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This is the final draft for the cover of Blue Agave Moon

Chapter 70

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Blue Moon. Blood Moon. Samhain. The Veil is lifted.

A luminous metallic, almost liquid glow was beginning to be visible on all of them. It was an electrical, mercurial appearance not unlike St Elmo’s Fire that shimmered hypnotically as it passed between them.

Suddenly, a rumbling, low resonance began to shake the entire building. It began on the last trailing notes of the final chakra, the crown. It was the formant of the first, root chakra so low in frequency that it was not so much heard as felt.

Amy was the first to realize that it was not coming from the stereo.

Jedidiah, having been raised by a fundamentalist evangelical mother, suddenly recalled the description of how the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho by the playing of horns as they marched around the city.

Long, low, mournful horns so powerful that they obscured everyone’s ability to process anything else.

Just as abruptly, it all stopped, to be replaced by a deep, resonant voice so powerful that it could not be told if it was felt, or heard, or simply was known intuitively from within their being.

 “Do not be alarmed. We have been destined to meet for a very, very long time. The Ancient Ones of every culture and race already knew that it would come to this all too soon.”

“The worship of the Great Mystery is silent. It is solitary. It is never self-serving or self-seeking.”

“Just because it is silent, does not mean that we do not communicate. What you perceive as words are our way of speaking directly to your mind, and your soul; each of you directly.”

“We have spoken through the mouths of Ohiyesa, whom you called Charles Alexander Easton, Tecumseh, Tatanka Lyotake, or Sitting Bull, Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt, whom you knew as Chief Joseph, Sagoyewatha, known as Red Jacket, Oh-pong-le-skah, known as Sotted Elk, one of the Lakota Chiefs murdered at Wounded Knee, Si’ahl the Suquamish and Duwamish tribal leader Chief Seattle; Kicking Bear, Short Bull, Mary Brave Bird, Nanissaanah, and, Wovoka, the Paiute medicine man who created The Ghost Dance, also known as Jack Wilson by the Whites, and even most recently through the actor Chief Dan George, born Geswanouth Slahoot, the chief of the Tsleil-Waututh tribe, or Graham Greene, the Oneida actor who once again brought the words of Tecumseh to life, and through whom we have often spoken.”

“Sadly, without the movies that keep you almost constantly hypnotized, you would know almost nothing about the indigenous and aboriginal peoples of this continent, which we once called ‘Turtle Island’.”

“We are not here to grant your wishes, but rather to tell you what is right, and the right ways to do it, but do it because it is right, without expectations of rewards.”

“All learning is dead language to one who gets it secondhand.”

“Although the reason that all of your are here together at precisely this time was determined by your own individual, as well as group Karma, world politics has thrust all of us together to correct a terrible wrong that was started when the White Men came to our country, although even that was the result of a sickness shared by virtually all Europeans, much like the smallpox on the blankets that we were given on the Trail of Tears.”

“Although you will often hear me say ‘The White Man this, or the White Man that,’  perhaps it would be more accurate to say ‘The Europeans,’ but this is easier, and you already know what we mean.”

“I do not mean all White Men; let me remind you that we are all connected…not just all of you, or even all the Ancient Ones. There is an Indian Way, an Indian Heart…an Indian Soul.”

“If you feel like us, think like us, and act like us, we are brethren. We are of One Mind, one consciousness, one tribe. We all call ourselves ‘Human Beings’ for good reason.” 

“No even just every animal, every person, every blade of grass, but even the rocks, the rivers, the oceans, the sky, the clouds; the entire Earth, our Mother, the source of all Life itself.”

“The White man and the Europeans are obsessed with ownership of everything that they see, whether it is of use to them or not. If they believe that they can sell something for money, they will strip the very earth itself  down to bare rock…and then sell the rocks themselves.”

“Their greed is insatiable.”

“Everywhere the White Man walks, the earth bleeds beneath his boots.”

“Since you and the members of your colony came here, you have respected and nurtured the land upon which you now live.”

“Your methods are sustainable. You do not take anything away from the earth that you do not replace, often using the waste materials generated by your colony to enhance the land, rather than defile it..”

“Now you propose to expand your operations. Be very mindful that you do not let greed determine either what you do or how you do it.”

“Boop and Mordecai are helping you transition into the sentience, and wisdom that you are receiving into the great cosmic consciousness that we now all share.”

“Remember, money is not really important in and of itself. Autonomy, and self-determination are everything. Let the rest of the world drown in its own greed and stupidity.”

”No one owns the land, but as long as you respect it, and use it to establish your own new world order, anonymity and generosity of spirit will help protect our world.”

“The rest of mankind will undoubtedly do everything in its power to destroy and poison itself, but you will have to know when to cut them loose, because as I have said, we all all connected, but if your foot became infected, and you had to choose between losing your foot and losing your leg, or even your life, as sad a choice as that would represent, it would be the only choice.”

“The white men are hypnotized by gold, silver, and even printed money.”

“You can use it to your own advantage, as long as you do not become hypnotized yourself.”

“You must always give fair value. That is the Indian way, the way of real Human Beings.”

“Before Jedidiah and The Three Winds came here, while on the road, they acted as a tribal council for a town that was terrorized by a bully, and helped teach them independence and fearlessness. This is true wisdom. We think of it as Indian Wisdom, even if they did not call it a tribal council.”

“You entertain your customers; in the process you have all become Culture Heroes. People need examples to follow; this is your chance to show them how a true Human Being behaves.”

“You give away items to the needy; food, clothing, maybe a few small tools or even advice. This is good.”

“And you, Leigh-Anne. You are not so much a nurse as you are a saint, always on the lookout for sick or hurt children and animals, because all living things are your children.”

“We have watched you do it often, Feeding widows and orphans alike.”

“Jedidiah, you and The Three Winds were Nomads, like many of our tribes, and Elliott, Chianna and the other members of your family, your tribe, which you call ‘The Fourteenth Colony’ were farmers and craftsmen and women who lived in a village, much like some of our other tribes.”

“You now have the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, yet each of you acts according to your nature and strengths for the good of all.”

“Do not let any enterprise so eclipse the colony itself, as to turn it into some kind of factory town. All your efforts and activities must be to embrace Life and Love as it connects you to your everyday life as it passes through this present moment.”

“Value strength more than riches. As the other beings of the earth squawk and quarrel like a murder of crows over a carcass, observe their ways dispassionately so as to learn how to do without them as much as possible.”

“Do not take sides on the disputes of others except when absolutely necessary.” 

“Go to them to do any business. Do not do any business with them on your land, that which is also our land. Let your mystery be part of your legend.”

”If the White Man knows where you live, first, he will try to trick you out of it, but if he thinks he has to, he will offer to pay you for it as long as he believes he is giving you less than it is worth, and if all else fails, he will try to take it from you, even if he has to kill you to do it.”

“Be extremely cautious about allowing anyone else into the colony, and always make it a tribal council decision.”

“If, for instance, you have hit your maximum capacity to make the Blue Agave Moon, and the demand becomes so great, that you consider expanding your operation, possibly to the detriment…any detriment…to the Colony. What do you do?”

“If given the opportunity to work less to make more money by not expanding your operation, but simply raising the price, there need be no discussion on that issue, for instance…I don’t think that I need to explain why…correct?”

(One can only consider this to be a comic feint, since our speaker is already One Mind with each of the audience’s members.) 

“The new shellfish beds that Elliott’s son, Alex has started need to rotate part of your surplus back into the wild, and after careful isolation, occasionally bring in a few ‘wild’ outsiders to widen your gene pool.”

“Farming, rather than simply hunting the alligator is more like ranching. Animals just like people should never be overcrowded, but if a healthy, captive animal is harvested, you know what it has eaten, as well as its health history.”

“The wild hogs are an interesting case. They are not indigenous to this area, and have done much harm everywhere that they go. Even before the end of the game laws by virtue of the end of the the White Man’s culture, there were no bag limits; because of their overpopulation they had become a scourge.”

