and capable enough to seize the opportunities they either found or made, to attain a level of autonomy and control not afforded to them before the system collapsed.

It now hinged on an unlikely coincidence that this circle of friends were once again being drawn together, but whatever it had been that had brought them together years before, in a different world, was returning, and as the wheel turned round and round, it was becoming inevitable.

This was more than just sexual attractions or old romances because in truth, what had drawn together before was their character and their nature.

Years before, they were the heart of a group of about three dozen iconoclasts and societal rebels loosely dubbed The Gonzo Media Freaks, plus numerous transitory aficionados.

Art, Music, and Literature professors turned themselves into willing Lab Rats breaking new ground in Human Sexuality led by several of the Psychology Department staff and innumerable “plus ones” who came and went, but eventually, it came back down to a cast of less than a dozen principals, long before Amy showed up at Rebel’s tattoo shop, years later.

Orinignally, Jed, Amy, Rebecca, and LeighAnn were not sure if they would be able to convince Elliott that he even needed to get involved, but although they were worried that Chiana might resent their history together or feel intimidated or jealous, she was proving to be the turning point, and Jed had become the deal-maker.

Skills, innate abilities, and competence had provided the motivation, and chemistry was proving to be the catalyst, and now The Knowledge was about to provide the insight and guidance to unite them in ways that Elliott and Chiana could never anticipate.

There might have been some degree of awkwardness about initiating whatever was to follow, considering the fact that Chiana had only met the four of them a little over twenty-four hours ago, but the intuitive connections that were blossoming courtesy of The Knowledge made it all seem perfectly natural.

Most people would have regarded Elliott as a sex addict, and a possible “serial monogamist,”and Rebel (aka Jeanette Dee Rogers, Jeannie Markvart, Rebecca Moore, et al), indeed the veritable Rebecca Steele, (“Becca”) had been a formerly famous porn star.

Although she had been reported dead in 2004, When she and Elliott reunited, she confided that she had “burned” the leader of a Virginia motorcycle gang for drugs, and went on the run after her last known boyfriend identified the body of a mutual friend on the floor of the motel  as being her.

Her accidental overdose had proven to be an opportunity to escape back to Florida.

Anyone who really knew her would have noticed that the tattoos were all wrong….

It would have been impossible not to notice that the most signature identifying feature, an absolutely beautiful single-needle monochrome image of a Tree of Life replete with the image of a jaguar imbedded within the trunk, and leaves that turned into flying birds that covered her entire back, was conspicuous in its absence in the description of her body.

Elliott had been unsuccessfully married five times before Chiana, and Rebel may have been married as many as a dozen times under various aliases. The rest of the group’s experiences had not been nearly so extreme. Few people’s lives ever are.

All of them had been unsuccessfully married before, but they did not fit the typical mold of “Swingers”; they did not practice the lifestyle, and would have been more accurately referred to as “Polyamorous,” but the term had not come into common usage yet, and they “never joined the union or got the tattoo.”

This went way beyond promiscuity, and they all would have rejected such a judgmental label. They were extraordinary people with extraordinarily good intentions and loving hearts, and they had been born into extraordinary times and circumstances.

It was Rebel who took the lead, but in her typical way, she finally drawled so slowly that it was like molasses pouring, dark and sweet. She knew how to subtly command everyone’s attention 

“Well, I think we should take just a moment to reflect upon how we should proceed from here, I mean, Jed and Chiana are so worked up, it’s been like watching two horny teenagers at the prom, but they’re too self-conscious to start, because they know that we’re going to watch them, and they’d be right.”

“So in the spirit of charity and good will, somebody needs to distract ‘Doc’ so Chiana can focus on…well, we all know where that’s headed…”

She rolled her eyes back for a moment as she casually brought her left index finger upwards in a semicircular, clockwise fashion, taking a very long, slow, breath as she smiled broadly.

“Now, as we all know, Amy and I are especially close, and I know she’s feeling kinda vulnerable just yet and almost as self-conscious as Chiana, because there’s some emotional baggage to be resolved, even though I told her she should just trust her heart…”

Again she seemed to pause for dramatic effect.

