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Once in a Blue Agave Moon, chapter 51

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Don’t pretend You Didn’t See this Coming

With the dawn, came a new twist.

“April…” (Amy and Rebel were speaking in unison again.)

“We’ve got a favor to ask…we’ve been thinking…we think it’s Elliott’s turn.”

“Haha! Do you know that I’ve never ‘jumped in’ on a man in a sexual setting? You may be surprised to hear this, but the only contemporary cultures that use sex as a vehicle for uniting with the spirit world are Caribbean and African Santeria and Voodoo.” April’s freestanding image was becoming clearer and more distinct, less translucent, almost as if it were solid.

 “Don’t get me wrong…I would love to be inside Elliott while he was inside either of you. I think we are in agreement about being curious about what it’s like to have a cock.” the glow surrounding April began to pulse.

“I never even thought to try this before, but I think that I could jump in on one of you and we could both jump into Elliott together, but keep in mind, that while we’re doing it, your spirit will essentially leave your body…like in Astral Travel. Are you comfortable with that?”

April remembered her experiences at The Home for Wayward Souls, the South-Florida new-age religious cult, and their explorations into Universal Mind and Cosmic Consciousness, or One Mind.

“I can’t think of a more safe environment to do it, but although you will be fully conscious, it will be in a remote state, and we don’t want you to have to jump back in suddenly, if there’s any danger…”

“Of course, we will all still be here, but…”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea…How about while you and Elliott are screwing Amy if I pegged you two?” Rebel suggested.

“What?!?! Elliott’s reaction was predictably shocked. 

Amy and April just giggled and shook their heads. 

“Look, Doc…we all know that you’re quite the stud, even with a few extra miles on you…but nobody has to know…it’s not like we’re going to tell anyone, and besides…ain’t you just a little bit curious…about what it’s like?” Rebel seemed for a moment to enjoy Elliott’s discomfort.

“I promise I’ll be real gentle, and slow…at least at first.” Rebel purred seductively.

Amy and April were besides themselves, both of them also enjoying Elliott’s alarm and awkward discomfort.

“What’s wrong, Doc? Doncha’ trust me? I let you do it to me…I thought turn-about was fair play….” Rebel showed a sly smirk, playing the provocateur, as she dragged her fingernails from his neck up to his face.

She had the deepest, darkest eyes that you could just fall into and never escape. She smiled coyly. Few people ever saw either the tenderness, or the depth she possessed within her, but most people never looked.

It is doubtful that most of the men that had ever fucked her even knew the color of her eyes, or cared what she thought or felt.

Then again, she did a lot to discourage them.

“Well, Boss…do you want to share anything with us?” (Amy seemed to be leading the witness.) “…Or should I?”

“Come on…Elliott…you’ve got nothing to hide from us, from the sound of it…” April chimed in. “Why not let Rebel in on it…she’s obviously not going to judge you…even though you never told me about Amy…”

“So I guess I’m the only one who hasn’t…is that right Doc? Have you been holding out on me?” Rebel pretended to pout, and stuck out her bottom lip.

“Well, first off, you never asked, or tried…I’m very shy in that regard…I don’t just ‘volunteer’ or suggest it unless…well, in fact, come to think of it, we really never got around to the subject…and besides, I didn’t want you to think of me as a ‘sissy’….” Elliott’s embarrassment was obvious; it bordered on abject shame.

  “Really? Darlin’ let me tell you something…I don’t think that anyone in this room would question the fact that I have had more experience with men than everyone else in this entire room…and probably with a couple extra rooms thrown in for good measure.”

“And I can tell you for an absolute fact that even the biggest, baddest, most notorious so-called studs in the industry…or the bikers I have known have got all kinds of embarrassing secrets much worse than that.”

“You poor Men and your fragile egos!” Rebel rarely exposed her sensitive side, or empathy, and was in no danger of being thought of as ‘deep’ or philosophical.

And yet, in that moment, she recognized something within herself that she had never realized before…never allowed herself to acknowledge, about her own pain and fears, and it left her so visibly effected that it was like a mask had been lifted from her face and she was forever changed by it.

Her dark, sultry, and hardened demeanor was replaced by a radiance, a glow of lovingkindness and sweetness of character that was most noticeable in her beautiful eyes and mouth.

The Knowledge of Good and Evil had enabled her to lose her fear of her own vulnerability, and it produced an effect not unlike watching a time-lapse recording of a flower blossoming that would continue for the rest of her life.

This profound realization was suddenly shared by all of them, wordlessly as each one of them took it to heart.

“Oh…my…God! And to think that in my smug complacency I thought that by ‘crossing the Abyss’ that the secrets of the universe had all been revealed to me!” As April spoke, beneath the glowing, pulsations coming from her, she appeared almost solid, and the radiance she emitted caused Elliott to feel like he was standing on the edge of an Event Horizon.

Like two perpendicular halos, or accretion discs, everyone could feel her drawing them in, like a gravitational force, in spirit.

“It’s time…” She said.

“…to talk of many things…of shoes and ships and sealing wax…and cabbages, and kings…and why the sea is boiling hot…and whether pigs have wings…”

Elliott’s attempt at humor, although totally inappropriate at that precise moment, nonetheless elicited a faint smile from April, and a nostalgic chuckle from Amy.

The Walrus and the Carpenter’ as well as just about everything by Lewis Carroll had been a favorite of Elliott’s, but this was clearly not the time for that.

“…to reunite with our fellow travelers.” April needed to bring the subject matter back to earth for a moment.

“You need food and hydration, and there is much to discuss amongst yourselves.”

“After that, we can re-boot ‘The Knowledge’ and, as they say ‘Begin Again.”

“Besides, LeighAnn and Mordecai are headed this way.”

Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 50

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As Elliott continued to stare into their eyes, Rebel’s face continued to change, almost as if it were a very thick liquid, or a very pliable solid. Although he saw glimpses of both Rebel and April’s faces, neither one became distinctly visible as either one or the other, and when they spoke, it sounded blended, and the envelope (shape) of the words gave it the sound of being played backwards (back-masking).

When they opened their mouth to speak, behind their voices, a very bizarre howling or roaring sound, like a chorus of voices, or the wind could be heard in the background.

Rebel’s body did not change however, and she pulled Elliott backward on top of her. She was still very much enthralled by the quickening, something like when a woman feels the first stirrings of life within her when she becomes pregnant, but also a rush…a tingle like an electric current not unlike cocaine, or amphetamines stimulating every nerve in Rebel’s body.

“Jesus Christ Doc! This is better than drugs! April is welcome to visit me anytime she wants…I know you’re right here, April, and I don’t mean to speak about you in the third person, so forgive me for being rude until I figure out how to express myself separately.”

“After all, I can’t see you right this minute, even though sometimes i’m feeling like I’m seeing things through your eyes, but don’t hesitate to just speak up whenever you feel like it.”

“Thanks ‘Becca…I know it’s a little strange to be talking to each other and to ourselves at the same time…do you think you would like for Elliott to fuck us for awhile?”

“Hell yes! I already feel so good with you inside me…talk about double penetration…enjoy yourself all you want. It’s fuckin’ great for me too.”

“I’m going to try to act out through your body from time to time, so if you feel yourself being pulled in one direction or another, or you feel any kind of desire, just let yourself go, and let’s see where it leads us, OK?”

“OOOOOOOOOOO…Elliott! I can feel that through both of you! Amy exclaimed.

As Amy caressed and kissed both of them, it looked like something between glitter, quicksilver, and neon covering not only both of them, but as Amy touched them, it stuck to her hands and she began to rub it all over her body as all three (four) of them were bathed in luminescence.

She also began to rub Elliott as well, although most of her attentions were centered around his cock, as she began to guide it towards Rebel’s wet, open cunt.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands…Ahhhhhh!!!” 

(Rebel had an uncanny habit of quoting the Bible at the most unusual and unexpected times.)

It was a product of her early years spent living with her grandmother, and was steeped in and intertwined with generous amounts of hillbilly superstition.

“Same rules, Doc…don’t cum…not yet…” As Rebel spoke, April’s voice was apparent as well.

April took turns jumping from either Amy or Rebecca to whomever had Elliott’s cock inside her as both women also recited incantations, spells and invocations to draw down the Moon.

They crossed back and forth over the thin lines between Illumination, Ecstasy, and Delirium freely and without reservation or fear until sometime after dawn.

Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Three

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Twin Sisters of Different Mothers and Fathers



“Well, well, well…April Tremski…at long last. Now I have a better idea of who Elliott and Amy have been talking about after all these years. You’re more than just a legend. And it’s a pleasure to meet you at last. Most folks call me ‘Rebel’.”