“If you capture enough live ferrel stock, you can improve the breed with selective breeding and improved health and nutrition.”

“This gives you an opportunity to transition from being exclusively hunter-gatherers to farmers and ranchers. as a result, unnecessary travel is minimized, which enhances your privacy.”   

“The Indian has never needed hunting or fishing laws, but in the case of the pigs, you could hunt them relentlessly, and it would only improve the ways of Nature in balance here, and feed many people in the process.”

”This is the opposite of what the White Man did to the Buffalo. He believed if he could exterminate the Buffalo, it would be easier to exterminate the Red Man.”

”He had no interest in eating them, because they made more money by selling the hides  and leaving the flesh to rot in huge piles everywhere you looked.”

“The White Man loves the pig.  Sell or barter only fresh, fully butchered healthy hogs whenever practical, and appropriate to your supply and demand, but the surplus as well as the offal can be dried, smoked, cured, brined or pickled, which will extend their usable or marketable lifetime.”  

“Potentially much of their diet will come from scraps and lesser cuts of meat and vegetables not used by the tribe, as well as the garbage that you are already sorting, composting, or recycling. Do not feed them the flesh of other swine! EVER!  Same goes for humans, no exceptions.…hahaha!…it’s just not good for the pigs, and you don’t want them to acquire a taste for us.“

“There is great opportunity with swine, but although you may feed them things that you would never want to eat, keep in mind, if you intend, even only occasionally to eat this pork yourself, feed them accordingly.”

“The land here is not really suitable for commercial cattle farming beyond a few cows to support the Colony, and you have successfully substituted venison for beef, and fish, shellfish, poultry, and pork more than sustain all your members needs and tastes.”

“Perhaps you can imagine our humor in watching you reclaim our native land, consecrate and refine it lovingly, yet make enough money that you don’t really need in the first place to make it possible to continue to live in a space-age Indian village of your own choosing, all the while, selling him the two things that are the worst for him, namely pork and alcohol, much as we did to him with tobacco.”

“He seems increasingly incapable of any form of self-regulation…especially with the Blue Agave Moon…even though it really is supposed to soothe the hearts and souls of those who have lost a loved one, it cannot give you happiness, but because the White Man does not understand this, he will always want more of it”  

“The White Man cannot be happy because he does not know what he wants, so he wants everything he sees.”

”If he cannot be happy with whatever he has at that moment, his health, the wind, the sky, the sun, the earth beneath his feet, the waters that run through it, the moon above his head, a soft breeze, the rains that come to make the grass grow, a kiss from a lover, a smile from a stranger, and every opportunity to express Compassion, Gratitude and Lovingkindness…he will never be happy.”

“Whether it be solitude or the love of family, we are connected to everything else; we are all connected to each other and our actions, but the White Man  does not understand this and it is why he is able to be so greedy and cruel, not just to other humans, and animals, but our Mother Earth and Sister Sky, the waters from which all life springs…the stars from which we came, long before this time, because he cuts himself loose from everything, endlessly whining about his own sorrow as he hurts, steals, kills and pollutes everything.”

”He is like a man looking at his own reflection, without being able to see himself.”

“He believes that he is supposed to fear his jealous, angry, wrathful, vengeful God, who will damn him to the eternal fires of hell if he does not slavishly fear and worship him; who tells him that every pleasure is Sin, and the age of miracles is over…how can this be? Do you not witness the miraculous every day, everywhere you look?”

“Yet, if at the last moment he repents any and every horror imaginable committed to everyone around him, that he is forgiven, but a three-day-old baby, who is presumed to be born with the original sin of his parents dies before it is baptized will also be given the same eternal damnation as any pagan or heathen, like myself.”

“He thinks his God is invisible, and separate from everything. He believes that only Man has only one soul and only one chance to live a life that will gain him entrance into his Heaven, but after he dies, his soul is forced to exist in a dark place between all worlds until his Judgement Day.”

“For those who know that they are still alive, every day is judgement day.”

“if he was not so dangerous, it would be easy to pity him, to feel sympathy for his sad, pathetic condition, but they are so numerous, and they spread like viruses everywhere they go, choking the land, the water, and the sky until you cannot see the sun from the bottoms of the canyons they build to Commerce unless it is high noon.”

“Such a man cannot find happiness because if he does not know what is truly valuable and important, he will want everything he sees, yet it will never be enough.”

“What they did to each other was inevitable. Muslim, Asian, and Eastern European cultures so driven by hatred, conspired to use The Armageddon Computer Virus, to pollute the internet to take away the Whites’ imaginary riches, which was ‘virtual’ money, or something others called ‘Fugazi,’ because most of it did not exist as real, tangible money, but a representation of his wealth, as well as his credit, even going so far as to invent something called Bitcoin and other names for his imaginary money.” 

“They valued riches above all else, and eventually The Armageddon Computer Virus took all of their imaginary money from them, resulting in a total collapse of their society and culture, because without money, the White Man does not know how to live, let alone why.”

“Such a a man is more dangerous than any beast in this, or any other worlds, because he knows nothing. He believes that he must possess and dominate everything, respects nothing, fears everything, and behaves as if he believes he has nothing to loose or any consequences of his actions.”

“A man who believes that he has nothing to lose is difficult to hurt, even if only to teach him, because he lacks the wisdom of a child that learns not to stick its hand into the fire.”

“This tribe that you have formed is the Tribe of All Men, All Women; The Tribe of the Human Beings.”

”If you should recognize a Lost Soul while traveling in the other worlds, you will know it in your heart; trust yourself to treat them as family, but protect your privacy at all times.”

“Your reputation means that you are not protected by anonymity, but your reputation is further enhanced by mystery. Learn to backtrack, and always evade them, even if you must wait for them to turn back, rather than to bushwhack or ambush them unless absolutely necessary.”

“Maintain scouts and outposts to prevent their intrusion.”

“This is your new Holy Land.”

“Osiyo. Hau kola. Ya at eeh. Nizhoni.. Halito. Buzhu. Wingapo. Kwe-Kwe.     Miakuye Oyasin. Aho. Many words, one meaning.”





Chazz Vincent

copyright  © 02/08/21

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Chapter 69

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“Hey Doc, how many mirrors do you have around here?” Rebecca asked. “Would you mind if we try to summons up some of the Ancient Ones?”

“It is one of the most empowering experiences I have ever witnessed…” Aimée interjected. Many cultures and belief systems have considered one or more of them to be ‘gods’  but once you come to realize that they represent the evolution of Sentient Life that is older than the earth itself, you can see that they are the prototypes of Intelligent Life as it will be in the future…if we don’t destroy ourselves first.”

“We are all star people…the same elements that were only possible because stars born millions of years after the big bang, in their final moments collapsed upon themselves into a super nova, creating heavier and heavier elements blown across the entire universe…necessary for life…common to all of us…we are everywhere…standing hand and hand, spanning the universe, ever-evolving, moving amongst us and through us. 

We strengthen and enhance each other, as All things Return to the One in an ever-expanding universe.”

Elliott was very amused by Aimée and Rebel’s interest in mirrors. He and Chianna had been fascinated regarding summonsing certain spirits during sex, or more accurately, he had been fascinated, and Chianna was about as moderately interested as she ever was about anything for all of about ninety days.

“We really need at least four…and older, even cloudy mirrors sometime are even better…how many?” Rebecca asked.

“How about sixteen?” Elliott volunteered.

“Are you shitting me?!?!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it…one set up one for each of the four walls, plus the four corners at floor level, plus each corner, top and bottom, aimed down to the opposing corner on the other side of the room.”

“And?…what?” Elliott’s curiosity was piqued.

“We saw some shit that night, for sure. I haven’t believed in a god since I was ten years old…the only angels that I believed in were women…but after that night…I knew…we are not alone, but what I saw that night wasn’t God, and I don’t think they were the aliens that some would have us believe…this is not just about space men…we are talking about other parallel dimensions, or universes…and they are independent of time. We both saw them” Rebel added. 