“I’ve learned to respect and admire LeighAnn while we were on the road to here…I really like her, in fact; but I can’t read her for the life of me, like she’s still analyzing it all to decide where she fits in on all this, and I know Amy says she’s ok…”

“So again, in the spirit of Charity and Goodwill, I think it’s only proper to volunteer to help everybody relax…”

She abruptly turned to face Elliott.

“Look Doc…I really missed the hell out of your cute ass, don’t get me wrong…I do really care deeply for you, and unless somebody has any objections…’cause Chiana, honestly, I promise that I’m not trying to jump anybody else’s claim…but I think that they’re playing our song.”

As she raised her hands, palms upward, Elliott stepped toward her and lifted her upraised hands by supporting them from underneath as he gracefully drew her hands to his chest, smiling broadly as he looked deeply into her deep, dark brown eyes for the first time in too may years.

It only made sense that it should start this way.




Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon; ch. 35

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil


As the shadows began to lengthen, the sun no longer shone straight down into the center court. As the intensity of the light under the canopy of the hanging gardens began to lessen, it was quite obvious that everyone was beginning to really see the visual effects that Amy had so meticulously described earlier in the day.

But the visual effects were pale in comparison to the mental, psychological, and emotional products of this drug.

Complex relationships between empirical data and research, theories, philosophy, and every single anecdotal experience that you may have thought was long forgotten suddenly seemed to be interconnected in ways you could not possibly assimilate or anticipate in ten lifetimes.

That is because The Knowledge had a reputation for restoring long-buried engrams and their neurological connections in a way that had been described as ‘Re-booting your Table of Contents’.

In a computer, if the Table of Contents becomes corrupted it becomes virtually impossible to access the information stored there, rendering it useless.

Human brains, on the other hand, have an ability to interpolate and draw conclusions or cross-reference data (experience) in ways not commonly possible with most computers.

But it is somewhat random or haphazard insofar as the thinker may perceive a commonality between two seemingly unrelated subjects or experiences, or simple facts that would not have been identified as being related, but with the assistance of The Knowledge, everything becomes connected.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is based upon the concept that, for instance, by simply observing, or measuring a phenomenon, it becomes altered by the observer.

It is also further postulated that the observer may interject prejudgements or may be unable to discern the difference between allegedly causal relationships and mere synchronicity, i.e. “after this, therefore because of this” or in Latin “Sic hoc ergo propter hoc.”

And although in purely analytical and empirical terms, this is a distinct danger, it has the potential to also account for creativity and insight to which virtually all computers (at this time) are incapable.

Courtesy of The Knowledge, your ability to access everything and anything that you have either experienced or learned and connect the dots by inferring or assuming the commonality between seemingly unrelated data represents a quantum leap in human intelligence not normally possible via computers.

All neurological impulses are governed and transmitted by neurotransmission and neuromodulator chemicals, most notably acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase.

In addition serotonin, glutamate, GABA, dopamine, and norepinephrine are linked to the thought process, anxiety, depression, and even relaxation.

Additionally, neuropeptides are responsible for regulating brain activity, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory, as well as emotional responses.

The chemist responsible for discovering the effects of what was to become called The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was developing a next-generation antidepressant when he noticed some intriguing properties of one of the bi-products of its synthesis.

Since it was considered to be a waste product, his access to large quantities of it went completely unnoticed by the manufacturer.

After additional research and fine-tuning, several analogs and numerous isomers later, The Knowledge (the short nickname) was perfected.

A threshold dose was approximately one hundred micrograms. Within eighteen months, its creator had produced enough of it to dose the entire world daily for over one hundred years.

Since it was clear that the government would undoubtedly declare it to be a schedule one controlled substance, like LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, et al, he decided to hide it on the grounds of a New-Age religious group called The Home for Wayward Souls, of which he was a founding member.

Between the legal complications of protection of religious freedoms and a very thorough screening process of anyone being considered to receive it, even rumors of the existence of the drug were kept to a minimum.

Regardless, even if the DEA had known what they were looking for, it is doubtful that they could ever find it, given the extensive grounds and outbuildings that comprised the entire complex, often called The Sanctuary.