She started to hold out her hand, then thought the better of it, rolled her eyes, threw her hands up, and chuckled. “Well, I guess you can’t shake with a spirit…”

“Pleased to meet you too ‘Becca’, your reputation precedes you as  well…talk about legends!…Rebecca Steele?…formerly Jeannette D. Rogers…although no relation to Amy, except in all the most important ways.” April winked knowingly.

“Hey!…no one knows…” she whispered, “…that could still get me killed…but I guess their aren’t too many secrets where you come from.” Rebel seemed remarkably casual as she spoke with April.

“You came into Elliott’s life long after I was…well let’s just say…’out of the picture’…but from what I gather, it must have been fate that got you and Amy together.”

“Ain’t that the truth…Amy just walked into my shop one day…looking to get a new ‘tat’ and we hit it off right away. I had just opened up my shop, and needed an assistant, and she was looking for a better job.”

“Then I found out she is a very talented fee-hand artist in her own right…but do you know it wasn’t until…well…what was it, Honey?…maybe four weeks later?…’til I realized that Elliott was the dude that you had been talking about all along?”

“Although to tell the truth…he was the one she never got over…no offense, April…I got a feelin’ that you know what I mean though…hell, I do have to confess to missing that old bastard from time to time myself. He really is one in a million.”

Rebel mused for a moment, and then smiled broadly, adding “But I’m sure glad that we all got back together, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not even sure that you are supposed to get over him…” Amy sighed.

“The day I moved out, he couldn’t do enough to help me get settled into my new place, just like when we moved in together. Then he stopped on the causeway, and pulled out a picnic basket. It was incredibly romantic, but I thought it was completely inappropriate, considering that I was moving out…and we had not been getting along for a couple months at that point…and I was hurt and heartbroken, and then I realized that he was too.”

“He said he loved me too much to bicker over everyday bullshit…and that he felt that our love had been a beautiful romantic story, and that he knew in his heart that we would be better able to make it a romance again…that tragedy is poignant and beautiful too…and that no matter what, we would remember that afternoon.”

“And he was right…”

“We rekindled the Romance for anther four years…longer than two of his marriages lasted, in fact. Yes, we went our separate ways. I went all the way up to the Pacific Northwest just to get as far away as possible. LeighAnn went to Arizona, but she already had plans.”

“I’ve felt like a part of me was missing after that. The part that he discovered, that he showed me about myself…the part that he fell in love with…that I loved in him for seeing. No one can take that from either of us.”

“Who could have known that we all would wind up here, and now?”

By this point, it was obvious that Elliott hadn’t gotten over them either, but the effect that this reunion with April had on him went beyond words, and the effect of the sound montage was overwhelming. Tears streamed down his face, but they were clearly tears of joy.

This was turning out to be a very remarkable weekend, to say the very least.

“Hey look, April…I don’t mean to seem coarse…people tend to think that I don’t have feelings, because of my previous line of work, but we were right in the middle of some serious fuckin’ and I would like to get back to it.”

“As I recall, Amy was riding Elliott’s cock like a rented llama, and I don’t know if you…uh, well….” Rebel was surprisingly awkward for a moment.

“Let me offer a suggestion,” April interjected.

“As witches, you may anticipate what I would like to propose…”

“Wait!” Amy broke in. “If anybody’s going to propose to Rebel, it should be me…No, come to think of it, maybe Rebel should propose…I don’t know…we’re very versatile that way.” Amy spoke in a mock confidential tone.

Only Amy would even attempt to pull the leg of a disembodied spirit.

“I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your humor, Amy, but what I was leading up to is that, well, it’s Samhain…would you mind terribly if I ‘jumped in’ with you two for awhile?”

“Have you ever experienced that before?” April asked.

“I have a confession to make, Elliott…I know that you and Chiana used to invite spirits to join in…because I witnessed it a couple times…didn’t have the nerve to join in myself at that point…wasn’t sure that Chiana would be down with it if she knew it was me…”

“I know…I thought that I saw you standing in the shadows a couple times, but thought that it was just my imagination.” Elliott actually seemed to be relieved to know that he had been right. 

“Well, you were right on both fronts…it was me, but it’s ALL in your imagination…everything…you created the entire Universe within your mind.” April clearly enjoyed the Zen Kata, which was usually Elliott’s domain.

“So what do you ladies say? Mind if i jump in the mix?”

“Only if you agree to jump into Elliott too…think you’re up for a little gender-bending?” Amy was forever the provocateur when it came to deviant behavior.

“Do I get a say in any of this?” Elliott was obviously amused.

“No…” (All three women were in unanimous agreement without a moment’s hesitation.)

“But only because we already know…and you’re outnumbered, in case you haven’t noticed.” With that, Rebel kissed Elliott deeply and passionately…for the first time ever. 

From the very beginning, they had both been in denial about being anything but ‘fuck buddies’ and they had tried to replace emotion with sexual frenzy, each one reluctant to express deeper feelings to the other.

As they continued to kiss, April jumped in. Rebel felt a quickening, a thrill…an electric tingle that passed from her to Elliott. Waves of emotion passed between the three of them.

As Elliott opened his eyes, he could see April’s face as well as Rebel’s.

“MMMMM…I think we are all going to really enjoy this.” Amy purred as she lightly rubbed both of their backs.

April spoke through Rebel. “This is just the beginning.” 



Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Two

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April Heralds the Winds of Change



It wasn’t until Rebel suddenly remarked “Hey, Doc…I didn’t remember that you had such a beautiful bird…” that anyone noticed Betty at all.

Elliott, forever the peacock, mistakenly thought that Rebel was referring to his cock, and replied “Vell! Sank you, Herr Doctor!” in a character voice reminiscent of Mel Brooks’ ‘Young Frankenstein.’

He, Joe, Amy and LeighAnn used to play with movie dialogue for comedic effect, but the humorous aspect dropped off drastically without the mutual banter that had supported it until it became more of an obscure personal homage to a  long-gone era that no one particularly gave a fiddler’s fuck to hear.

Amy got the joke, but then saw Betty, perched on the arm of a cobra-back wicker chair in the corner, bobbing and rocking, looking for all the world like the most beautiful giant Amazon Macaw.

Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up. Toots?” Betty squawked as Amy pointed and exclaimed “Oh Fuck, yes! Look!”

All three were mesmerized, but Elliott was really flabbergasted, because he, of course had never owned any kind of pet bird and vowed that he never would…ever.

However, when Betty the Macaw morphed into Betty Boop, the thirties-era cartoon character, as she grew, Elliott couldn’t help thinking of April.

He had been the one who had encouraged her to capitalize on her resemblance to Betty Boop, right down to the short, skimpy little black dresses that the Hayes Commission had wanted so badly to prohibit…(on a nineteen thirties cartoon character, no less.)

“Hello Fred” was all it took for Elliott to recognize April’s voice, as she continued to grow into a life-sized vision of April Tremski at her young and beautiful best and happiest.

(When they had been a “Media Couple” in the local music and studio scene in Miami, they had been nicknamed “Fred and Ethyl”…yes, like in ‘I Love Lucy’…and the alcohol.)

“April? I’m amazed to see you again. I didn’t think that we could have resolved all our ‘unfinished business’ in a hundred lifetimes…but…are we OK?…” Elliott was awash with sensory and emotional overload.

“Yes Elliott, it’s me…and look…crossing over and now coming back has let me see everything with new eyes…just like you are beginning to do now.”

“The past is gone, and everything is in the present moment; always has been, as a matter of fact, but there’s good news and bad news. You’re far from off the hook…because you can’t rest on your laurels, …but you also don’t have to answer for your past mistakes.”

“Oh yeah…and every day is Judgement Day.”

April continued.

“It could have taken five hundred lifetimes to get to where we are right now. ‘The Knowledge’ has facilitated a more direct connection. It’s not about magic, or even what most people think of as Karma. If you don’t think about ‘God’ or ‘Sin’ or ‘Karma’ it is usually much easier to understand.”

“Despite sayings like ‘what goes around comes around,’ although it may seem like it, no one is enforcing any rules, laws, or anything else.”

“There’s no ‘God the Umpire’ keeping score.”

“Everything in the entire universe is a mixture of random chance and chaos that follows certain ‘probabilities’. Very complex relationships between positive and negative energies tend to follow certain trends, but nothing is absolute, so when chaos steps in, a different set of sequelae will result.”

“And from that point, it will become the ‘new normal.’

“Every day, bad things happen to good people for no reason that can be explained away with religion, and likewise, evil pricks get away, literally, with murder every day.”

“There may be consequences arising from legal or social norms, and all actions have consequences, by virtue of cause and effect, but there is no old man up in the sky, constantly saying ‘NO’, or judging you.”

“The ‘Knowledge’ enables you to perceive, and assimilate all these things that are already here…and now. Although it has been right under your nose all along, it’s somewhat like different wavelengths of light, or audio frequencies that were out of the range of your perception.”  