“So what are we waiting for?”

“Do you mind if we play some music while we work?” Aimée asked.

Elliott always had maintained an extraordinary audio system. Macintosh and BGW power amplifiers, Technics SU-90/70 DC coupled flat preamplifier, JBL 4343 studio monitors, Polk Audio, Klilpsch, and Uri Time-aligned monitors, DBX and Dolby noise reduction, audio enhancement and dynamic range expanders, Blaupunkt and Nakamichi playback systems, all rack-mounted.

Chianna started to offer her assistance, but realized that Aimée probably had suffered innumerable lectures and tech advice from Elliott when they had lived together.

She recalled the slight pang that she had felt when Aimée and Rebel had recalled how he also seemed to teach all of his lovers how to handle and fire all sorts of weapons with proficiency, and respectfully held back initially, and just as remarkably, Aimée out of respect for Chiana’s position within the household, requested her assistance (even though she probably wouldn’t have needed it.)

In so doing, she not only strengthened the spirit of co-operation between the two of them, but she also avoided the potential embarrassment of discovering that she had overestimated her knowledge.

Aimée then produced a CD by the ArchAngels entitled ‘The Chakras: a series of Odes to a Roomful of Tibetan Singing Bowls.’

It turned out that Chianna was familiar with the work, and in fact had heard (and seen) it performed in the Sanctuary at the Home for Wayward Souls in South Florida years ago, long before the Armageddon computer virus had destroyed the collective world economies, but ironically, had brought them all together so many years later.

It was a truly extraordinary work composed specifically, as stated in the title, to resonate every known frequency associated with the Chakras of the body relying upon resonances, harmonics, overtones, heterodynes, and harmonies to physically and emotionally enhance and empower those who heard it.

Today would be no exception.

No one objected to the musical selection.

Chianna was the first to remark “This is a perfect example of how we can prepare ourselves for the level of cooperation that we should strive to maintain. We’ve all got our share of issues that need to be respected.”

“I’m sure that everyone knows that I was relieved to hear you say that this is not about Romance…but in fact, our present and past Karma is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, all the reasons that you were all so close so long ago has the potential to stir up competition and jealousy, especially in me.”

“On the other hand, yes, we all managed to distract each other, quite willingly last night, I might add, and yet this was how you all rolled, back in the days before you all went your separate ways.”

“For all of you, this is a revisitation of the familiar with the opportunity to build upon what you all learned, both then, and since. For me, this is fresh ground in many ways…not regarding polyamory, but everything else. Elliott and I had become stagnant, and stale.” 

“There was a certain level of cooperative resignation, but little enthusiasm or inspiration. We are now presented with new challenges, as well as opportunities, and an incredible opportunity to determine our own destinies in a world that is literally, up for grabs.”

“Does anyone have any issues with what has been proposed or transpired between us so far?

As Chianna was speaking, Jed, Elliott, Aimée, Rebel and Leigh-Anne were arranging the mirrors.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Chapter 66

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“I would like to suggest that we re-boot The Knowledge again…I think we’re on a roll…” Rebel suggested

“I agree .” Leigh-Anne and Mordecai had suddenly joined the group, adding “But Mordecai and I were thinking that we try to focus on everything else except sex, at least to start…time for some Satsang to just regain our balance and perspective.”

“We’re not talking about a lot of details about business or logistics so much as to start just planning the everyday but nurturant  activities or plans of action or protocols. Low-level everyday activities of daily living.”

“I’m game…ready to play?”

Jed held the bottle of bright-blue capsules aloft.

{“Count us in,”) Aimée and Rebecca purred in seductive unison.

Each of them took another capsule of The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

It was Saturday.

Tonight would mark the second full moon of the month. A blue moon.

A total lunar eclipse yields a Blood Moon, which occurs when the shadow of the earth blocks out all the blue light normally reflected by the surface of the moon, giving it a blood-red appearance.

Although it would not be a total eclipse immediately above where they were located, it would still turn the color of the moon a dusky, dark red. 

Samhain, the Celtic celebration of the start of the dark season, occurs during the autumnal equinox, when the barriers between the living and the dead are at their weakest. In the Christian calendar, it is All Saints Eve, or Halloween.

The simultaneous occurrence of all three is extremely rare, unless….

“Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up, Toots?”

“What’s up Boop?”

“What’s up Betty?”

“What’s up April?”

“Ready to bend some Time and Space?” April asked, as she transformed from a giant Macaw, into Betty Boop, the cartoon ‘flapper-girl,’ and finally into April Tremski.

“There’s no time like the present.” Elliott added as he bit his lip, almost imperceptibly.

“Indeed. The Ever-present, never-present, present moment.” April seemed to sigh, ever so slightly, then smiled and winked seductively to Elliott.

“The Past if gone, the Future never comes, and the Present is forever arriving, only to disappear into the past as soon as it arrives.” Aimée could be as cryptic as she was deep.

“Welcome to the Three-Hundred Mile-per-hour Train, where only your mind is moving.” (Mordecai still enjoyed having his ears scratched as Leigh-Anne spoke.)



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Chapter 54

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Leigh-Anne  had never spent an entire night with Elliott except for one weekend that they had gone to Key West together. At home, her children and mother expected her to be there when they got up, but there was always an easy familiarity between them right up until she went out west to get married.

Likewise, Elliott had only once slept over at Rebel’s house, only because he was too high to drive, and nothing between them ever had any air of domesticity. They did not share their intimacy with anyone else as far as Elliott knew, and it was usually initiated by her as if out of thin air, and totally unexpected by Elliott.

In fact, it wasn’t until Jedidiah and The Three Winds came to visit that she had ever acknowledged their intimacy at all, except to Aimée, it would appear.

As much as Elliott was already anticipating future visits from April, (at least he hoped) she would appear again when the took The Knowledge, he realized that they would never be ‘playing house’ again.

But here, there was plenty of room for houseguests, but if this became a long-term residence, they would need to have their own quarters, but given Chianna’s reaction to Jed, who knows who would be sleeping where in the days to come?

Since Elliott was almost always the only one to cook for them, Chianna had no real inclination to work in the kitchen to help, and although she rarely even offered, she was only too happy to see to it that the other guests were entertained and delivered everything that came from the kitchen to their table.

And although Chianna did not exclude anyone else from her attention, the attraction, the fascination, indeed the infatuation that she was experiencing over Jed was impossible to ignore, but graciously acknowledged by everyone without judgement or rancor, although it did not escape a few knowing glances between Leigh-Anne, Rebel or even Jedidiah.

In the kitchen, a genuine feeling of relief passed between Elliott and Aimée almost as soon as they started the breakfast preparations.

True to form, when Elliott entertained, he had a tendency to go more than a little bit overboard, bordering on the grandiose. From the time that he learned of their impending arrival, his brain began to go on overload, and whenever he was performing…(anything)…he had to check himself from time to time and remember to take a big breath, and just relax, because if he was already doing anything creative..anything that he really loved, he had to remember to savor the pleasure, the enjoyment of being in the moment doing whatever he loved. 

And yet, right then, right there with Aimée helping him, he realized how easy it had been between them, just the two of them without  agendas, or interference, or interlopers. 

Not that either of them tried to push the envelope…in fact they were a little cautious, almost shy even, and it just made them even more adorable to each other; nothing predatory and in the absence of pretense.

“It really has been a long time…brings back some memories, doesn’t it?” Aimée cautiously observed.

It was exquisite just enjoying each other’s company.

And for once…Elliott managed to keep his mouth shut. Not entirely, but every little word or expression did not launch him into some kind of diatribe or rant.

Just a few very small, short, focused exchanges about preparation, seasoning, temperatures and the like between two people of one mind.

Turns out, she had become something of a regional celebrity regarding food, and had written several books on the subject of cooking.

Even Elliott knew to speak less and listen more. He suddenly felt lighter than air. Most of anything that he could do to impress her was to shut up and let her take the lead…she not only noticed it, but she suddenly saw him more in the light of how she had described how she hoped to envision him years later.