Jed and his accomplices (aka: The Three Winds) had become semi-regular attendees at The Sanctuary and courtesy of his preternatural talents for barter, had acquired a considerable quantity (“Just in case…”).

Neither Merle, nor Ash would ever sell any of it, but they had a great respect for Jed and his entourage, and wanted to allow them the opportunity to help make the world a better place, which they all believed themselves to be doing.

So there they were, perched on the edge of a precipice of truly mind-boggling proportions in every direction.

Would they confirm their hopes that this was to be a positive, creative, and profitable enterprise for all parties concerned?

The unexpected chemistry between Chiana and Jed had altered their original paradigm, where it was believed that Chiana would prove to be the wild-card as far as liking and accepting everyone else, as well as their modus operandi. 

Now, there was little doubt that she and Jed would be exploring any number of possibilities, but the long-term compatibilities would take time before they could be determined.

Everyone else had already experienced the push-pull, or waxing and waning of their mutual infatuations long ago. 

Although she had proven to be an unexpectedly different sort of wild card, they wondered if Elliott would be the one having to deal with jealousy issues.

A week ago, they would have all said “Never! It’s not in his programming to be jealous.” but that seemed like a very long time ago now.

And although Elliott seemed to be cautious or guarded in terms of expressing his emotions regarding the three women who had once been lovers in past times, he was surprisingly good-natured about Chiana’s behavior with Jed.

“Wise move, Elliott” was all Leigh-Ann would allow herself to even think; she alone was the one guided more by reason than emotion, and she was definitely keeping her cards close to her chest. 

“You gotta give action if you want to get action.”

The next twenty-four hours would probably see the answers to all these questions revealed.



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 34

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The Garden, the Serpent, and Eve…


Chiana was very proud of their garden. Although it was an unending work in progress, it was beautiful, lush, and soothing.

Elliott had defined the outer boundaries with rough-hewn upright timbers buried three feet in the earth surrounded by broken coral rock or concrete that had to be brought in as it became available while foraging, or through barter, with cement poured in around the voids to create substantial footers to support the cross-beams.

Those cross-beams supported all manner of hanging plants ranging from air plants to orchids and several varieties of ivy and climbing vines, with the plants that required the most sunlight arranged higher than the others, so as to provide shelter for the more sensitive plants as well as to provide welcome shade in several areas for flowers, plants and bushes as well as people on the ground.

The hanging gardens were predominantly located in the corners, and around the perimeter of everything. Rose bushes, boxwood, and Florida Cherry enclosed the entire garden using trellises to support the roses and various vines and climbing plants.

In the very center, a small banyan tree had been planted.

Shelves made of salvaged lumber were constructed so as to be movable, depending upon what they were intended to provide support as new or young items were being cultivated.

Paths meandered through the area between the center and the outside perimeter so as to allow for longer walks, as well as a certain feeling of isolation as much as privacy, and you could easily wander into a small side path and remain unseen to anyone unless they were right there practically next to you.

Here and there, she had placed flagstones as either markers, or a place to sit, or stand along the paths. These are not easily located in Florida and were premium items for barter unless they traveled farther up North, but most people had no use for them, in favor of items more suited for everyday survival.

And seen in that light, it was easy to understand Elliott and Chiana’s reservations about needing much of anything. Survival was no longer on the table. 

They were comfortable, at least for now, but Nature abhors a vacuum, and Change is endemic to all life.

The whole area was probably no more than about seventy-five by one hundred feet, but once inside, it seemed much larger, but most inviting to those who enjoyed it.

Chiana led the way to the center of the garden and the other five followed, or rather, wandered behind her. It was clear that everyone was beginning to experience the effects of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Call it foreshadowing, or symbolism, but it was Rebel who suddenly said “You know, if I didn’t know better, I would think that I was in the Garden of Eden right now.”

Chiana came up beside Rebel as she was speaking and very slyly said “Well thank you Rebecca, I’m quite flattered to hear you say that. This has become both my sanctuary and my primary focus of my best and most creative abilities and efforts.”

“But tell me just one thing, my dear…Who is to be the Serpent, and who shall be Adam? Chiana leaned toward Rebel as if inquiring in confidence, but it was a stage whisper intended for everyone.