“Wait!…am I hearing what I think I am?” Elliott’s face was awash with emotions as the sounds of not only their previously recorded songs, but also music that they had played, but never recorded filled the air and minds/ears of everyone.

It was not a continuous replay of just one song, but more like a medley, or sound montage of all the songs and arrangements that were so typical of their works together.

Elliott, who had stood up as April appeared, dropped to his knees, overcome by a mix of joy and sadness, remorse, and reminiscence as it felt like he was suddenly re-playing every emotion he felt back then, when he felt more alive than ever before or since.

“What you are hearing is a product of who we were back then. It resonates between us; it is our common ground.”

Amy, who had been a more or less central fixture in Elliott’s life back then, was almost as deeply moved, and joyous tears streamed from all their faces.

“I thought that I had forgotten all that…it’s so beautiful.” Amy confessed.

“Well, you were a part of it too, back then.” April replied.

“Hello April…I’m so sorry…”  

“Its OK. No need for sorrow now…for any of us…no hard feelings…to tell the truth, I’ve missed you too…really. You’ve grown and matured in so many ways, I can’t imagine any need for conflict or competition.” 

“The circumstances have certainly changed, but here we are again.”

It was the music of extraordinary times, made by extraordinary people under extraordinary circumstances.

They had chosen the fringes of society and culture once before because it spoke to them in ways that ‘the lives of quiet desperation’ never could.

There had been many casualties, incredible joy, tragedy, irony, ecstasy, beauty, ugliness, horror, violence, euphoria, enlightenment and illumination, uncertainty, ignorance and despair,  and the most amazing, risky, downright foolish and irresponsible sex…lots of it.

And drugs, of course. Elliott was well-known for saying “I never met a recreational drug that I didn’t like.”

Impossibly dangerous times and dangerously irresistible pastimes…if you missed it, you might never understand it, and it seemed that it was not likely to happen like that again for a very, very long time…long enough to forget the worst of it, forget the fear…to throw caution to the wind and to live like there’s no tomorrow, and as if you’re never going to die.

Now it seemed that it was going full circle and about to begin again. A new age of Indeterminacy. An opportunity to escape the mundane, the banal, and the boring, detached lives of the hypnotized consumer-citizens enslaved by a system that they could no longer maintain or live without.

For all the chaos and uncertainty, these were familiar times to Jed, Elliott, Chiana, Amy, Rebecca and LeighAnn. Dangerous, yet amazingly creative times that had sparked a cultural revolution.

The kind of times that had once again become their comfort zones.  

Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part One

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April in October: Samhain Lifts the Veil



Betty had saved her encounter with Elliott until last, for several reasons.

First of all, there had always been an undercurrent of competition between April and Amy. They were not friends especially, nor were they enemies.

April resented when Amy would attempt to divert Elliott’s attention from her, the band, or the music. She was always welcome to sit in on their sessions, but April felt as if the time that she and Elliott spent together playing music was very special, and intimate, because she had all of Elliott’s attention by virtue of the music.

It was the only time that she felt that they were above the distractions of everyday life, and she did everything that she could to prevent any intrusions, especially with Amy’s penchant for Drama.

But lastly, and most importantly, they both were in love Elliott. Their entire overlapping circles of friendships were essentially practicing Polyamorists, long before the term came into common parlance.

(Most of the other terms were not nearly so generous back then.)

The real rub between them was because they both wished to be Elliott’s primary as he was each of their primary loves.

It is normal to experience some degree of jealousy within polyamorous relationships, and it is probably the biggest stumbling block to the long-term success of those relationships.

“Triads” tend to come and go (and sometimes come back again and again) like seasons of the year.

April had never met Rebecca before.

When last we saw the trio, Elliott and Rebel were ramping up the event with Tantric, as they took turns passing back the intense chi that they were creating, as Amy participated as Director/Participant while Elliott and Rebel remained coupled in successive positions.

The primary goal was to make sure that Elliott did not experience an orgasm for as long as possible, but this is where Tantric And Taoist practices and philosophies differ.

Taoists attempt to delay the orgasm for both, but only the male attempts to not ejaculate at all, and the females are not prohibited from reaching as many climaxes as they desire.

In Tantric and the Tao, the goal is to achieve mutual whole-body/mind spiritual/emotional climaxes by virtue of tremendous discipline and control, and admittedly, it is easier to maintain and control with three lovers, rather than just two, in order to not loose control as long as all parties cooperate.

Also, as Pagan Witches, they tended to bring their own party with them.

Not only were Amy and Rebel long-time lovers who had shared more than a few men together, but they were already deep into the summonsing and incantations most appropriate for Samhain, when the veil between the Living and the Dead is almost non-existent and both are encouraged to cross over to commune, cavort, and coexist.

Visions of indescribable Beauty as well as Power surrounded the trio as they became further entranced within the rituals. They would reach a plateau, rest and exchange affectionate play to heighten the anticipation, then resume.

Once it was apparent that Elliott was able to control himself enough not to ejaculate, it was agreed that he should “change riders” and Amy lowered herself onto Elliott’s cock while Rebel caressed and kissed the two of them.

When she mounted him, she let out a deep, guttural moan as her full, pendulous breasts heaved and swung over his face.

She remembered the hold that she had on him years ago, and how “…To Be the Hero of One’s own Hero is to Steal Fire from the God’s…”

She remembered how completely they had surrendered themselves to each other, ever sensing the tragic danger infused into their every waking minute, knowing full well that they would never look away or abandon their hearts to fear, no matter what the outcome.

All the years, all the longings and regrets disappeared as she slowly and carefully pushed herself further down onto his rigid member, neither of them daring to move as waves of pleasure rolled over both of them.

Longings, regrets, and more than a few serious resentments continued to surface in Amy’s mind until she realized that they only came when she closed her eyes…when she looked into his, it all went away.

Thousands of long-forgotten joyous memories passed between them. A sort of sticky, electric tactile discharge arced everywhere they touched, or came in close proximity, and they looked like they were covered in St. Elmo’s Fire.

Psychotropic and psychedelic drugs isolate, and can even amplify these emotions which are frequently so intense that they just boil over into tears for lack of any other manifestation as Tears of Joy flowed down both of their faces, which were changing almost constantly.

Animal forms, ancient forms, themselves in advanced age, but always recognizable as themselves, lurking underneath the veil.

A split-second in eternity. Standing on the precipice of the volcano, ready to jump into the fire, prolonging the ecstasy, not moving so as to cautiously avoid going over the edge, they stared deeply into each other’s eyes.

They both saw themselves reflected in each other’s eyes for the briefest, most fleeting of moments…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Rebel slapped Elliott’s face very hard.

“Sorry Doc, but I just wanted to make sure you don’t cum…So don’t cum, mutherfukker!…OK…?” She was laughing hysterically, but Elliott’s face still stung all the same.

Although both Amy and Elliott were absolutely shocked, Rebel’s plan worked very well.

Tantric practitioners aspire to take days, even an entire weekend of “Edging” with remarkable results, although admittedly not with such unusual methods.

At first, they barely noticed Betty’s arrival, as she seemed to almost imperceptibly fade into a scene replete with many images and entities.


Chazz Vincent





Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 48

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Mordecai the Scientist, Philosopher, and Benefactor



Mordecai was the first to answer.

“(We teach you how to communicate, as well as observe other parallel dimensions either adjacent or coexistent to you, or at least eventually, but first you need to know how to access wormholes within your intellectual universe.)”

Perhaps more than ever, it might be a good time to more correctly call them ‘Einstein-Rosen bridges.’

“(The idea of having wormholes in one’s brain is so universally repugnant that it more or less displaces the entire intellectual concept, which is really no more difficult than understanding the Quantum. We call them wormholes because they are a series of shortcuts in your brain; new associations and new neural pathways.” 

“(In case you were thinking that maybe you can’t understand Quantum Theory, just remember that ‘The Knowledge’ is and will continue to enable you to make many advances in your ability to conceptualize virtually any concept or theory proposed by Humans…before going into the really useful stuff.)”

“(You will continue to experience sudden, unexpected accelerations of your comprehension of your known universe for about two hours. Some people find the initial experience to be unsettling or even extremely unpleasant, but you won’t.)”

“(Think of it as a roller-coaster ride for your brain.)” April winked at LeighAnn as she ‘heard’ her send the message “(Of course I remember that you love roller-coasters…just in case you were wondering if it really is ‘Me’ …)”

“(Sometimes it has been described as suddenly realizing that you have been daydreaming about something that an hour ago, you didn’t even know existed.)”

“(But there’s plenty of time for that later…much later in fact, and you will see what I mean in due time. Right now, your brain is re-organizing itself to connect all the dots…not just memory, but the way that you cross-reference, and therefore access it, as well as the way that you associate seemingly random information into useful concepts.)”

“(Don’t get me wrong, but why? Why me? Why us? What difference do any of our lives make in the universe?)” LeighAnn asked. 