Subtlety and understatement was very, very attractive on Elliott.

He tried to simply follow her lead, and just help her navigate their larder and kitchen. And they both enjoyed it. A word of two here, ask her opinion about anything, and don’t try to control everything he touched. 

This was entirely new ground for Elliott, but she made it easy.

They both seemed to be rationing their direct eye contact, perhaps for fear that they might both be overcome by it, and yet, they were both the only audience that either of them needed,  or even wanted.

There were no discussions about their future plans, no heavy or lofty subjects at all, but the expressions on their faces, albeit more than a little guarded, spoke volumes with which neither one was inclined to argue.

They were just glad to be together, almost alone, once again.

At one point, they both reached for the Tamarind seeds at the same time. Their hands touched, and almost recoiled away, but Elliott placed his hand over hers, very gently, although somehow Aimée did not think he would release it instantly, so he just placed his hand over hers, like he was covering it, protecting or shading it, Very gently, as he stared up toward her face, waiting for her to look up, eye to eye.

For one thin moment, they exchanged the most beatific look, before Aimée raised two fingers to Elliott’s lips.

Long, long ago, they probably would have passionately embraced, and undoubtedly have made love right there in the kitchen, on the table, the floor, a chair, or right on top of the one hundred pound bag of rice in the corner of the pantry, or maybe even all four, and after all, for once no one was interested in “catching’ them anyway.

Long ago, swept away by a torrent of passions, amid entire volumes of testaments to Drama, and often supercharged with cocaine, Romance beguiled Reason as Love seduced Logic without regard for anything except the moment, and it was good…for awhile.

But now, the same winds of change finally catapult them out of the doldrums and horse latitudes of complacency, but in a far subtler, yet maddeningly more beautiful magnificence of Truth, and Authenticity without pretense or agenda into more still, clear, and deep waters so as to create the impression of yet another singularity of time and space to be reborn again within our own spheres of influence.

The Great Peace, and the Great Love…Big Love; those moments of realization via even the tiniest sliver of illumination presents the paradox of just how immense the passion of those realizations are, as if the subtler  of the conditions can only be appreciated after the violent passions have been sated. 

As Amy’s fingers touched Elliott’s lips, they suddenly felt galvanized, so strong was the current that flowed between them.

Another feature of the knowledge is the ability to send and receive tactile sensations from one to the other, back and forth, like alternating current transmitting their Dharma in a visible as well as palpable form.

A split second in Eternity. 

Thoughts, states of mind, and emotions transmitted via touch.

Indeed, as the Buddha said: “I transmit my Dharma to you” please note: he did not say: “I transmit THE Dharma to you.”

Under normal circumstances, one cannot transmit a state of mind, or even a belief system of what is true or untrue by mere touch, or telepathy, which is itself not a normal capability of humans.

Unless perhaps you are a bodhisattva…

But these were once again, extraordinary people under extraordinary circumstances in extraordinary times.



Chazz Vincent

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Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 50

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As Elliott continued to stare into their eyes, Rebel’s face continued to change, almost as if it were a very thick liquid, or a very pliable solid. Although he saw glimpses of both Rebel and April’s faces, neither one became distinctly visible as either one or the other, and when they spoke, it sounded blended, and the envelope (shape) of the words gave it the sound of being played backwards (back-masking).

When they opened their mouth to speak, behind their voices, a very bizarre howling or roaring sound, like a chorus of voices, or the wind could be heard in the background.

Rebel’s body did not change however, and she pulled Elliott backward on top of her. She was still very much enthralled by the quickening, something like when a woman feels the first stirrings of life within her when she becomes pregnant, but also a rush…a tingle like an electric current not unlike cocaine, or amphetamines stimulating every nerve in Rebel’s body.

“Jesus Christ Doc! This is better than drugs! April is welcome to visit me anytime she wants…I know you’re right here, April, and I don’t mean to speak about you in the third person, so forgive me for being rude until I figure out how to express myself separately.”

“After all, I can’t see you right this minute, even though sometimes i’m feeling like I’m seeing things through your eyes, but don’t hesitate to just speak up whenever you feel like it.”

“Thanks ‘Becca…I know it’s a little strange to be talking to each other and to ourselves at the same time…do you think you would like for Elliott to fuck us for awhile?”

“Hell yes! I already feel so good with you inside me…talk about double penetration…enjoy yourself all you want. It’s fuckin’ great for me too.”

“I’m going to try to act out through your body from time to time, so if you feel yourself being pulled in one direction or another, or you feel any kind of desire, just let yourself go, and let’s see where it leads us, OK?”

“OOOOOOOOOOO…Elliott! I can feel that through both of you! Aimée exclaimed.

As Aimée caressed and kissed both of them, it looked like something between glitter, quicksilver, and neon covering not only both of them, but as Aimée touched them, it stuck to her hands and she began to rub it all over her body as all three (four) of them were bathed in luminescence.

She also began to rub Elliott as well, although most of her attentions were centered around his cock, as she began to guide it towards Rebel’s wet, open cunt.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands…Ahhhhhh!!!” 

Rebel had an uncanny habit of quoting the Bible at the most unusual, unexpected and unnerving times.

It was a product of her early years spent living with her grandmother, and was steeped in and intertwined with generous amounts of hillbilly superstition.

“Same rules, Doc…don’t cum…not yet…” As rebel spoke, April’s voice was apparent as well.

April took turns jumping from either Aimée or Rebecca to whomever had Elliott’s cock inside her as both women also recited incantations, spells and invocations to draw down the Moon.

They crossed back and forth over the thin lines between Illumination, Ecstasy, and Delirium freely and without reservation or fear until sometime after dawn.



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Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part Three

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Twin Sisters of Different Mothers and Fathers

“Well, well, well…April Tremski…at long last. Now I have a better idea of who Jed, Elliott and Aimée have been talking about after all these years. You’re more than just a legend. And it’s a pleasure to meet you at last. Most folks call me ‘Rebel’.”

She started to hold out her hand, then thought the better of it, rolled her eyes, threw her hands up, and chuckled. “Well, I guess you can’t shake with a spirit…”

“Pleased to meet you too ‘Becca’, your reputation precedes you as  well…talk about legends!…Rebecca Steele?…formerly Jeannie Marquart?Jeannette D. Rogers?……although no relation to Aimée, except in all the most important ways.” April winked knowingly.

“Hey!…no one knows me by those names now!” she whispered, “…that could still get me killed…but then again, I guess their aren’t too many secrets where you come from.” Rebel seemed remarkably casual as she spoke with April.

“You came into Elliott’s life long after I was…well let’s just say…’out of the picture’…but from what I gather, it must have been fate that got you and Aimée together.”

“Ain’t that the truth…Aimée just walked into my shop one day…looking to get a new ‘tat’ and we hit it off right away. I had just opened up my shop, and needed an assistant, and she was looking for a better job.”

“Then I found out she is a very talented fee-hand artist in her own right…but do you know it wasn’t until…well…what was it, Honey?…maybe four weeks later?…’til I realized that Elliott was the dude that you had been talking about all along?”

“Although to tell the truth…she was the one he never got over…no offense, April…I got a feelin’ that you know what I mean though…hell, I do have to confess to missing that old bastard from time to time myself. He really is one in a million.”

Rebel mused for a moment, and then smiled broadly, adding “But I’m sure glad that we all got back together, if you know what I mean.”

“I’m not even sure that you are supposed to get over him…” Aimée sighed.

“The day I moved out, he couldn’t do enough to help me get settled into my new place, just like when we moved in together. Then he stopped on the causeway, and pulled out a picnic basket. It was incredibly romantic, but I thought it was completely inappropriate, considering that I was moving out…and we had not been getting along for a couple months at that point…and I was hurt and heartbroken, and then I realized that he was too.”