“I don’t mean to sound pretentious, but it should be obvious that Elliott and Chiana are Adam and Eve…” LeighAnn suggested.

“After all, it’s their garden” she added.

“Which means that Jed would be The Serpent?…or am I making too much symbolism out of all this?” Chiana’s eyes sparkled with mischief, and there was a decidedly ‘psychedelic’ gleam across her face as she spoke.

If she thought that everybody didn’t already know where this was headed, she was definitely misinformed.

Jed, LeighAnn, Amy, and Rebel could not have anticipated Chiana’s infatuation with Jed any more than they could have foreseen the events that had finally led them here in the first place.

Samhain (Sauin), a Blood Moon, and a Blue Moon were predicted to occur tonight in conjunction with a Lunar Eclipse. The number of coincidences that have to be in play for this to happen at the same time are so rare that it only occurs once in many, many years….

It was to be a Necromancer’s Honeymoon…The Witch’s Woodstock…the Apex of the Occult…

And out here, on the edge of the Everglades, you could feel the pulsations of pure energy. The animals were animated and emboldened, but no more especially aggressive than usual.

After all, the Cycle of Life never takes a holiday. One Man’s Meat… is another animal’s leg, or ribs…or head…and vice-versa.

Chiana was indeed a daughter of the Moon, and had been anticipating this weekend for over a year. Although usually a very gracious hostess all by herself, since she and Rebecca had bonded over their mutual practice of Wicca, she had no fears about her own agenda being interrupted by any outsiders…

…Except for yet another agenda she was hoping to conjure with one Mr. Jedediah Drummond, and even that was already ‘in the cards’, and would (she hoped) only be heightened by these celestial alignments, and The Knowledge…



Chazz Vincent


OIABAM: Indeterminacy, chapter31

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His best friend, a retired porn star he had once rescued long ago, two of the great loves of his life, and his wife…now thoroughly infatuated with his best friend.

All the necessary ingredients for a really complicated Daisy-Chain of Karma.

With all the commotion and uproar since their arrival, it was in the occasional odd quiet moments that he realized how much Amy’s sudden appearance had managed to preoccupy increasingly larger portions of Elliott’s most private thoughts.

Amy Rogers; originally of Miami Beach, of late a true Mondo Civitano.

Her intellect at least matched (perhaps even exceeded) Elliott’s, which not only hypnotized him when they first met, but he soon began to realize just how shrewd she had been since they had arrived.

When she called him “Boss” over the radio, he couldn’t have been more stunned, and once it sank in that it really was her, he was overcome with emotion, realizing that he might just “choke” (cry) when he saw her, (absolutely not acceptable in his world), but instead she managed to slip back and forth between distraction (with Rebel’s help) and just enough familiarity to provoke speculation without showing her hand.

(It never occurred to Elliott that Amy might be just as apprehensive about direct, sincere, or emotional interaction as he was.)

She had been like a fan-dancer, showing only as much as she chose, all the while implying…hinting…alluding to so much more.

Up until she had explained some of the visual experiences associated with The Knowledge…, she had also scrupulously avoided exposing either her mind, or the depth of her character, or how well-cultured she really was, but to Elliott, it had been conspicuous in its absence.

She knew that he would be expecting her to reveal her intentions, all the while playing coy, ever the coquette, avoiding direct interactions with Elliott, and using Jeannette Rogers, her “twin sister of different mothers and fathers” (aka Rebel, Rebecca Steele, and about a dozen other aliases) as bait to sweeten the deal, much like she had done so many times before, so long ago, without having to risk outright rejection.

…Not a second time, and he knew it, having had so many years to ponder if it had been a mistake to let her walk away the first time.

They both pretended it was mutual, even though neither of them wanted it to end, each hoping the other would intercede; both of them regretting that they hadn’t, even as they were doing it…Ah! Pride….

In the bigger scheme of things, they probably had a metric shit-ton of Karma to burn off first…and other fish to fry…but this had been unresolved for so long; long gone, but not forgotten…just sent to a dormant wing of each others’ brains that had been shut down since that acid trip at the Pink Floyd concert.




Chazz Vincent


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