“(Individually, as you see yourself, not much, but you are all connected to each other by your previous karma, as well as the karma that brought you together all those years ago.)”

“(You have the opportunity to tap into the ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ of ‘One Mind” as well as the ‘Akashic Chronicle.’)”

“(I know that you realize that all life is connected, at least here, but all life, all energy, all matter in all dimensions, or planes, or parallel universes as well.)”

“(There are consequences for everything, and it’s time again for us to tip the scales a bit, before you fuck up your entire planet.)”

The ‘Armageddon Virus’ was a way of rebooting and resetting the natural order of everything. We had nothing to do with it, by the way, any more than we had anything to do with the Stuxnet Virus.

“(The alliance of the nations that were responsible for the Twenty-plus years of recruiting, planning and executing the Armageddon Virus as well as the attacks on all the Federal Reserve Banks  brought Western Civilization to its knees, financially, industrially, militarily, and Artistically as well as Intellectually.)”

“(They ended up destroying each other shortly afterwards due to the nature of such nefarious activities fueled by excessive suspicion, but by then, the damage was already done.)”

“(It removed the separations between the haves and the have-nots, and ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ have once again become the prime determinants. You could say that was the good news as well as the bad news, depending. )”

“(And in the process, it disrupted the inheritance of the power of ‘The tyranny of evil men’ and ‘The inequities of the Selfish’)” 

“(Compassion is a function not only of intellect, but also of Sentience, and Evolution. Although by our standards, Mankind is about as evolved as, well, a pet dog, for instance…and yes, I appreciate the irony, but we’ve been doing it this way for a while now.)”

“(Sometimes we have set certain things in motion, but usually, we just wait until you do it yourself, and then we tip the scales in a different direction to see what you will do with the opportunity.)”

“(Somewhere between lab rats and the beloved family dog. If it sounds condescending, think of how you regard all animals. There is just as much difference between you and us. We just treat you better than you treat most animals. Of course, we treat most animals better than you treat most of your fellow humans.)”

“(Sometimes, it might be more accurate to say that we regard you as being like an amusement ride at a carnival. Flesh is weak and comes and goes, but energy…even thoughts, cannot be destroyed or lost, merely changed in form.)”

“(You cling to your mortal existence because your minds and spirits are by comparison, under-developed. Also, you have no clue as to what happens after your body dies, and every wannabe snake oil or lightening rod salesman trying to impersonate a holy man is just preaching out of their ass if they try to tell you that they know…at least most of them, most of the time.)”

“(Those beings that have evolved into an almost eternal form do not occupy physical bodies most of the time, but acting out in a physical body is like a vacation, plus it reminds us that all life began within a physical, bio-chemical chain reaction of self-replicating DNA.)”

“(Sometimes, it’s also an intriguing adventure…especially if you’re having sex at the time. I can’t deny that as being what most of us miss the most, and if your guard is down, and your consciousness is tweaked, it can be a very enjoyable, symbiotic experience for all parties.)”

“(But right here, right now, you are embarking on an adventure involving a series of interlocking truths that will be involving all of you on one level or another. Nothing truly ‘cosmic’ and the chances are, you won’t be saving your planet, your solar system, or your galaxy, at least for what you would consider a very long time.)”

“(And this is VERY important…and it depends upon your outlook as to whether this is something to make you happy or not, but there is no ‘Magic’ in terms of anything ‘Supernatural’…)”

“(I’ll let you digest that for just a moment, considering that right now, you are either communicating telepathically with  pan-dimensional being capable of shape-shifting, OR you are just talking with a dog…, OR you have gone completely insane.)”

“(So even though the correct answer is ‘telepathic pan-dimensional being’, it’s all Science, not Magic.)”

“(Keep in mind that when ‘Modern’ Man views descriptions of observations  made by ancient people describing their ‘God’s’ doing amazing ‘Supernatural’ things, they call it legend or folklore, until very recently, when the ‘Ancient Astronauts’ ideation took hold, at least in the Scientific, rather the Religious communities.)”

“(Modern man’s marginalization of everything ancient has made a fool of him. Like claiming/assuming that the pyramids of Egypt were  burial tombs, while ignoring or disregarding their effects of focusing energy, or the Lay Lines of the Earth.) or the fact that there were no burial chambers to be found as is evidenced in actual Egyptian tombs)”

“(The fact is that Ancient Man may have been mesmerized by the appearance of one of ‘Us’ and ended up inventing countless religions to replicate something of which he possessed not a shred of understanding or comprehension.)”

“(Yesterdays’s ‘Magic’ is Tomorrow’s Science.)”

“(This is not to say that the ‘Occult’ does not hold hidden ways of power. Talismans, Icons, Symbols, Tools, Weapons, Animals, other people, or even yourselves can hold energies that we imbue into them like electronic capacitors. There is an art to channeling, harnessing, and manipulating those energies at will to accomplish extraordinary feats.)”

“(Just because some ‘scientists’ are unable to devise a way to measure or document these energies, let alone control them doesn’t mean that nothing is there. You can’t measure wind speed and direction with a Volt-Ohm meter, but the wind is still there and cannot be denied.)”

“(Anyone who refuses to accept that concept probably needs to have their IQ measured with a tire pressure gauge.)” 

  “(So right about now, you’re probably asking yourself why would a being… an entity like myself, be bothering to even pay attention to you, other than boredom or idle curiosity, but here’s the thing: once we realized what we were capable of, we also assumed responsibility for trying to ensure that, for the most part, positive and compassionate beings stay matched with similar, but more etherial energies and forces.)”

“(Which is to say nothing of the fact that once ‘Illuminated,’ ‘Enlightened,’ or having otherwise ‘Attained’ that state of being, part of that realization includes an almost overwhelming desire to share your newfound ‘Revelations’ to everyone capable of grasping it, and to lead by example for those who are not, secure in the knowledge that this is something that can be felt, can be realized internally…and here’s the real ‘Reveal’…that it can be recognized and assimilated by INSTINCT.

“(Oh yeah, and by the way, sometimes a dog is just a dog, but if you treat them all like they were more than that, you’ll never go wrong.).”

Mordecai indulged himself in a smile so broad he showed all of his teeth and still looked like he was truly smiling, and not just baring his teeth, before winking, chuckling, and shaking his head bemusedly. 

Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 47

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Mordecai the Warrior

(His brothers’ keeper, and the finder of lost children)



When April found LeighAnn and Mordecai, she appeared to them in the form of Betty, the Giant Amazon Macaw. She flew up and landed on Mordecai’s back and announced herself as she usually did.

“Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up Toots?”

“I assume that you are addressing LeighAnn, but hello Betty” Mordecai replied.

LeighAnn was initially startled by the bird’s vocalization, as well as her remarkably beautiful appearance, but when Mordecai appeared to be answering her out loud, she attributed it to the effects of ‘The Knowledge of Good and Evil’.

They had already been ‘conversing’ telepathically since the the start of the onset of the drug, but thus far, nothing had exceeded what she considered to be beyond her limits of reality, given her previous experiences with LSD decades before.

“Holy shit! A talking dog?!?! I’ve seen plenty of talking birds…and ‘A boy and his Dog’ was one of my favorite films years ago, because it reminded me of Elliott and Gonzo, his dog back then. He always said that he believed that dogs were put on this earth to teach Mankind how to speak without words, but…” LeighAnn exclaimed. She realized that she was starting to babble.

“I remember…that was me back then as I appeared to both of you. Neither one of you were ready yet to comprehend all of it, but this day was inevitable, and you both needed a little bit of preparation for today.”

Mordecai continued.

“Without getting too technical, suffice it to say that since Time/Space are connected and curved in a closed universe like this one, they fold back onto themselves. If you could see far enough, eventually you would be looking at the back of your own head, but because of the distance, even at the speed of light, given the age of what you call the ‘Known Universe’ and your incredibly short lifetimes, it isn’t physically possible, at least for you.”

Mordecai’s voice was deep, resonant, and soothing.

“What I’m leading up to, is that we already knew what was probably going to happen today, or at least eventually, so we decided to intercept you at this particular junction to provide some guidance for all of you.”

“(Rather than continue to revert back to the utterances of words, how about it if we continue where we left off? Funny isn’t it? Here you are, perfectly comfortable conversing telepathically with a pan-dimensional being, but the idea of a talking dog leaves you speechless?)”

“(After all, even in the Animal kingdom, the Human dependance upon the grunts, moans, hissing and almost ridiculous assortment of articulations of your lips, tongues, and even teeth just to express an idea seems pathetic and puerile, not to mention the fact that you depend upon hundreds of different languages, and thousands of dialects even within your own species.)”     

Mordecai’s voice sounded the same in her head, but his lips no longer moved. LeighAnn simply nodded her head in agreement.   