“He said he loved me too much to bicker over everyday bullshit…and that he felt that our love had been a beautiful romantic story, and that he knew in his heart that we would be better able to make it a romance again…that tragedy is poignant and beautiful too…and that no matter what, we would remember that afternoon.”

“And he was right…”

“We rekindled the Romance for anther four years…longer than two of his marriages lasted, in fact. Yes, we went our separate ways. I had to…you know what I mean…he could be an impossible, immature, selfish prick sometimes…he broke my heart, more than once.

I went all the way up to the Pacific Northwest just to get as far away as possible. Eventually, it was easier to go on with my life, and try to forget him, but when Jed got in touch, and told us where we were headed, I suddenly remembered that afternoon on the causeway…I told him a story about a woman who falls in Love, looses what turns out to be the love of her life (and his), and although she goes on with her life, has other lovers, and eventually marries, and has children…she eventually realizes that she still missed that one great love so long ago.”

”I didn’t want to be that woman. I was determined not to be that woman, but we can’t just will something to be true or not true just because we want it to be that way.”

“I’ve felt like a part of me was missing after that. The part that he discovered, that he showed me about myself…the part that he fell in love with…that I loved in him for seeing. No one can take that from either of us.”

“But to be honest, when Jed first came to us, I wasn’t sure what would make me unhappier…or sadder…to go and then realize that I couldn’t, or didn’t want to forgive him, or stay, and never know.”

“But it has been a great deal more than Romance that hangs in the balance.”

“Who could have known that we all would wind up here, and now?”

By this point, it was obvious that Elliotthadn’t gotten over them either, but the effect that this reunion with April had on him went beyond words, and the effect of the sound montage was overwhelming. Tears streamed down his face, but they were clearly tears of joy…and tragedy.

This was turning out to be a very remarkable weekend, to say the very least.

“Hey look, April…I don’t mean to seem coarse…people tend to think that I don’t have feelings, because of my previous line of work, but we were right in the middle of some serious fuckin’ and I would like to get back to it.”

“As I recall, Aimée was riding Elliott’s cock like a rented llama, and I don’t know if you…uh, well….” Rebel was surprisingly awkward for a moment.

“Let me offer a suggestion,” April interjected.

“As witches, you may anticipate what I would like to propose…”

“Wait!” Aimée broke in. “If anybody’s going to propose to Rebel, it should be me…No, come to think of it, maybe Rebel should propose…I don’t know…we’re very versatile that way.” Aimée spoke in a mock confidential tone.

(Only Aimée would even attempt to pull the leg of a disembodied spirit.)

“I had forgotten how much I enjoyed your humor, Aimée, but what I was leading up to is that, well, it’s Samhain…would you mind terribly if I ‘jumped in’ with you two for awhile?”

“Have you ever experienced that before?” April asked.

“I have a confession to make, Elliott…I know that you and Chianna used to invite spirits to join in…because I witnessed it a couple times…didn’t have the nerve to join in myself at that point…wasn’t sure that Chianna would be down with it if she knew it was me…”

“I know…I thought that I saw you standing in the shadows a couple times, but thought that it was just my imagination.” Elliott actually seemed to be relieved to know that he had been right. 

“Well, you were right on both fronts…it was me, but it’s ALL in your imagination…everything…you created the entire Universe within your mind.” April clearly enjoyed the Zen Kata, which was usually Elliott’s domain.

“So what do you ladies say? Mind if i jump in the mix?”

“Only if you agree to jump into Elliott too…think you’re up for a little gender-bending?” Aimée was forever the provocateur when it came to deviant behavior.

“Do I get a say in any of this?” Elliott was obviously amused.

“No…” (All three women were in unanimous agreement without a moment’s hesitation, but not without a few chuckles.)

“But only because we already know…and you’re outnumbered, in case you haven’t noticed.” With that, Rebel kissed Elliott deeply and passionately…for the first time ever

From the very beginning, they had both been in denial about being anything but ‘fuck buddies’ and they had tried to replace emotion with sexual frenzy, each one reluctant to express deeper feelings to the other.

As they continued to kiss, April jumped in. Rebel felt a quickening, a thrill…an electric tingle that passed from her to Elliott. Waves of emotion passed between the three of them.

As Elliott opened his eyes, he could see April’s face as well as Rebel’s.

“MMMMM…I think we are all going to really enjoy this.” Aimée purred as she lightly rubbed both of their backs.

April spoke through Rebel. “This is just the beginning.” 



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Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 49, Part One

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The Ex-Wives I Never Married

(Elliott’s lament)

“April? April Tremski? Wow! I had a feeling that you might show up again. We finally located Elliott…” Jed was clearly flabbergasted by her sudden appearance.

“So I see…and judging by appearances, he hasn’t changed his spots. The women that love him the most end up sleeping with someone else while he fucks some stranger.”

“Actually, they’re not strangers at at…at least no stranger than the rest of us. What I mean is that Aimée is one of them. You never met Rebecca.” Jed was clearly moved by April’s sudden arrival.

“They? He really is like a broken record, even after all these years. Only two? And I assume that you mean our Aimée…from way-back when?”

“Well, two so far…ugh…LeighAnn is also here, but she’s been a bit more detached, at least emotionally…and physically, come to think of it. None of us have figured how to read her. We made contact right before we went out west, and she decided to come along.

“He’s with Aimée and Rebecca, who’s birth name was Jeanette Rogers, but they’re absolutely no relation to each other, although they refer to themselves as ‘twin sisters of different mothers and fathers.”

“They’re sort of a couple…very close, if you catch my drift.”

“So what’s LeighAnn doing in the meantime? Don’t tell me you all left her alone? Is she also taking ‘The Knowledge’?” April and LeighAnn were never really close, but they had a great deal of respect for each other, and they never tried to compete with each other over Elliott.

“She’s hanging out with Mordecai, Rebel’s dog, and she’s having a great time with him. She could have joined in wherever she wanted, but preferred to hang with the dog.”

“Mordecai? The Centurion? Whose dog?!?! I guess if you want to think of him in that way; it’s actually a complement that he humors you in your ignorance…you should be flattered beyond your ken….”

“What do you mean by that?” Jed was clearly puzzled.

“Mordecai is a trans-dimentional being who watches over and protects you while you dabble in practices that are way beyond your comprehension at this point…just like Sobe and Sharma did down at The Home for Wayward Souls.” April could tell that they were unaware of what an auspicious occasion his presence was.

“How can that be? He was only a puppy when Rebel bred and birthed  him. She  breeds them, you know…He was the biggest and most beautiful puppy she had ever delivered and I was the one who named him.”

“If that’s what you want to believe, uh…ok, but…He came to you…trust me. He and the others like him are guardians over novices like yourself who have discovered a gateway to the next level of Sentience.

He is in charge of one hundred lesser guardians like myself, and he also happens to be my overseer as well…in the same way that the original ‘Knowledge’ catapulted a select group of bipedal primates into what you call ‘Humans,’ (and got them thrown out of the ‘Garden of Eden’ in the process) in a quantum evolutionary leap that might never have happened otherwise.”

“Yes, there was outside intervention…what you call your ‘God’ is not the only one…but the Centurians are the Guardians of the Gateway.

“Well, well, well…” As ‘Betty’ the Giant Amazon Macaw clucked and shook her head, she began to morph into Betty Boop, the cartoon character, although anyone who really knew April would have recognized her face; although they were remarkably similar, it was definitely her, almost like a hologram. 

As Chianna sat up, the combined products of their lovemaking spilled right out of her, but nobody seemed to notice other than her, so she just sat there, wallowing in the spooge and enjoying her private thoughts, as well as her parts, as both were still tingling, and felt very, very good.

She was clearly fascinated by the appearance of ‘Betty’ aka ‘April’ despite her unanticipated appearance and the almost disorienting circumstances stemming from her largely emotional euphoria.

“April, this is indeed an unexpected honor to finally meet you. I know that Elliott loved you very much…he even told me so. Between us girls, he still does…kind of carries a torch for you, although he never talks about it.

