Chapter 53

“We just discovered that Mordecai is one of the Guardians of the Gateway…and that Boop-Oopa-Doop! is also known now as “Betty”…and that April is now one of our spirit guides.”

Elliott was visibly overcome to the point where he looked like he was about to ‘come un-glued’ but everyone there was doing their best to support and comfort him.

“Yeah …’Betty’ or rather April revealed herself to me the first time we took “The Knowledge’ at the Sanctuary. I wasn’t positive that she would be here tonight, and I was not sure how to broach the subject. I had no idea about Mordecai myself until tonight…But  El…are you OK?”

“Well, I am more overloaded than anything else…it’s just so much to process, even with ‘The Knowledge’ but I couldn’t have asked for better company and support…from everybody…especially April…so much was unresolved. She already told me that the past is gone, and she doesn’t need to hold any grudges, but then again…well, I can’t rest on my laurels either and…”

“Every day is judgement day!” suddenly sprang from the lips of everyone there in unison.

“So as far as what you missed, I’d say not much, because you already knew almost everything that I did…except for one thing.”

“And what would that be?”

“What it’s like to make love to my wife.”

“So really, perhaps I should be asking what did I miss?…and wth my imagination…well, you get my drift.”

“Although I’d be  remiss if I didn’t give credit to Aimée and Rebel for not giving me any real time or opportunity to reflect on it.”

As Elliott spoke, both Aimée and Rebel cautiously approached him from both sides to gently touch his arms. They took great care to not ‘Showboat’ anything that might be misinterpreted under different circumstances about the time that they all realized that they all already knew.

Suddenly, Elliott realized that he was not overcome with the sort of curiosity bordering on voyeurism that would normally be present in this sort of situation. It might be fun, just as ‘pillow-talk’ at some other time, but the urgency, the insecurity, the envy, the jealousy and the possessiveness were most conspicuous in their absence.

Completely. Without reservation; and it was mutual for both Elliott and Chianna.

What everyone else experienced at that time was different for each of them, as far as how they all fit together in the scheme of things, but there was no insecurity or fear, because what each of them knew, they all knew collectively.

“And now, you both know,,,” was all that Chianna had to say. She sounded empowered, yet kind, and loving at the same time. 

“At this point, I think that we can all benefit from some bonding time as a group, possibly over breakfast, coffee, or whatever, and brain-storm about anything that either comes to mind randomly, or any suggestions about how we all feel about taking a next step in this process.” Jed felt that something needed to be said to not only help ground the conversation but also encourage everyone to participate as a group.

“Yeah, we can take a breather, relax, and all get comfortable together. For all intents and purposes, we will become an extended family, since the business and social aspects are essentially one and the same, unless I’m reading this incorrectly.”

Elliott wanted so very badly for this to come to fruition, but he felt that he needed the assurance that everybody else was reading from the same sheet of music.

“Obviously, Jed, Aimée, Rebel and Leigh-Anne have already been initiated with ‘The Knowledge, so in all fairness, I think that Chiana’s opinion is important, but then again, even one dose is life-changing to say the least. And the One-Mind state of consciousness that we now share is intriguing to me, but I’m not the last word on this.”

“I sure could use a cup of coffee, and let’s just take it from there. Rebel offered. “How about if we head over there?”

“I’d love a cup of coffee…with a side of coffee, please,’ Aimée added.

“How about if I help with the breakfast preparations, if anybody wants anything? Or is that too many cooks?” Aimée was definitely relaxing a bit, and wanted to ‘test the waters’ as far as Chianna’s territorial rights, or if she was uncomfortable with she and Elliott working together in the kitchen.

Also Rebel would undoubtedly ‘sit it out’ until she had her cup, and this would be the first ‘unchaperoned’ time with Elliott.

“Shpilkes!” Was the first expression to come to her mind. Aimée still wasn’t exactly sure how she  felt.

Sure, she knew that as a business venture, and safe place to call home, Jed was absolutely correct, and there had been more than a few times in the past when she had wondered where Elliott was, or if he was even alive.

He seemed more stable, more settled…in fact he reminded her of how she hoped he would be in a few years; she had told him so once, in fact she went so far as to describe him to him.

Truth was, no amount of speculation would yield any guarantees about anything. God knows, there seemed to be no friction between her and Chianna, but what would she be like “once the swelling goes down?”

Suppose she and Jedidiah grew tired of each other? Suppose she falls completely in love with Jed? That might be even worse.

Forever playing the devil’s advocate, as she pondered the ‘what if’s…’ she decided that at this point, better to just relax and see what happens.

None of the other alternatives that she knew of were especially attractive anyway. Make no mistake…she and Rebel were quite capable of taking care of business, and it seemed that Rebel was destined to be a star, no matter what she did, but this was a much healthier identity, and if her past was in any danger of catching up with her, they both would be well protected.

They were already on their way to the kitchen and dining room, and everybody was wearing their robes, at least for the time being. The privacy that Elliott and Chianna enjoyed here was amazing, part of a life she was afraid had already vanished everywhere else that she knew.

They were all somewhat exhausted, but the excitement of anticipation of a new future energized them at least until they’d had a meal, and then maybe a nap.



Chazz Vincent

copyright  ©  March 11th, 2021  

Fish swim with the tides, in and out of the lagoon as it empties itself, receives from, and flows back into the sea.


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