Once in a Blue Agave Moon Chapter 50





As Elliott continued to stare into their eyes, Rebel’s face continued to change, almost as if it were a very thick liquid, or a very pliable solid. Although he saw glimpses of both Rebel and April’s faces, neither one became distinctly visible as either one or the other, and when they spoke, it sounded blended, and the envelope (shape) of the words gave it the sound of being played backwards (back-masking).

When they opened their mouth to speak, behind their voices, a very bizarre howling or roaring sound, like a chorus of voices, or the wind could be heard in the background.

Rebel’s body did not change however, and she pulled Elliott backward on top of her. She was still very much enthralled by the quickening, something like when a woman feels the first stirrings of life within her when she becomes pregnant, but also a rush…a tingle like an electric current not unlike cocaine, or amphetamines stimulating every nerve in Rebel’s body.

“Jesus Christ Doc! This is better than drugs! April is welcome to visit me anytime she wants…I know you’re right here, April, and I don’t mean to speak about you in the third person, so forgive me for being rude until I figure out how to express myself separately.”

“After all, I can’t see you right this minute, even though sometimes i’m feeling like I’m seeing things through your eyes, but don’t hesitate to just speak up whenever you feel like it.”

“Thanks ‘Becca…I know it’s a little strange to be talking to each other and to ourselves at the same time…do you think you would like for Elliott to fuck us for awhile?”

“Hell yes! I already feel so good with you inside me…talk about double penetration…enjoy yourself all you want. It’s fuckin’ great for me too.”

“I’m going to try to act out through your body from time to time, so if you feel yourself being pulled in one direction or another, or you feel any kind of desire, just let yourself go, and let’s see where it leads us, OK?”

“OOOOOOOOOOO…Elliott! I can feel that through both of you! Aimée exclaimed.

As Aimée caressed and kissed both of them, it looked like something between glitter, quicksilver, and neon covering not only both of them, but as Aimée touched them, it stuck to her hands and she began to rub it all over her body as all three (four) of them were bathed in luminescence.

She also began to rub Elliott as well, although most of her attentions were centered around his cock, as she began to guide it towards Rebel’s wet, open cunt.

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands…Ahhhhhh!!!” 

Rebel had an uncanny habit of quoting the Bible at the most unusual, unexpected and unnerving times.

It was a product of her early years spent living with her grandmother, and was steeped in and intertwined with generous amounts of hillbilly superstition.

“Same rules, Doc…don’t cum…not yet…” As rebel spoke, April’s voice was apparent as well.

April took turns jumping from either Aimée or Rebecca to whomever had Elliott’s cock inside her as both women also recited incantations, spells and invocations to draw down the Moon.

They crossed back and forth over the thin lines between Illumination, Ecstasy, and Delirium freely and without reservation or fear until sometime after dawn.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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