He made no secret that he regretted how it all ended. I didn’t know him back then, but everyone, even he, says he was never the same after…” 

Chianna paused while she searched for words, realizing that she had just painted herself into a somewhat awkward corner, considering that she had never spoken to anyone after they had died before.

Not face to face.

“And I have a very strong suspicion that if we had met back then, it might have all been different because I never could deny him the pleasure he knew playing music with you, and I wouldn’t have minded sharing him with you, instead of trying to make him choose…I never figured out why in the hell he only married women that didn’t understand that…at least until I came along” Chianna continued.

“I realize that we couldn’t have changed the final outcome, but all that time in between could have been completely different…happier, and more successful.”

“Well, when I was April, I reached a point where my sadness was so overwhelming that…in a way, cancer was my way out…my escape from an existence that was literally, a dead end.”

“I was overwhelmed by hopelessness, and turned my sorrow inward, and it consumed me. It was time to begin again. I had given up on Elliott coming to his senses, not so much about romantic love as how badly it hurt that we were no longer making music together.”

“In fact, he stopped making music at all. He became a slave to Samsara…just trying to make a living and raise somebody else’s kids…of course, he was no longer the person he was when he ran his studio…when he was making music, so she lost interest in him.”

“I hate to say it, but he became pretty fucking boring, and sad…after she got killed, he became homeless for a while, even though he had a job. He never bothered to ask for help, or a place to stay, even temporarily, but honestly…I was disinclined to offer.”

“He was consumed by shame and regret, and I was consumed by bitterness.”

“But if Jed could also have been a part of it, well I guess I could have been the missing link.” Chianna and Jed exchanged knowing looks and a wink, clearly in the throes of the infatuation of their Crush.

“Except for the fact that i would have been about twelve years old….” Chianna giggled, then blushed.

“Indeed…but in fact, there is a way that you could be now;” April paused for a moment , “but it would be easier to show you than it would be to explain.”

“Boop-Oopa-Doop! Come on!…we’ve got places to go and people to do. Ha ha ha!”

With that, she abruptly changed back to Betty, the Amazon Macaw, as she shook herself, ruffling and fluffing her feathers, cocking her head and raising her right wing, she pantomimed snapping imaginary ‘fingers’ and disappeared in a flash of light.



Chazz Vincent

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Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.



Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 48

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Mordecai the Scientist, Philosopher, and Benefactor



Mordecai was the first to answer.

“(We teach you how to communicate, as well as observe other parallel dimensions either adjacent or coexistent to you, or at least eventually, but first you need to know how to access wormholes within your intellectual universe.)”

Perhaps more than ever, it might be a good time to more correctly call them ‘Einstein-Rosen bridges.’

“(The idea of having wormholes in one’s brain is so universally repugnant that it more or less displaces the entire intellectual concept, which is really no more difficult than understanding the Quantum. We call them wormholes because they are a series of shortcuts in your brain; new associations and new neural pathways.” 

“(In case you were thinking that maybe you can’t understand Quantum Theory, just remember that ‘The Knowledge’ is and will continue to enable you to make many advances in your ability to conceptualize virtually any concept or theory proposed by Humans…before going into the really useful stuff.)”

“(You will continue to experience sudden, unexpected accelerations of your comprehension of your known universe for about two hours. Some people find the initial experience to be unsettling or even extremely unpleasant, but you won’t.)”

“(Think of it as a roller-coaster ride for your brain.)” April winked at LeighAnn as she ‘heard’ her send the message “(Of course I remember that you love roller-coasters…just in case you were wondering if it really is ‘Me’ …)”

“(Sometimes it has been described as suddenly realizing that you have been daydreaming about something that an hour ago, you didn’t even know existed.)”

“(But there’s plenty of time for that later…much later in fact, and you will see what I mean in due time. Right now, your brain is re-organizing itself to connect all the dots…not just memory, but the way that you cross-reference, and therefore access it, as well as the way that you associate seemingly random information into useful concepts.)”

“(Don’t get me wrong, but why? Why me? Why us? What difference do any of our lives make in the universe?)” LeighAnn asked. 

“(Individually, as you see yourself, not much, but you are all connected to each other by your previous karma, as well as the karma that brought you together all those years ago.)”

“(You have the opportunity to tap into the ‘Cosmic Consciousness’ of ‘One Mind” as well as the ‘Akashic Chronicle.’)”

“(I know that you realize that all life is connected, at least here, but all life, all energy, all matter in all dimensions, or planes, or parallel universes as well.)”

“(There are consequences for everything, and it’s time again for us to tip the scales a bit, before you fuck up your entire planet.)”

The ‘Armageddon Virus’ was a way of rebooting and resetting the natural order of everything. We had nothing to do with it, by the way, any more than we had anything to do with the Stuxnet Virus.

“(The alliance of the nations that were responsible for the Twenty-plus years of recruiting, planning and executing the Armageddon Virus as well as the attacks on all the Federal Reserve Banks  brought Western Civilization to its knees, financially, industrially, militarily, and Artistically as well as Intellectually.)”

“(They ended up destroying each other shortly afterwards due to the nature of such nefarious activities fueled by excessive suspicion, but by then, the damage was already done.)”

“(It removed the separations between the haves and the have-nots, and ‘Natural Selection’ and ‘Survival of the Fittest’ have once again become the prime determinants. You could say that was the good news as well as the bad news, depending. )”

“(And in the process, it disrupted the inheritance of the power of ‘The tyranny of evil men’ and ‘The inequities of the Selfish’)” 

“(Compassion is a function not only of intellect, but also of Sentience, and Evolution. Although by our standards, Mankind is about as evolved as, well, a pet dog, for instance…and yes, I appreciate the irony, but we’ve been doing it this way for a while now.)”

“(Sometimes we have set certain things in motion, but usually, we just wait until you do it yourself, and then we tip the scales in a different direction to see what you will do with the opportunity.)”

“(Somewhere between lab rats and the beloved family dog. If it sounds condescending, think of how you regard all animals. There is just as much difference between you and us. We just treat you better than you treat most animals. Of course, we treat most animals better than you treat most of your fellow humans.)”

“(Sometimes, it might be more accurate to say that we regard you as being like an amusement ride at a carnival. Flesh is weak and comes and goes, but energy…even thoughts, cannot be destroyed or lost, merely changed in form.)”

“(You cling to your mortal existence because your minds and spirits are by comparison, under-developed. Also, you have no clue as to what happens after your body dies, and every wannabe snake oil or lightening rod salesman trying to impersonate a holy man is just preaching out of their ass if they try to tell you that they know…at least most of them, most of the time.)”

“(Those beings that have evolved into an almost eternal form do not occupy physical bodies most of the time, but acting out in a physical body is like a vacation, plus it reminds us that all life began within a physical, bio-chemical chain reaction of self-replicating DNA.)”

“(Sometimes, it’s also an intriguing adventure…especially if you’re having sex at the time. I can’t deny that as being what most of us miss the most, and if your guard is down, and your consciousness is tweaked, it can be a very enjoyable, symbiotic experience for all parties.)”

“(But right here, right now, you are embarking on an adventure involving a series of interlocking truths that will be involving all of you on one level or another. Nothing truly ‘cosmic’ and the chances are, you won’t be saving your planet, your solar system, or your galaxy, at least for what you would consider a very long time.)”

“(And this is VERY important…and it depends upon your outlook as to whether this is something to make you happy or not, but there is no ‘Magic’ in terms of anything ‘Supernatural’…)”

“(I’ll let you digest that for just a moment, considering that right now, you are either communicating telepathically with  pan-dimensional being capable of shape-shifting, OR you are just talking with a dog…, OR you have gone completely insane.)”

“(So even though the correct answer is ‘telepathic pan-dimensional being’, it’s all Science, not Magic.)”

“(Keep in mind that when ‘Modern’ Man views descriptions of observations  made by ancient people describing their ‘God’s’ doing amazing ‘Supernatural’ things, they call it legend or folklore, until very recently, when the ‘Ancient Astronauts’ ideation took hold, at least in the Scientific, rather the Religious communities.)”