“(But first, please allow me to introduce myself. As you know, I am Mordecai. My name means ‘Warrior’ but more importantly, I am a Centurion, a guardian of ‘The Gates’ and I provide guidance, support, and protection for those of you who will eventually make the next quantum leap in your evolution of Sentience and Self-actualization.)”

Then he added:

“(It’s not so much of a job description as it is a calling…you say things like ‘water reaches its own level’…where I come from, we end up assigning ourselves with certain tasks based as much in our interest as by recognizing a potential, or an actual need.)” 

“(It is inevitable, but nonetheless hinges upon probabilities, much like the ‘Infinite number of monkeys on typewriters eventually producing Shakespeare’…it is remarkably humorous that one of you should describe yourselves this way, because ever since that ‘Garden of Eden’ incident we’ve referred to you as ‘The Talking Monkeys,’ but really, no offense intended, however from our perspective that is a fact.)”

Mordecai continued.

LeighAnn found Mordecai’s voice (even inside her head) to be soothing.

“(The being that you call your ‘God’ was playing with your ancestors, like they were his pets, or laboratory rats, but given his self-described ‘Jealous,’ ‘Angry,’ ‘Wrathful’ and ‘Vengeful’ personality, when we stepped in and provided you with Sentience, his condescension and possessiveness didn’t allow for you to ‘…think they are like Us’ and so he threw you out of the Garden of Eden, which is to say he abandoned you, and only comes back from time to time to torture and scare you.)”

Mordecai sounded more like a parent consoling a child after a bad dream.

“(In our world, Sin, Guilt, Shame and Fear are nonexistent. Your ‘God’ is dependent upon Subjugation, Groveling, and incessant Praise and Worship. In your own human behavior, these are considered faults, or defects of personality and character.)”

“(Once we intervened, we became responsible for you as a species, but His programming of Fear into your world, and his innate Jealousy caused you to believe that the rest of ‘Us’ were devils, or Satan, but your scientists are more pre-disposed to think of us as ‘Aliens,’ which all things considered, isn’t too far off the mark.)”

If LeighAnn hadn’t been looking at Mordecai’s face, she would have been sure that he was talking out loud. “(Believe me though…he doesn’t care about your prayers, and in fact, the whole idea of ‘Satan’ is also just another aspect of his own personality. Your ‘God’ is also ‘Satan’ aka ‘God’s Prosecutor’).” 

He then continued:            

“(If you can ever learn to recognize ‘Him’ in all his myriad manifestations, you will be able to avoid or escape all the Evil in your entire world. When you connect with any of the rest of us by allowing us to ‘jump in’ to your consciousness you will be safe, because ‘Betty’ and I are here to protect you. We always have been.)”

“(Jedidiah, Amy and Jeanette, or as you call her ‘Rebel,’ brought The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ here from the Home for Wayward Souls ‘…and now…’ as John Cage once said, ‘we begin again’.)”

“(The Knowledge of Good and Evil allows you to comprehend that your ‘God’ whether he be called ‘The Lord,’ or ‘Jesus,’ or ‘Allah,’ or ‘Satan’ or whatever ‘devil’ you perceive ‘Him’ to be are one and the same, and THAT is what got him so pissed off in the first place.).”

Mordecai paused to let LeighAnn assimilate what could have been very disturbing information, especially for a Catholic not plagued by Agnosticism.

Mordecai then added “(‘The Knowledge of Good and Evil’…it doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Yet with no Sin in their world, and only one prohibition, what could be the harm in knowing the difference between Good and Evil?)” 

“(One might say simply that if God said it was a sin, then they should neither do it or even question why it is forbidden to KNOW something, which means God was the one who put the temptation into their world.)”


“(Who created the Serpent? Who placed the tree in the garden? Is this not the same God that told Abraham to kill his only son, just to see if he would do it?.)”

“(Is this the kind of god that parents would want to model as an example?)”  

“(Yet for some perverse reason, he gives you these little clues…like the whole ‘God’s Prosecutor’ or ‘Fallen Angel’…’He’ is his own self-described ‘Trickster’.)”

As Mordecai spoke, ‘Betty’ (the Macaw) morphed into ‘Betty Boop’ the cartoon character, and eventually into April Tremski, (now deceased), classically trained musician, guardian angel and long-lost lover of Elliott, musician, artist, Media Wizard, sex addict and part-time fool.

“(Hello LeighAnn, it’s so good to see you again. I was the one that convinced Mordecai to put the idea into Jedidiah’s head to go out and bring you here.)”

“(I’m really glad that you decided to try the ‘Knowledge.’)”

“(Of course, I don’t need it now, but I really wish that it had been available while I still was…available.)”

“(You’ve been ready for this for awhile, although I also know that you have another completely separate life that has enabled you to achieve comfort, secure love, and enough financial security to build a self-sustainable home on your ranch in Arizona.)”

April and LeighAnn had great respect for each other, as they were never at cross purposes regarding Elliott; both were well-educated and talented. They didn’t need to manipulate him to get his attention, and had no need to control him.

April continued.

“(But even too much true happiness and achievement bores you, because you crave challenge, obstacles to overcome…and danger.)” April paused for a moment; she did not wish to overstep her boundaries or offend.

“(You were the only one of the entire group to achieve that level of worldly success and happiness, but as they say, ‘not for nothing’…you alone had the wisdom to escape your world in Miami; if you had stayed, it could have easily doomed all of your plans to the same chaos that plagued the rest of us.)”

“(By the way, did you ever hear Elliott’s song ‘The Ex-Wives I Never Married’?)”

April did not pause for an answer; as it was largely rhetorical.

“(It’s about You and I, and Amy. We were the only ones that really understood Elliott enough to know that the Jealousy and Possessiveness that had made him miserable most of his life were the tools of the women that he did marry. )” April winked at LeighAnn knowingly.

Then LeighAnn remarked:

“(You’ve seen Amy recently…it’s quite a change for the better in a lot of ways…sadder, but wiser, and so much more compassionate. She was very deferential toward me from the minute we met…again. She’s funky, she’s very street-wise, and funnier than  I remembered her…Very funny in fact.)”

“(She’s certainly come a long way from North Miami Beach Senior High School…actually, we both have, come to think of it)” April admitted.

They both tolerated Amy’s addiction to Drama, despite her ‘High Maintenance’ expectations, because she loved Elliott dearly, and she filled many of his considerable needs.

Her beauty, but most of all, her intelligence captivated his attention, but it was also her undoing, leaving her high strung, and more fragile than she would ever care to admit.

April paused, thought for a moment, then added

“(It wasn’t so much that he got married. He just shouldn’t have gotten married to any of them…except for Chiana. She gave him stability, children, and they both gave each other the Love and Freedom he had ever only known with the three of us.)”

“(Elliott, for all his talents, was easily led astray by women, most especially by manipulative women. As stubborn as he can be, sometimes he seemed to have no backbone, as you observed, and tried to tell him years ago.)” April added.

“(That’s one reason that we recruited Jedidiah to bring us here with a plan to empower the four of you to take charge of your portions of what will become the new world order, once ‘Civilization’ starts to return, as it is already beginning to do.)” April continued.

“(As you already know, Jed can barter, sell, and trade better than anyone I’ve ever seen. People just like him, and this whole traveling caravan has given all of you plenty to show for it…even you.)” April added.

LeighAnn’s part in their traveling caravan was largely as a consultant, a nurse, comptroller, and essentially their quartermaster, but she did little traveling with them so far.

“(Elliott, on the other hand, has found a way to produce something that everybody wants, but he’s a mystery…no one knows who he is, and he protects his privacy with a vengeance, but the more he evades the public, the greater his cult following becomes.)” 

LeighAnn interjected:

“(His Tequila is quirky, but remarkably smooth, although it still has that wild, almost gamey flavor of a Mescal. Moonshine has become more commonplace than commercially-produced whiskey, which has become very scarce, at any cost.)”

Although she almost never drank more than a sip of anything alcoholic, LeighAnn took pride in being a connoisseur of ‘the finer things’ and worldly matters in general.

She continued.

“(But people with means, and even those who don’t have money want it; he is a symbol of our self-reliance and ingenuity and also because it is endemic of the times. He was never a moonshiner, but one day, he just started doing it, and one thing just led to anther. As you well know, he is capable of doing just about anything that he wants to with panache just because it interests him.)”

“(Anyone with the means of production of just about anything right now has the chance to write their own ticket, and a lot of the old guard has retained their power and control over most of everyone else. And with no one to stop them, their power has become absolute.)”

LeighAnn had a way of balancing Romance of a sort with a Pragmatic sensibility that had served her well over the years.

Then April abruptly changed gears.

“(Your part in this drama is to complete ‘The Four Winds’…the four cardinal points of the compass…the four elements according to your combined natures, as a group.)”

“(You are self-programmed to succeed, regardless of the obstacles, and strong enough to guide, yet wise enough not to attempt to control those around you, and if guidance doesn’t work, you move on.)”  