“(Modern man’s marginalization of everything ancient has made a fool of him. Like claiming/assuming that the pyramids of Egypt were  burial tombs, while ignoring or disregarding their effects of focusing energy, or the Lay Lines of the Earth.) or the fact that there were no burial chambers to be found as is evidenced in actual Egyptian tombs)”

“(The fact is that Ancient Man may have been mesmerized by the appearance of one of ‘Us’ and ended up inventing countless religions to replicate something of which he possessed not a shred of understanding or comprehension.)”

“(Yesterdays’s ‘Magic’ is Tomorrow’s Science.)”

“(This is not to say that the ‘Occult’ does not hold hidden ways of power. Talismans, Icons, Symbols, Tools, Weapons, Animals, other people, or even yourselves can hold energies that we imbue into them like electronic capacitors. There is an art to channeling, harnessing, and manipulating those energies at will to accomplish extraordinary feats.)”

“(Just because some ‘scientists’ are unable to devise a way to measure or document these energies, let alone control them doesn’t mean that nothing is there. You can’t measure wind speed and direction with a Volt-Ohm meter, but the wind is still there and cannot be denied.)”

“(Anyone who refuses to accept that concept probably needs to have their IQ measured with a tire pressure gauge.)” 

  “(So right about now, you’re probably asking yourself why would a being… an entity like myself, be bothering to even pay attention to you, other than boredom or idle curiosity, but here’s the thing: once we realized what we were capable of, we also assumed responsibility for trying to ensure that, for the most part, positive and compassionate beings stay matched with similar, but more etherial energies and forces.)”

“(Which is to say nothing of the fact that once ‘Illuminated,’ ‘Enlightened,’ or having otherwise ‘Attained’ that state of being, part of that realization includes an almost overwhelming desire to share your newfound ‘Revelations’ to everyone capable of grasping it, and to lead by example for those who are not, secure in the knowledge that this is something that can be felt, can be realized internally…and here’s the real ‘Reveal’…that it can be recognized and assimilated by INSTINCT.

“(Oh yeah, and by the way, sometimes a dog is just a dog, but if you treat them all like they were more than that, you’ll never go wrong.).”

Mordecai indulged himself in a smile so broad he showed all of his teeth and still looked like he was truly smiling, and not just baring his teeth, before winking, chuckling, and shaking his head bemusedly. 

Chazz Vincent


Once in a Blue Agave Moon: Chapter 47

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Mordecai the Warrior

(His brothers’ keeper, and the finder of lost children)

When April found Leigh-Anne and Mordecai, she appeared to them in the form of Betty, the Giant Amazon Macaw. She flew up and landed on Mordecai’s back and announced herself as she usually did.

“Boop-Oopa-Doop! What’s up Toots?”

“I assume that you are addressing Leigh-Anne, but hello Betty” Mordecai replied.

Leigh-Anne was initially startled by the bird’s vocalization, as well as her remarkably beautiful appearance, but when Mordecai appeared to be answering her out loud, she attributed it to the effects of ‘The Knowledge of Good and Evil’.

They had already been ‘conversing’ telepathically since the the start of the onset of the drug, but thus far, nothing had exceeded what she considered to be beyond her limits of reality, given her previous experiences with LSD decades before.

“Holy shit! A talking dog?!?! I’ve seen plenty of talking birds…and ‘A boy and his Dog’ was one of my favorite films years ago, because it reminded me of Elliott and Gonzo, his dog back then. He always said that he believed that dogs were put on this earth to teach Mankind how to speak without words, but…” Leigh-Anne exclaimed. She realized that she was starting to babble.

“I remember…that was me back then as I appeared to both of you. Neither one of you were ready yet to comprehend all of it, but this day was inevitable, and you both needed a little bit of preparation for today.”

Mordecai continued.

“Without getting too technical, suffice it to say that since Time/Space are connected and curved in a closed universe like this one, they fold back onto themselves. If you could see far enough, eventually you would be looking at the back of your own head, but because of the distance, even at the speed of light, given the age of what you call the ‘Known Universe’ and your incredibly short lifetimes, it isn’t physically possible, at least for you.”

Mordecai’s voice was deep, resonant, and soothing.

“What I’m leading up to, is that we already knew what was probably going to happen today, or at least eventually, so we decided to intercept you at this particular junction to provide some guidance for all of you.”

“(Rather than continue to revert back to the utterances of words, how about it if we continue where we left off? Funny isn’t it? Here you are, perfectly comfortable conversing telepathically with a pan-dimensional being, but the idea of a talking dog leaves you speechless?)”

“(After all, even in the Animal kingdom, the Human dependance upon the grunts, moans, hissing and almost ridiculous assortment of articulations of your lips, tongues, and even teeth just to express an idea seems pathetic and puerile, not to mention the fact that you depend upon hundreds of different languages, and thousands of dialects even within your own species.)”

Mordecai’s voice sounded the same in her head, but his lips no longer moved. Leigh-Anne simply nodded her head in agreement.

“(But first, please allow me to introduce myself. As you know, I am Mordecai. My name means ‘Warrior’ but more importantly, I am a Centurion, a guardian of ‘The Gates’ and I provide guidance, support, and protection for those of you who will eventually make the next quantum leap in your evolution of Sentience and Self-actualization.)”

Then he added:

“(It’s not so much of a job description as it is a calling…you say things like ‘water reaches its own level’…where I come from, we end up assigning ourselves with certain tasks based as much in our interest as by recognizing a potential, or an actual need.)”

“(It is inevitable, but nonetheless hinges upon probabilities, much like the ‘Infinite number of monkeys on typewriters eventually producing Shakespeare’…it is remarkably humorous that one of you should describe yourselves this way, because ever since that ‘Garden of Eden’ incident we’ve referred to you as ‘The Talking Monkeys,’ but really, no offense intended, however from our perspective that is a fact.)”

Mordecai continued.

Leigh-Anne found Mordecai’s voice (even inside her head) to be soothing.

“(The being that you call your ‘God’ was playing with your ancestors, like they were his pets, or laboratory rats, but given his self-described ‘Jealous,’ ‘Angry,’ ‘Wrathful’ and ‘Vengeful’ personality, when we stepped in and provided you with Sentience, his condescension and possessiveness didn’t allow for you to ‘…think they are like Us’ and so he threw you out of the Garden of Eden, which is to say he abandoned you, and only comes back from time to time to torture and scare you.)”

Mordecai sounded more like a parent consoling a child after a bad dream.

“(In our world, Sin, Guilt, Shame and Fear are nonexistent. Your ‘God’ is dependent upon Subjugation, Groveling, and incessant Praise and Worship. In your own human behavior, these are considered faults, or defects of personality and character.)”

“(Once we intervened, we became responsible for you as a species, but His programming of Fear into your world, and his innate Jealousy caused you to believe that the rest of ‘Us’ were devils, or Satan, but your scientists are more pre-disposed to think of us as ‘Aliens,’ which all things considered, isn’t too far off the mark.)”

If Leigh-Anne hadn’t been looking at Mordecai’s face, she would have been sure that he was talking out loud. “(Believe me though…he doesn’t care about your prayers, and in fact, the whole idea of ‘Satan’ is also just another aspect of his own personality. Your ‘God’ is also ‘Satan’ aka ‘God’s Prosecutor’).”

He then continued:

“(If you can ever learn to recognize ‘Him’ in all his myriad manifestations, you will be able to avoid or escape all the Evil in your entire world. When you connect with any of the rest of us by allowing us to ‘jump in’ to your consciousness you will be safe, because ‘Betty’ and I are here to protect you. We always have been.)”

“(Jedidiah, Aimée and Jeanette, or as you call her ‘Rebel,’ brought The Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’ here from the Home for Wayward Souls ‘…and now…’ as John Cage once said, ‘we begin again’.)”