“(Three of the four of you are witches, which constitutes a ‘Ya-Ya’ for Majik and Sex. You have Stability and Nurturance, and you represent the ‘One True Voice of Reason’ when all around you have lost their minds.)”

“(Jed is sometimes overcautious, but he at least knows enough to think before he leaps…unlike Elliott, as we both know.)”

LeighAnn’s curiosity was piqued to a point where she could no longer stifle herself, and she finally blurted out the name of the elephant that had been taking up so much space.

 “(OK, so tell me  this, and I mean no disrespect, but…how did you…I mean, how did you do it so quickly?…I can’t imagine anyone just stepping into your shoes just like that, I mean, well, this is kind of awkward….you died a couple years ago. What are you really?)”

At this point, LeighAnn wasn’t sure what much of anything was.

“(Well, for starters, as you noted, you have to die first…and I wasn’t in any hurry, believe me…)” April continued.

“(And as for what am I, I am what I always have been…If, or when I return to a physical form, I won’t remember any of this, but I will always be me, and you will always be you; that which comprises your character, and your nature is an enigma, or a paradox that you will continue to act out, trying to solve the riddle, the mystery of all of it. We learn, we grow, we make mistakes, but our essence is still the same, time and again.)”

“(It’s just a different form…pure energy, no matter…or ‘No matter?, no matter,’ as we like to say.)”

“(We make plans, and we think that we make choices, but some things happen all by themselves…)”

LeighAnn, as well as April, understood that better than most.

“(It’s not like you sign up for this.)” April held her hands, palm up, in an imploring gesture, but she giggled in the process of making a curtsey. She looked very etherial, like a hologram.

LeighAnn’s head was spinning, but she followed more of it than she thought she was capable, which she confirmed as she said/thought:

“(Alright…and ‘As it is above, so it is below’…what’s next?)”

Chazz Vincent



Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 45

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

(…but first, a slight aside)

Since the the beginning of Time, Majik was divided into either ‘White’ or ‘Black’; as a result, the common misconception was that Witchcraft was the same as Satanism.

The European origins go back to Celtic and Pagan sources (usually referred to as Wicca) that also did not worship Satan, but Christianity kept rearing its ugly head to attribute ‘Devil-Worship’ to anything not related to Christian practices.

Cultural differences account for whether it was called ‘Lukumi de Babalu Aye’ or ‘Yoruba Omo Orisha,’ or ‘Los Guerreros de Babalu,’ ‘Santeria,’ ’Voodoo’, or even ‘Hoodoo;’ it called upon spirits called ‘Orichas’ or ‘Loa’ to conjure power for either benevolent or malevolent purposes as practiced by African and Caribbean Peoples.

For this reason, it is necessary to specify and purify one’s intentions before starting down this path, although one is not specifically protected from the deceptions and trickery of what might be considered ‘Evil’ or ‘Demonic’ entities.

When one opens oneself up to outside energies there is a certain calculated risk of invasion by trickery and deception by those with evil intent. Some Occult practitioners utilize Sentries or Guardians to stand watch over them during the invocation ceremonies, or during astral travel, when they are most vulnerable,.

Unfortunately, many practitioners of ‘White Majik’ have had their power watered down by endless limitations of concepts of ‘Purity’ or otherwise benign and useless, fearful nonsense.

Real, tangible Power is rarely exhibited by practitioners of White Magic, who, much like American Democrats, live in a world where only the Republicans who have no scruples can actually seize Power by ‘any means necessary’, and close their ranks when one of them is challenged, while the Democrats bicker over minutia and endlessly turn upon each other, waiting for the Republicans to lose, like dogs awaiting the scraps that fall from their masters’ tables.

The ability to control and manipulate one’s environment according to Will and Desire is real Power.

Amy, Rebel, and Jed became familiar with an eclectic synthesis, or syncretized practices (not related to Satanism) that utilized these spirits and ‘Orishas’ to transcend the boundaries of the finite. The Living are limited in their powers, while those of the spirit realm lack physical bodies to accomplish common goals shared by both.

At The Home for Wayward Souls, (The source of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil) these ‘Orisha’s’ were regarded like hobos jumping onto a moving train, except that once the hobos arrived, the train could fly. (Symbiosis, rather than Parasitism).

Amy, Rebecca, and Elliott picked up their robes and followed Elliott to his guest quarters on the right side of the trailer used for the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms. The master bedroom was located on the other side, where Chiana and Jed were discovering each other.

“Before Armageddon, we used to entertain quite a bit out here, but ever since the collapse of the world as we knew it, we haven’t had any guests visit us, and I can’t think of a more auspicious occasion than this” Elliott was proud of his compound, and this room was no exception.

In fact, this room occupied an entire storage container. It had windows cut into the sides, and the cut-out were hinged so as to function as shutters, if needed.

The interior was paneled in locally harvested cypress, the floors were oak.

The most notable feature was the California King bed in the very center of the room. By not placing the head against a wall, it allowed entry from any side (if you will pardon the pun).

This room had hosted many close encounters of the most personal kind, and if those walls could talk…well, that could fill at least one very intriguing novel itself.

Elliott had the foresight to turn on the air conditioner shortly before they arrived, because even if…their guests would still need accommodations.

“Well Doc, Amy set you up with some pretty high expectations about how we should start, but unless you’ve lost your touch, you should be ‘up’ for the challenge…you already know that I will do my best to ensure that she is happy.”

Elliott’s cock was so hard it hurt, and truth be told, it had been quite a while since there had been any real passion in his life.

With that, Rebel pushed Elliott backwards onto the bed and straddled his hips in a flash. Amy jumped next to Elliott’s head in a kneeling position, and began to excitedly whisper into his ear as Rebel began to very lightly brush her labia up and down along his cock.

“Now pay close attention to what happens next, Doc, because I’ve learned a thing or two since last we met, and the powers of the Moon are very strong tonight. It will be many years before we see a convergence of a Blood Moon, a Blue Moon, and Samhain on the same weekend.”

“Amy and I as well as Chiana, (once she gets her ya-ya’s back) are going to draw down the Moon and summons up the spirits of those not seen for many years now.”

Amy continued “We have the ability to gain immense power through providing our bodies to do their bidding, but be sure we are only vehicles to those seeking to empower Compassion, Love, Rapture, Illumination, Satsang, and Moksha.”

“Through Kundalini and Tantric, we can merge the Sephiroth with the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

“We act as lightning rods for energies that reinforce certain frequencies and resonate them by preparing ourselves as vessels to coalesce those energies compatible with our purpose.”

“As part of our preparation for those events we also do a lot of fucking in the process,” Rebel added.

“It revs your motor if you do it right. I know you remember discussing the use of Tantric to raise, rather than dissipate your vital life forces” Amy recalled.

“We’re gonna do a lot of both, by the way” Rebel interjected.

“So before I tip you right over the edge, I’m gonna let you use some of that fine, high-level chi that you’ve been building up inside you to help bring me up to the next level, so we can pass it back and forth as we charge each other up another notch each time.”

With that, Rebel walked on her knees up to Elliott’s face, being careful to keep just out of reach of his all-too-eager tongue, taunting him. “Not so fast, Darlin’…savor the moment…drink in the smell…I recall you got the nose of a hound-dog…used to call it ‘the bouquet of the human flower’. First time you called it that I liked to laugh my fuckin’ ass off…”

Elliott relaxed his neck and let his head fall back onto the bed as he inhaled deeply through his nostrils.

She was right, of course.

With each of Elliott’s inhalations, Rebel would breathe out, and writhe slightly just above his face. Both were exchanging the energy back and forth between them, building upon each other’s energy and desire.

She continued to grind and gyrate her hips provocatively before suddenly planting her snatch onto his face, moaning slightly and taunting him.

“Show me how much you missed me, Darlin’…give back just a little of what we’ve been giving you…pass it on.”

Rebel had always preferred a ‘Brazilian’ trim on her mons. Just a ‘landing strip’ of short, neatly trimmed hairs, and ‘smooth as a baby’s ass’ on everything south of her little patch.

He continued to lick and suck on her pussy while Amy continued to give him verbal encouragement.

“OK, now sit up and get on your knees and sit back on your heels while Becca wraps her legs around your waist. Put your hands around her ass while she puts her hands around your neck.” Amy instructed.

She was referring to one of the primary positions of Tantric. It allows its practitioners to gradually increase the sexual excitement between them without reaching orgasm. The tension generated huge amounts of energy, and by communing in this way, as they passed the energy back and forth, eventually they would reach a spiritual and emotional orgasm of a magnitude unknown to anyone else.

Taoists practice this in a similar fashion, but believe that by refraining from the physical orgasm, they retained their vital essences and energies, and experienced a form of life extension as well as consciousness expansion.

They however, in their syncretized practices would most definitely not be withholding any orgasms of any kind, but in building and passing the stored energies, like human capacitors, would experience a massive, shuddering discharge of mind-altering proportions.

All in good time.
Chazz Vincent

Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 39

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil



Although Jed, Rebecca and Amy had considerable experience with The Knowledge, they all acknowledged that it was never the same on one level, and exactly the same on many other levels.

Elliott was well-known for saying “I never met a psychotropic drug that I didn’t like…” and LSD, Psilocybin, Peyote, and Mescaline were at the top of the list.

 He had been wanting to try it from the minute he heard about it.

Chiana, on the other hand rarely even smoked weed, except as an enhancement to a particular ritual or ceremony, and on occasion, for sex…just not much recently.

The onset of effects in terms of the participant’s awareness of what it was that they were experiencing might initially manifest itself as either auditory, visual/perceptual, mental/intellectual/philosophical, spiritual, or physical sensations and awarenesses.

The amusing thing is that whatever door opened first, it was a choice, or rather an invention devised by your psyche, to call attention to itself long enough to distract you so as to awaken you from your dream.

Often, the telepathic awareness was well upon its users before they realized it, especially among people with a history, or common experiences and consciousnesses.

Of course, ever since the four of them had rolled into the Fourteenth Colony, Anticipation, even when offset by the slightest degree of uncertainty, had preoccupied their attentions.

The If, the How, or the When remained a common question to be determined, even as they contemplated it, unable to take anything for granted, despite the fact that they knew intuitively what each of them thought, felt, or even hoped.

Or, at least what they intended to accomplish. The truth is that nothing had remained the same within or around each of them, despite the fact that once separated, their own cognitive assessments, memories, and feelings about each other, good or bad, still remained.

Snapshots of memories, more likely than not, in arrested development, as the rest of their lives went speeding on by.

Was it possible “ love like there’s no tomorrow, and still  not cry when it’s time to go?”

How about when it’s time to go back?

“Well, at the time that was how I felt, but so much has changed since then…” is not just a cliched movie dialogue; it’s probably spoken somewhere every day, along with “…it’s not you, it’s me…”

Even when you think you know how you’re going to feel about reuniting with a long-lost love, when the time comes, it may feel different; something separated the two of you the last time, and they may not recall how you two parted as fondly as you do.

However, the likelihood of anyone traveling that kind of distance under the dangerous conditions of the road should rule out the likelihood of revenge or resentment motivating anyone in this group. 

How many times have you run into an old flame, only to be rebuffed, as if you were never really friends in the first place? It only takes once….

Some things however, were certain; Chiana’s attraction for Jed, which was hesitantly reciprocated, although everyone could see how Jed seemed reluctant to do anything to hurt Elliott.

As their perceptions continued to become more heightened, the giant elephant in the room was Jed, Chiana, and Elliott.

Once they came to grips with the fact that even their efforts to hide the infatuation swirling around them were in vain, the greater the potential for essentially hurting Elliott even more…by patronizing him, underestimating him and injecting Guilt to poison the moment.

And yet all of them watched as each of them catapulted through a series of understandings and insights communicated by a simple glance or an expression passed between the three of them, almost in an instant.

Elliott did not want to cause Chiana to censure her exploration of her feelings for Jed, as well as her attractions on a physical level, so although they usually participated and shared everything together, they agreed to be open and honest…separately, for now, just now.

But still she felt that somehow, she was not being fair to Elliott, so much so that Chiana even suddenly blurted out how Elliott was probably going to have his hands full, just “properly entertaining” the other guests, as a good host should.

Chiana suddenly realized that she was willing to encourage her husband to occupy his attention with whatever combination of three of his closest past lovers, two of which, she suddenly realized were among “the great loves” of his life, just to indulge herself in something that she did not want to ignore or deny herself.

“The Three Greatest Loves of his Life” of course, referred to before he and Chiana met. Back when he first became a sentient adult, Elliott’s “Three Winds” were the constants in his life…indeed, they had been his muses, but he didn’t even realize it until they were gone.

April Tremski was dead. It had been years since Amy or LeighAnn had been a part of his life, and for a long time, it had been sadder, and meaner for it.

Then he met Chiana. She gave him children and a sense of purpose. As they fell into and out of Love, he began to understand Stability in ways that would have been incomprehensible before he chose to devote his life to his family, to put their safety and care above his egotistical indulgences in self-expression. She was, and would forever be The One True Love of his life.

And of course the friendship between Elliott and Jed was deep, so when it was Jed who shed a single tear as he looked at both Chiana and Elliott, it seemed obvious that everyone would open their hearts sincerely to each other in both love and trust.

It only took an instant, and the uneducated eye would have barely noticed any of the almost imperceptible expressions that passed between them, and yet the rest of the group understood what they had just observed in the complete absence of words, quite eloquently.

Ever since they had arrived, Elliott had noticed that there was an odd sort of ambivalence reflected in some of his most trivial exchanges with Amy. She was quite guarded, which he interpreted as being either reluctant to give Chiana any reasons to regard her as a threat, or because she was realizing just how much she didn’t want to experience the heartaches of the past again.

She had been down that road before.

She had also experienced rejection before; and Elliott knew that it’s hard not to find the initial exhilaration of reunion suddenly replaced by resentments from the past.

She and Rebel had an amazingly intuitive relationship and it was Rebecca who wasn’t reluctant to be seen as the more aggressive of the two (with the implication that it was a group package), which might (they hoped) make the opportunity irresistible.

“Back in the day…” Amy had been Elliott’s “Chic Magnet”. It may be an arcane and sexist term by today’s standards, but the truth was that she lead more women to his bed than he ever did alone, at least at that time.

Amy had an appreciation of other women that was uncanny. It wasn’t just sexual, because she really craved to know the friendship of another woman that rivaled the friendship between Jed and Elliot.

Even though they did not have sex with each other, on many occasions, they had shared one or more women together.

At times, they realized that both Amy and Elliott compensated for their other insecurities with their considerable sexual prowess; that somehow because she feared he might grow tired of her unless she provided “the other woman” and he feared that he had to be “the stallion” that would keep her insecure and guessing, even mistrusting her own interests as a distraction from his feared ordinariness.

But in truth, they both were extraordinary people in extraordinary times. So much so that years later, they would pity anyone who hadn’t walked in their shoes.

It had been a long and crazy ride, tragically, beautifully doomed by the simple fact that back then, it was already written that in the absence of resolution, it would become finite.

Each of those lives had their own agenda, and the train was about to leave the station.

Because he chose not to make a choice, he got none.

Since Rebel also had developed a very good understanding with Chiana, they teated each other as sisters as far as Wicca and the significance of the planetary convergences occurring this weekend, but they both sensed that there was more to it than that.

Rebel later said that she figured she would “wait for the swelling to go down” before they explored the deeper and more esoteric aspects of the Moon.

She and Chiana both knew very well that each other’s agendas could reinforce themselves without conflict, and she was not shy about calling it to Chiana’s attention.

Rebel had every reason to have been the most jaded woman to ever live. As a porn star, her meteoric rise from the barefoot, superstitious, illiterate poverty of tidewater Virginia to Hollywood by way of the Adult Film Industry was tragically predictable to the point of appearing to have been scripted.

Yet although she was not shy about acknowledging her pain, as well as her toughness, her blunt frankness hid a very soft, tender heart.

When she met Elliott, she had already lost her money, gotten her heart broken repeatedly, and no longer worked in the Sex Industry. Despite this, she was surrounded by lackeys, hacks, hangers-on, and parasites. She also  was in danger of becoming addicted to opioids to counter the pain caused by a reaction to the silicone that had leaked from the breast enhancements that she felt she needed over the course of three separate, increasingly larger implants.

Now, she was so self-conscious of them that she never let anyone see them in the daylight. Anyone willing to spend the money to see them on film had well over one hundred opportunities to watch them grow dramatically, and she did not share the same modesty about her pussy.

When they had originally gotten naked yesterday after their showers, she had kept a very short cut-off tank top that was stretched so far that it was already nearly transparent. 


Elliott had made no attempt to hide his attraction to her back then, but it all started with a few simple acts of kindness, and words of appreciation, rather than transparent flattery that must have made him so irresistible to her.

He never tried to initiate any sexual advances despite numerous opportunities and innuendos, even when he was clearly as aroused as she was.

She had heard it all before, and done it all before (for money), but for Love, if she could have done it all over, she would have done it all over you. She was derisive of men who thought that they could seduce, conquer, or tame her, but Elliott had really gotten under her skin by not trying.

She could only stand so much of his seemingly guileless, compassionate detachment before she essentially threw herself at him.

Oddly, though he found her dark, smoldering sexuality very attractive, when the moment finally forced itself upon his consciousness, the fact was that he just didn’t have the heart to refuse her in her moment of weakness…

(Admittedly, the transition from pity to animalistic hedonism was almost instantaneous.)