“(The Knowledge of Good and Evil allows you to comprehend that your ‘God’ whether he be called ‘The Lord,’ or ‘Jesus,’ or ‘Allah,’ or ‘Satan’ or whatever ‘devil’ you perceive ‘Him’ to be are one and the same, and THAT is what got him so pissed off in the first place.).”

Mordecai paused to let Leigh-Anne assimilate what could have been very disturbing information, especially for a Catholic not plagued by Agnosticism.

Mordecai then added “(‘The Knowledge of Good and Evil’…it doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Yet with no Sin in their world, and only one prohibition, what could be the harm in knowing the difference between Good and Evil?)”

“(One might say simply that if God said it was a sin, then they should neither do it or even question why it is forbidden to KNOW something, which means God was the one who put the temptation into their world.)”


“(Who created the Serpent? Who placed the tree in the garden? Is this not the same God that told Abraham to kill his only son, just to see if he would do it?.)”

“(Is this the kind of god that parents would want to model as an example?)”

“(Yet for some perverse reason, he gives you these little clues…like the whole ‘God’s Prosecutor’ or ‘Fallen Angel’…’He’ is his own self-described ‘Trickster’.)”

As Mordecai spoke, ‘Betty’ (the Macaw) morphed into ‘Betty Boop’ the cartoon character, and eventually into April Tremski, (now deceased), classically trained musician, guardian angel and long-lost lover of Elliott, musician, artist, Media Wizard, sex addict and part-time fool.

“(Hello Leigh-Anne, it’s so good to see you again. I was the one that convinced Mordecai to put the idea into Jedidiah’s head to go out and bring you here.)”

“(I’m really glad that you decided to try the ‘Knowledge.’)”

“(Of course, I don’t need it now, but I really wish that it had been available while I still was…available.)”

“(You’ve been ready for this for awhile, although I also know that you have another completely separate life that has enabled you to achieve comfort, secure love, and enough financial security to build a self-sustainable home on your ranch in Arizona.)”

April and Leigh-Anne had great respect for each other, as they were never at cross purposes regarding Elliott; both were well-educated and talented. They didn’t need to manipulate him to get his attention, and had no need to control him.

April continued.

“(But even too much true happiness and achievement bores you, because you crave challenge, obstacles to overcome…and danger.)” April paused for a moment; she did not wish to overstep her boundaries or offend.

“(You were the only one of the entire group to achieve that level of worldly success and happiness, but as they say, ‘not for nothing’…you alone had the wisdom to escape your world in Miami; if you had stayed, it could have easily doomed all of your plans to the same chaos that plagued the rest of us.)”

“(By the way, did you ever hear Elliott’s song ‘The Ex-Wives I Never Married’?)”

April did not pause for an answer; as it was largely rhetorical.

“(It’s about You and I, and Aimée. We were the only ones that really understood Elliott enough to know that the Jealousy and Possessiveness that had made him miserable most of his life were the tools of the women that he did marry. )” April winked at Leigh-Anne knowingly.

Then Leigh-Anne remarked:

“(You’ve seen Aimée recently…it’s quite a change for the better in a lot of ways…sadder, but wiser, and so much more compassionate. She was very deferential toward me from the minute we met…again. She’s funky, she’s very street-wise, and funnier than  I remembered her…Very funny in fact.)”

“(She’s certainly come a long way from North Miami Beach Senior High School…actually, we both have, come to think of it)” April admitted.

They both tolerated Amy’s addiction to Drama, despite her ‘High Maintenance’ expectations, because she loved Elliott dearly, and she filled many of his considerable needs.

Her beauty, but most of all, her intelligence captivated his attention, but it was also her undoing, leaving her high strung, and more fragile than she would ever care to admit.

April paused, thought for a moment, then added

“(It wasn’t so much that he got married. He just shouldn’t have gotten married to any of them…except for Chiana. She gave him stability, children, and they both gave each other the Love and Freedom he had ever only known with the three of us.)”

“(Elliott, for all his talents, was easily led astray by women, most especially by manipulative women. As stubborn as he can be, sometimes he seemed to have no backbone, as you observed, and tried to tell him years ago.)” April added.

“(That’s one reason that we recruited Jedidiah to bring us here with a plan to empower the four of you to take charge of your portions of what will become the new world order, once ‘Civilization’ starts to return, as it is already beginning to do.)” April continued.

“(As you already know, Jed can barter, sell, and trade better than anyone I’ve ever seen. People just like him, and this whole traveling caravan has given all of you plenty to show for it…even you.)” April added.

LeighAnn’s part in their traveling caravan was largely as a consultant, a nurse, comptroller, and essentially their quartermaster, but she did little traveling with them so far.

“(Elliott, on the other hand, has found a way to produce something that everybody wants, but he’s a mystery…no one knows who he is, and he protects his privacy with a vengeance, but the more he evades the public, the greater his cult following becomes.)”

Leigh-Anne interjected:

“(His Tequila is quirky, but remarkably smooth, although it still has that wild, almost gamey flavor of a Mescal. Moonshine has become more commonplace than commercially-produced whiskey, which has become very scarce, at any cost.)”

Although she almost never drank more than a sip of anything alcoholic, Leigh-Anne took pride in being a connoisseur of ‘the finer things’ and worldly matters in general.

She continued.

“(But people with means, and even those who don’t have money want it; he is a symbol of our self-reliance and ingenuity and also because it is endemic of the times. He was never a moonshiner, but one day, he just started doing it, and one thing just led to anther. As you well know, he is capable of doing just about anything that he wants to with panache just because it interests him.)”

“(Anyone with the means of production of just about anything right now has the chance to write their own ticket, and a lot of the old guard has retained their power and control over most of everyone else. And with no one to stop them, their power has become absolute.)”

Leigh-Anne had a way of balancing Romance of a sort with a Pragmatic sensibility that had served her well over the years.

Then April abruptly changed gears.

“(Your part in this drama is to complete ‘The Four Winds’…the four cardinal points of the compass…the four elements according to your combined natures, as a group.)”

“(You are self-programmed to succeed, regardless of the obstacles, and strong enough to guide, yet wise enough not to attempt to control those around you, and if guidance doesn’t work, you move on.)”

“(Three of the four of you are witches, which constitutes a ‘Ya-Ya’ for Majik and Sex. You have Stability and Nurturance, and you represent the ‘One True Voice of Reason’ when all around you have lost their minds.)”

“(Jed is sometimes overcautious, but he at least knows enough to think before he leaps…unlike Elliott, as we both know.)”

LeighAnn’s curiosity was piqued to a point where she could no longer stifle herself, and she finally blurted out the name of the elephant that had been taking up so much space.

“(OK, so tell me  this, and I mean no disrespect, but…how did you…I mean, how did you do it so quickly?…I can’t imagine anyone just stepping into your shoes just like that, I mean, well, this is kind of awkward….you died a couple years ago. What are you really?)”

At this point, Leigh-Anne wasn’t sure what much of anything was.

“(Well, for starters, as you noted, you have to die first…and I wasn’t in any hurry, believe me…)” April continued.

“(And as for what am I, I am what I always have been…If, or when I return to a physical form, I won’t remember any of this, but I will always be me, and you will always be you; that which comprises your character, and your nature is an enigma, or a paradox that you will continue to act out, trying to solve the riddle, the mystery of all of it. We learn, we grow, we make mistakes, but our essence is still the same, time and again.)”

“(It’s just a different form…pure energy, no matter…or ‘No matter?, no matter,’ as we like to say.)”

“(We make plans, and we think that we make choices, but some things happen all by themselves…)”

Leigh-Anne, as well as April, understood that better than most.

“(It’s not like you sign up for this.)” April held her hands, palm up, in an imploring gesture, but she giggled in the process of making a curtsey. She looked very etherial, like a hologram.

LeighAnn’s head was spinning, but she followed more of it than she thought she was capable, which she confirmed as she said/thought:

“(Alright…and ‘As it is above, so it is below’…what’s next?)”



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 12th, 2021  

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