It was a very short-lived romance, but the sex was breathtaking and the friendship they developed was uncanny, although when he moved from Florida, he made no attempt to contact her again.

He never did, not with anyone. He found that reminiscing about the past inevitably led to profound depression.

He dreaded even cleaning out an old desk drawer, for fear of reliving the longing, and the angst, or perhaps even the realization that he missed it so much, and remembered it too fondly, considering how much he complained and found fault with it for not living up to his expectations while he was living it.

Elliott might reminisce from time to time, but he was completely disinclined to look back, let alone go back, which sharply contrasted his present situation as it was unfolding before them all, and yet he was enthused and energized by it. 

But the true mystery…the wild card was of course, LeighAnn.

Elliott was not even sure if she had ever realized how much she had intimidated him in so many ways. 

She was focused, determined and direct, where he tended to be vague, evasive, and fickle. At the time, it was clear that she cared deeply for him, and there were many times when she seemed to be the only person (other than April) that he trusted not to try to manipulate him with psycho-drama.

It was right then that he suddenly realized that the abuse he had suffered as a child had convinced him that as much as he craved to find his equal, he consistently sought out the damaged, co-dependent women whom he eventually would grow bored, or annoyed with only to reject and sabotage everything between them.

He never intended to be a predator, but Sex was the one thing that seemed to empower him, to compensate for his endless imagined shortcomings and get away with playing the fool until they left him.

That was part of the problem. He often thought that she could see through his most elaborate ruses. She wasn’t so gullible as to drink the Cool-Aid and he didn’t believe in himself enough to think she could actually fall in love with him.

Sometimes, “back in the day…” he perceived mixed messages when she would drop off the radar for awhile, only to reappear just as sweet and affectionate as ever, but if she was ever truly enthralled by the Infatuation of The Crush, she never let it show…or maybe Elliott was too blind to acknowledge it.

Sometimes just the realization that you may be in the presence of your equal is enough to intimidate a man who’s not up for the challenge, even if he knows he will regret his cowardice later.

And now, he wasn’t even sure if he understood why she was here at all.

No one could want a better or more competent friend. There was a curious  undercurrent of what he perceived as a sly sexuality which he found most endearing. There always had been.

Last that he had heard, her ranch in Arizona was a truly self-sustaining operation; enough so that she believed that she could be spared for “awhile.”

Before the Crash, she had become a very sophisticated world traveler and bon vivant, but as far as he knew, she traveled more or less alone and there were few mentions of her spouse, one way or the other.

And yet, there was no mistaking that familiar pull, that feeling that somewhere around the next corner, they might suddenly find themselves in each other’s arms again, all the while wondering…“What?!?!”

At times, it had seemed that some kind of cosmic forces were at work, trying to keep them from connecting…like walking hand in hand around their campground at night during the Wild Hog Festival, afraid Elliott’s wife would suddenly catch them…or having Elliott’s mother-in law show up at his place in the middle of the night while his wife was spending the weekend in Jamaica with “a client,” demanding to know what was going on…or years later, when she came to visit him at his hotel, only to find him exhausted, with a high fever.


Certainly, it was no coincidence…yet here they were again; it would be dubious to discount whatever it was that had drawn them back into each other’s sphere of influence.

It was a delicious game of cat and mouse. He knew she was observing everyone else, including him, sizing the politics of the moment.

It was at about that time that Elliott suddenly became aware of just how transparent everything and everyone were about to become.

“Share this smoke with us now, so that our words shall be carried straight to Heaven, and there shall be no lies between us.”

(Ceremonial pipe blessing of one of tribes of the Indigenous Peoples, unknown origin)*



Chazz Vincent



  • (Author’s note: This was a phrase that I heard often when I was a child, but I don’t know from where it actually came.)

Once in a Blue Agave Moon; ch. 35

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The Knowledge of Good and Evil


As the shadows began to lengthen, the sun no longer shone straight down into the center court. As the intensity of the light under the canopy of the hanging gardens began to lessen, it was quite obvious that everyone was beginning to really see the visual effects that Amy had so meticulously described earlier in the day.

But the visual effects were pale in comparison to the mental, psychological, and emotional products of this drug.

Complex relationships between empirical data and research, theories, philosophy, and every single anecdotal experience that you may have thought was long forgotten suddenly seemed to be interconnected in ways you could not possibly assimilate or anticipate in ten lifetimes.

That is because The Knowledge had a reputation for restoring long-buried engrams and their neurological connections in a way that had been described as ‘Re-booting your Table of Contents’.

In a computer, if the Table of Contents becomes corrupted it becomes virtually impossible to access the information stored there, rendering it useless.

Human brains, on the other hand, have an ability to interpolate and draw conclusions or cross-reference data (experience) in ways not commonly possible with most computers.

But it is somewhat random or haphazard insofar as the thinker may perceive a commonality between two seemingly unrelated subjects or experiences, or simple facts that would not have been identified as being related, but with the assistance of The Knowledge, everything becomes connected.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is based upon the concept that, for instance, by simply observing, or measuring a phenomenon, it becomes altered by the observer.

It is also further postulated that the observer may interject prejudgements or may be unable to discern the difference between allegedly causal relationships and mere synchronicity, i.e. “after this, therefore because of this” or in Latin “Sic hoc ergo propter hoc.”

And although in purely analytical and empirical terms, this is a distinct danger, it has the potential to also account for creativity and insight to which virtually all computers (at this time) are incapable.

Courtesy of The Knowledge, your ability to access everything and anything that you have either experienced or learned and connect the dots by inferring or assuming the commonality between seemingly unrelated data represents a quantum leap in human intelligence not normally possible via computers.

All neurological impulses are governed and transmitted by neurotransmission and neuromodulator chemicals, most notably acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase.

In addition serotonin, glutamate, GABA, dopamine, and norepinephrine are linked to the thought process, anxiety, depression, and even relaxation.

Additionally, neuropeptides are responsible for regulating brain activity, including analgesia, reward, food intake, metabolism, reproduction, social behaviors, learning and memory, as well as emotional responses.

The chemist responsible for discovering the effects of what was to become called The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was developing a next-generation antidepressant when he noticed some intriguing properties of one of the bi-products of its synthesis.

Since it was considered to be a waste product, his access to large quantities of it went completely unnoticed by the manufacturer.

After additional research and fine-tuning, several analogs and numerous isomers later, The Knowledge (the short nickname) was perfected.

A threshold dose was approximately one hundred micrograms. Within eighteen months, its creator had produced enough of it to dose the entire world daily for over one hundred years.

Since it was clear that the government would undoubtedly declare it to be a schedule one controlled substance, like LSD, MDMA, psilocybin, et al, he decided to hide it on the grounds of a New-Age religious group called The Home for Wayward Souls, of which he was a founding member.

Between the legal complications of protection of religious freedoms and a very thorough screening process of anyone being considered to receive it, even rumors of the existence of the drug were kept to a minimum.

Regardless, even if the DEA had known what they were looking for, it is doubtful that they could ever find it, given the extensive grounds and outbuildings that comprised the entire complex, often called The Sanctuary.

Jed and his accomplices (aka: The Three Winds) had become semi-regular attendees at The Sanctuary and courtesy of his preternatural talents for barter, had acquired a considerable quantity (“Just in case…”).

Neither Merle, nor Ash would ever sell any of it, but they had a great respect for Jed and his entourage, and wanted to allow them the opportunity to help make the world a better place, which they all believed themselves to be doing.

So there they were, perched on the edge of a precipice of truly mind-boggling proportions in every direction.

Would they confirm their hopes that this was to be a positive, creative, and profitable enterprise for all parties concerned?

The unexpected chemistry between Chiana and Jed had altered their original paradigm, where it was believed that Chiana would prove to be the wild-card as far as liking and accepting everyone else, as well as their modus operandi. 

Now, there was little doubt that she and Jed would be exploring any number of possibilities, but the long-term compatibilities would take time before they could be determined.

Everyone else had already experienced the push-pull, or waxing and waning of their mutual infatuations long ago. 

Although she had proven to be an unexpectedly different sort of wild card, they wondered if Elliott would be the one having to deal with jealousy issues.

A week ago, they would have all said “Never! It’s not in his programming to be jealous.” but that seemed like a very long time ago now.

And although Elliott seemed to be cautious or guarded in terms of expressing his emotions regarding the three women who had once been lovers in past times, he was surprisingly good-natured about Chiana’s behavior with Jed.

“Wise move, Elliott” was all Leigh-Ann would allow herself to even think; she alone was the one guided more by reason than emotion, and she was definitely keeping her cards close to her chest. 

“You gotta give action if you want to get action.”

The next twenty-four hours would probably see the answers to all these questions revealed.



Chazz Vincent


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